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What Makes Each MBTI Type Sexy

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Here is a look at what likely makes each MBTI type appealing in other people’s eyes.


INFJs have a calm yet distinctive presence which people may find fascinating. Their elegant and modest demeanor is punctuated with an air of mystery and people may be interested in experiencing what’s underneath. With INFJ, there is often more to them than meets the eye. People can often sense their substance and depth and this may motivate others to try and learn more about them.


Their vulnerability and naivete can attract people who want to protect them. The genuine goodness and depth of feeling INFPs display is coupled with an apparent strength and willingness to fight for their values. INFP’s passion and romantic temperament can make them very desirable and compel others to want to be included as part of their fantasy.


The INTJ personality stereotypically encompasses an aura of mystery and quiet confidence. They are the strong silent types and this can make them very alluring to many. Examples of this include Christian Grey from “50 Shades of Grey” and Bruce Wayne. INTJ men often appear as very masculine nerds while INTJ women can have the demeanor of an orderly librarian with a secret lascivious side.


The INTP’s brainy but awkward charm can be intriguing for some. INTPs can seem attractive for their independent and capable nature and their general lack of need for other people. Although they are typically friendly and polite, INTPs are often busy doing their own thing and this can pique other people’s curiosity and enhance INTP’s appeal in their eyes.


ENFPs are known to be flirty even when not trying to be. Their positive, fun, “up for anything” attitude is part of what makes them appealing to others. Many enjoy the innuendos and cheeky humor that ENFPs display. ENFPs can naturally seduce people with their playful and provocative charms.

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ENFJs display an image that engenders respect and admiration from their peers. Their balance of confidence and humility is appealing and they can seem very wise and mature beyond their years. ENFJ’s popularity and charisma imbue them with high romantic market value and they’re bound to attract all sorts of people who’d like to have them all to themselves.


ENTPs have swagger and wit that allows them to charm the socks and pants off many. Their liberal attitude is fun and humorous and this can make them very appealing romantically. In bed they enjoy experimenting and trying different things. They are exciting to be around and their verbosity and intellectualism can be an aphrodisiac for sapiosexuals.


People are drawn to ENTJ’s aura of power and competence. People in search of a partner who is a capable provider will likely melt in ENTJ’s arms. Their ability to take command and be charismatically dominant can be hard to resist because being in good hands is comforting and reassuring.  


ISFJs have a coy and wholesome image that can be attractive to people who think they can make the “good” girls or boys go bad. They can be a tough nut to crack because of their shy nature but that can make winning their affection all the more rewarding. Their attentiveness and ability to make people feel cared for also makes people want to reciprocate.


ESFJs are sexy because they specialize in making their partners happy. They can be very sensual but may shy away from anything that deviates too much from the norm. Their enthusiasm is appealing and ESFJs take pleasure in the physical expression of their affection and reinforcing the bonds of their relationship.


ISTJs don’t seem particularly sexy as far as Myers Briggs types go, but their sturdiness and knowledgeability can be appealing in it’s own right. ISTJs exude a certain strength and dignity and thanks to their responsible and hard working nature, may acquire abundant wealth and resources which may also enhance their sexual appeal.


ESTJs seem to always know what they’re doing and the competence and pseudo-authority they exude can be very alluring and captivating for people attracted to power. ESTJs rarely beat around the bush and so their confidence and candor is also a plus. Additionally, they often possess a great sense of humor that can work like seductive magic.


ISFPs are generally low-key, but their style and appearance often grabs people’s attention nonetheless. People are attracted to their good tastes and the unusual and distinct qualities of their personality. They can be very fun and spontaneous and enjoy being provocative and sensual when it comes to romance.


ESFPs are sexy because of their liberal and fun loving attitude. They are engaging and affectionate and can make others feel emboldened be the same. They are engaged with the present and so their knack for spontaneity and seizing the moment can make them exceedingly attractive and fun to be with.


ISTPs are quiet and a bit mysterious but the skill they wield with their hands or whatever it is they specialize with, is likely to give them an edge in sexiness. ISTPs can sometimes carry the image of a rebel or outsider who is highly self-sufficient. There’s something about quiet rebels and people who are really good with their hands that is desirable to a lot of people.


ESTPs have a lot of vitality and are bound to possess abundant sex appeal. Their heroic qualities and confidence can be a potent aphrodisiac. They know how to tactfully use words to coax and charm but other times they can just let their actions and accomplishments do the talking. ESTPs are like peacocks who don’t hesitate to showcase their best assets.


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