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Venus in the 7th House – Harmonious Partnerships

venus in the 7th house


Venus in the 7th house brings about a high capacity to get along with others and cultivates nurturing and loving relationships. In astrology, Venus signifies love, beauty, cooperation, and charisma. When Venus resides in the house seven in the natal chart or as a transit, it promotes strong and satisfying partnerships in both the romantic and platonic sense. The 7th house is ruled by Libra and governs relationships, marriage, business partnerships, and collaborations.

The 7th house is the natural home for Venus which is its planetary ruler. The presence of Venus serves to strengthen and enhance the purview of the 7th house. Additionally, whichever zodiac sign happens to reside in the seventh house, Venus will soften its edge and enhance with elements of charm and attractiveness. Here’s a breakdown of Venus in the 7th house in both the natal chart and as transit.


Those who have Venus in the 7th house of their natal chart are inclined to be very loving partners and spouses who truly enjoy romance. They take their relationships seriously and are apt to become incredibly charming and romantic in their display of affection. As the natural planetary ruler of the 7th house, Venus is in its element here. Those who have this placement are very giving and considerate towards their partners. They invest time and attention into their relationships in order to make them work. For them, the experience of a romantic union is deeply satisfying and essential to their happiness. They find inspiration from it that can motivate them to express their feelings in the form of love songs and poetry. People with this placement are likely to feel incomplete as a single person. They need a muse and crave to have someone with whom they can share their lives with.

Platonic and Romantic Partnerships

Venus in the 7th house also highlights positive partnerships in the realm of business and other joint ventures outside of love and romance. Here Venus lends its benefic and harmonizing influence to promote fruitful collaborations and a spirit of goodwill and trustworthiness. People with this placement are not inclined to undercut, exploit or cheat their allies. They have good principles and ethics with regard to fairness and how to treat people. They demonstrate a cordial attitude and a willingness to fulfill their end of the bargain. They are inclined to forgive others for their shortfalls and slip ups. Rather than place blame, the Venus in 7th house man or woman is more apt to focus on how to make things better and move on. They have a healthy regard for others value and they tend to focus on the positive aspects about people rather than the negative. They often give the benefit of the doubt whenever possible and avoid assuming the worst until they have good reason to do otherwise.

Compassionate Counselors & Mediators

Those with Venus in the 7th house are bound to be naturally adept at arbitration and the settling of disputes and grievances. They can likely excel as mediators and counselors should they be interested. People with this placement are able to exercise fairness, empathy and consideration to broker a sufficient resolution that is fair to everyone. They are sympathetic listeners and are good at making people understood and valued. Venus in house 7 men and women are marked by their compassion and willingness to put themselves in other people’s shoes. They have a natural desire to connect with people and are compelled to do what they can to make them feel happier when they are upset. In many cases, the sensual stimulus is the preferred mode of therapy and remedy they use to cheer people up. Physical acts and tangibles such as the giving of flowers, gifts, massages and edible delights are likely to be of more salience to them than words alone.

Lawyers and Contracts

Because of their keen sense of value and equity, the Venus in house 7 person is well suited for careers in legislation and jurisprudence. They are good at settling disputes and drafting contracts that are egalitarian and bipartisan. People with this placement in their natal charts are likely to be excellent peace brokers able to strike a good deal between contentious parties despite their differences. They are averse to conflict and desire to see people getting along rather than arguing and being hostile towards one another. Although they don’t like to fight, they will go to bat in the service of defending the peace and protecting what they value most. Venus compels them to view issues from different angles and put themselves in other people’s shoes to understand and appreciate their perspective. They tend to display a polite and respectful attitude towards people especially those they know intimately. Tact and diplomacy is their modus operandi and they are good at winning dispute by simply exposing the hypocrisy and folly in other people’s behavior.


When Venus transits your 7th house, you’ll find it easier to get along with others and build a stronger connection with them. Marriage and serious relationships are strengthened at this time and you find it easier to be diplomatic and conciliatory. You are inspired to promote the peace and feel particularly romantic at this time. This can be an auspicious period for romance and creative displays of affection. Differences and points of contention may subside during this time. You are able and willing to smooth things over and bury the hatchet so that you can reconnect and rediscover the love. You are just happy to be in a relationship and if you are not in one, you are especially motivated to find a partner a may be active on the dating scene.


