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Virgo Sun Taurus Moon Personality

sun in virgo moon in taurus

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon

Modest and down to earth, the Virgo sun Taurus moon man or woman is someone who does a lot but asks for little in return. They may be a bit shy with a calm temperament and rarely react emotionally although stress can sometimes trigger Virgo’s neurotic outbursts. They have an analytical mind that allows them to break things down in a logical and comprehensive manner.

They are pragmatic in their approach and do not get carried away with overzealous and unrealistic objectives. Despite their capabilities, the Virgo sun Taurus moon male or female may sometimes hesitate due to cynicism and a lack of optimism. Negative thinking can hold them back from achieving as much as they could.

When they’ve made up their mind, Virgo sun Taurus moon men and women press forward with resolve and determination. They can be very obstinate and resistant to opposition from others or unsolicited advice. Although generally humble and unassuming, Virgo sun Taurus moon may nonetheless display some intellectual arrogance because they trust their own judgment above that of most people. They tend to think they are right and can be highly critical of other people.

At the same time, they are also very self aware and cognizant of many of their own shortcomings which is why they try to keep their ego in check. Few people are as hard on themselves as Virgo and they try to keep themselves above reproach so that people have as little to criticize them about as possible. Because of their sensible and honest self image, Virgo sun Taurus moon is less inclined to fall victim to self aggrandizing delusions. They mostly want to be valued and appreciated for the diligence and good work they try do for others.

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The Virgo sun Taurus moon personality is also pleasure seeking and fond of relaxation and material comforts. They have a fine appreciation for beauty and structure and they try to keep their home and work space clean and orderly although sometimes they may fall into lazy habits. They are generally creatures of habit who are fairly good at handling day to day routines, tasks and responsibilities.

Good food, nice clothes and having a meaningful purpose for waking up every morning is essential to their happiness. They can be picky and hard to please, which is why they tend prefer having control so they can ensure things are done the way they’d like. They don’t easily trust others to handle things for them. Virgo sun Taurus moon is slow to anger but when they lose their temper, they can be scary, lashing out at anyone within shouting distance. They desire respect and autonomy and they strive to be deserving of it.

In love and friendship, Virgo sun Taurus moon people are affectionate and supportive but may sometimes nag and badger the people they worry about. They play an active part in family affairs and show a lot of concern for their loved ones. They are attentive to their needs and make an effort meet them, sometimes at their own expense. Virgo sun Taurus moon can be very self-sacrificing because of their service oriented nature but they derive a lot of gratification from helping people. They also like to tease loved ones in a playful manner but also fuss with them as well.

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Famous People with Virgo Sun Taurus Moon

Cameron Diaz – Born: August 30, 1972
Mother Teresa – Born: August 26, 1910
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex – Born: September 15, 1984
Hugh Grant – Born: September 9, 1960
River Phoenix – Born: August 23, 1970
Nick Jonas – Born: September 16, 1992
Colin Firth – Born: September 10, 1960
Greta Garbo – Born: September 18, 1905
Kobe Bryant – Born: August 23, 1978
Zendaya – Born: September 1, 1996
Elizabeth I of England – Born: September 7, 1533 (Julian cal.)
Julian Casablancas – Born: August 23, 1978
Dr. Phil – Born: September 1, 1950
Tommy Lee Jones – Born: September 15, 1946
Cassie (singer) – Born: August 26, 1986
Faith Hill – Born: September 21, 1967
Dmitry Medvedev – Born: September 14, 1965
Oliver Stone – Born: September 15, 1946
Guillaume Apollinaire – Born: August 26, 1880
Tyler Hoechlin – Born: September 11, 1987
Peter Sellers – Born: September 8, 1925
Martin Freeman – Born: September 8, 1971
Eazy-E – Born: September 7, 1963
Katie Melua – Born: September 16, 1984
Rocky Marciano – Born: September 1, 1923
Frances Farmer – Born: September 19, 1913
Kushboo (actress) – Born: September 19, 1970
David Arquette – Born: September 8, 1971
Yasser Arafat – Born: August 27, 1929
Pavel Nedved – Born: August 30, 1972
Otis Redding – Born: September 9, 1941

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