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Are Scorpio and Aquarius Compatible? ♏? ♒️

Scorpio and aquarius

The Scorpio and Aquarius Relationship

Scorpio and Aquarius are the 8th and 11th signs of the zodiac respectively and both signs are of the fixed principle. This means they share a similar obstinate and strong willed nature and a resistance to sudden changes and influence by others. So are Aquarius and Scorpio good together? Well, sun sign compatibility is not the final word in determining chemistry and other aspects of the respective birth charts should be considered.  All that aside, here is how the Scorpio and Aquarius archetypes match up and get along.

Aquarius and Scorpio Love

The love compatibility of Aquarius and Scorpio is relatively low. Aquarius puts up a self protecting wall behind which their sensitive and vulnerable nature is mostly hidden. Scorpio may have difficulty getting access to this side of Aquarius and establishing the authentic emotional connection they desire in a relationship. Furthermore, Scorpio often asserts a certain amount of control in their relationships and unless Aquarius sufficiently trusts Scorpio, Aquarius will always resist them and assert their liberty and independence at every turn.

Aquarius and Scorpio: How to Make it Work

The Aquarius and Scorpio match despite it’s challenges, can nonetheless work well provided they have a healthy understanding and respect for each other’s boundaries and needs in the relationship. Aquarius tends to project a tough facade that is meant to let others know not to mess with them. They strive to be their own person and fulfill their unique destiny. They are a free spirit and are often very bright and inquisitive. Scorpio may find these aspects of Aquarius to be intriguing since they enjoy mystery and the challenge of figuring people out and penetrating their psychological defenses.

Aquarius may feel threatened or heartened by Scorpio’s ability to understand them on a deeper level. This could make Aquarius feel exposed but may lead them to let down their guards and maybe submit to Scorpio’s lead. Scorpio for their part will need to avoid being overbearing or too controlling in the relationship because ultimately it will only drive Aquarius away and possibly into infidelity. Aquarius may admire Scorpio for their insight and powers of observation as well as their aura of power and ferocity tempered by compassion and spiritual maturity. If their values and general direction in life is in sync, Aquarius may find in Scorpio a powerful partner who can empower them to succeed in their goals and achieve more than they could do alone.

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Aquarius Woman Dating Scorpio Man

Why do Aquarius people attract Scorpios?  In the case of a Scorpio Man Falling For Aquarius Woman, it is likely to be driven by the Scorpio male’s taste for exotic and unusual beauty. Aquarius people often have an unusual and distinctive appearance that others are either drawn to are repelled by. Scorpio may find this along with other unconventional features of Aquarius to be alluring and compelling.

The Aquarius woman is likely to play hard to get, making it clear that they always have other options and will not play the damsel in distress who is easily wooed. Aquarius is an independent spirit who is resistant to control by others and the Scorpio male may admire and respect a woman who can stand up to them.

Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman in Love

The Aquarius man and Scorpio woman is an interesting match up. The Aquarius boy and Scorpio girl compatibility is likely to work similar to the Aquarius woman/ Scorpio man dynamic. Even though the Scorpio woman can be controlling and manipulative at their worst, the Aquarius man may be less threatened by it than an Aquarius woman might. They may even appreciate the Scorpio woman’s chutzpah and passion because the Aquarius man may not be as aggressive or intense.

The Scorpio woman may often feel as though they have to keep an eye on their Aquarius mate as they can seem a little sly and secretive at times. Aquarius men are found to be among the most unfaithful signs in the zodiac according to some statistics. If they become overly suspicious of the Aquarius male, the Scorpio woman may become smothering and confrontational which will likely lead to the end of the relationship.

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Aquarius and Scorpio Friendship

Are Aquarius and Scorpio good friends? Aquarius and Scorpio friendship compatibility may be higher than their romantic compatibility especially if they are of the same gender. A platonic relationship between these two may be as good as any. Aquarius is often a friend to many as they enjoy fostering healthy relationships with a variety of people. They may enjoy each other’s off-beat sense of humor and goofing off with silly hi-jinks and pranks.

Both Aquarius and Scorpio are attracted to things that are unusual and eccentric so they may share a lot in common and areas of overlap in terms of their specific interests and hobbies. They’re both intuitive and forward thinking but with a slightly different focus. Scorpio’s intuition emphasizes on hidden knowledge and spiritual insight while Aquarius’ intuition is emphasized on the cultural and technological trends within society. They may find each other’s respective perspectives interesting and valuable and this may allow them to operate as an effective duo and team in may areas.

These two may also have a mischievous streak and may get into trouble together breaking the rules and defying authority. They are rebel hearts who’s will power cannot be underestimated. Neither Scorpio nor Aquarius is willing to be controlled and they are likely to be abettors in each other’s plans when it comes to breaking away and pulling off some ambitious and thrilling enterprise together. They share a similar enterprising spirit and a moral code of their own design.

Aquarius and Scorpio in Bed

Aquarius and Scorpio may be soulmates when it comes to the bedroom. Aquarius’ planetary ruler Uranus is exalted under the sign of Scorpio and so when they come together in the most intimate of settings, something primal and raw will likely be unleashed. Boundaries will be dissolved and taboos and frisky fantasies will likely be explored with unbridled passion. Aquarius may sometimes be a bit overwhelmed by the intensity and darkness of Scorpio’s sexuality but if they allow themselves to give in to it, they may find it exciting an addictive. Because of their fixed nature, adjusting to one another’s style may take some time but if they can muster it, the intimacy between them will likely be full of fireworks.

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