Adolf Hitler – Born: April 20, 1889
In: Braunau am Inn (Austria)
Sun: 0°48′ Taurus AS: 26°44′ Libra
Moon: 6°38′ Capricorn MC: 4°14′ Leo
Venus in House 7 Taurus

Kurt Cobain – Born: February 20, 1967
In: Aberdeen (WA) (United States)
Sun: 1°49′ Pisces AS: 23°21′ Virgo
Moon: 13°24′ Cancer MC: 21°47′ Gemini
Venus in House 7 Pisces

Monica Bellucci – Born: September 30, 1964
In: Città di Castello (Italy)
Sun: 7°24′ Libra AS: 19°58′ Capricorn
Moon: 2°42′ Leo MC: 16°32′ Scorpio
Venus in House 7 Leo

Valérie Trierweiler – Born: February 16, 1965
In: Angers (49) (France)
Sun: 27°46′ Aquarius AS: 10°04′ Leo
Moon: 6°34′ Virgo MC: 23°54′ Aries
Venus in House 7 Aquarius

Ryan Gosling – Born: November 12, 1980
In: London, Ontario (Canada)
Sun: 20°35′ Scorpio AS: 19°41′ Pisces
Moon: 16°21′ Capricorn MC: 24°48′ Sagittarius
Venus in House 7 Libra

Coluche – Born: October 28, 1944
In: Paris 14e (France)
Sun: 5°10′ Scorpio AS: 24°44′ Taurus
Moon: 25°18′ Pisces MC: 27°11′ Capricorn
Venus in House 7 Sagittarius

Charlie Chaplin – Born: April 16, 1889
In: London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 27°00′ Aries AS: 8°31′ Scorpio
Moon: 9°24′ Scorpio MC: 22°33′ Leo
Venus in House 7 Taurus

Marilyn Manson – Born: January 5, 1969
In: Canton Road (OH) (United States)
Sun: 15°33′ Capricorn AS: 20°44′ Leo
Moon: 10°43′ Leo MC: 12°37′ Taurus
Venus in House 7 Pisces

Charles Manson – Born: November 12, 1934
In: Cincinnati (OH) (United States)
Sun: 19°50′ Scorpio AS: 5°15′ Taurus
Moon: 4°00′ Aquarius MC: 20°13′ Capricorn
Venus in House 7 Scorpio

Tyra Banks – Born: December 4, 1973
In: Inglewood (CA) (United States)
Sun: 12°51′ Sagittarius AS: 18°08′ Cancer
Moon: 7°19′ Aries MC: 4°01′ Aries
Venus in House 7 Capricorn

J. K. Rowling – Born: July 31, 1965
In: Yate (United Kingdom)
Sun: 8°23′ Leo AS: 15°22′ Aquarius
Moon: 25°23′ Virgo MC: 10°54′ Sagittarius
Venus in House 7 Virgo

Cindy Crawford – Born: February 20, 1966
In: DeKalb (IL) (United States)
Sun: 1°45′ Pisces AS: 22°33′ Cancer
Moon: 5°58′ Pisces MC: 3°53′ Aries
Venus in House 7 Capricorn

James Franco – Born: April 19, 1978
In: Stanford (CA) (United States)
Sun: 29°41′ Aries AS: 3°54′ Scorpio
Moon: 21°21′ Virgo MC: 9°15′ Leo
Venus in House 7 Taurus

Muhammad Ali – Born: January 17, 1942
In: Louisville (KY) (United States)
Sun: 27°18′ Capricorn AS: 19°32′ Leo
Moon: 12°26′ Aquarius MC: 12°13′ Taurus
Venus in House 7 Aquarius

Amitabh Bachchan – Born: October 11, 1942
In: Allahabad (India)
Sun: 17°29′ Libra AS: 19°50′ Pisces
Moon: 3°58′ Scorpio MC: 19°39′ Sagittarius
Venus in House 7 Libra

Kate Moss – Born: January 16, 1974
In: Croydon, London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 26°11′ Capricorn AS: 4°10′ Leo
Moon: 12°36′ Scorpio MC: 11°35′ Aries
Venus in House 7 Aquarius

Michael Jordan – Born: February 17, 1963
In: Brooklyn, New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 28°23′ Aquarius AS: 13°06′ Cancer
Moon: 10°01′ Sagittarius MC: 22°28′ Pisces
Venus in House 7 Capricorn

Snoop Dogg – Born: October 20, 1971
In: Long Beach (CA) (United States)
Sun: 26°59′ Libra AS: 0°46′ Taurus
Moon: 15°51′ Scorpio MC: 19°05′ Capricorn
Venus in House 7 Scorpio

Russell Brand – Born: June 4, 1975
In: Grays, Essex (United Kingdom)
Sun: 12°44′ Gemini AS: 26°29′ Capricorn
Moon: 4°29′ Aries MC: 29°19′ Scorpio
Venus in House 7 Cancer

Bruno Mars – Born: October 8, 1985
In: Waikiki, Honolulu (HI) (United States)
Sun: 15°43′ Libra AS: 2°42′ Pisces
Moon: 7°50′ Leo MC: 10°25′ Sagittarius
Venus in House 7 Virgo

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