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6 High Paying Careers For ESTJs

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The ESTJ is an extraverted sensor who is known for being methodical and efficient. According to a national sample, ESTJs reported a preference for clear structure, teamwork, variety of tasks, independence and achievement and loyalty/security as being their most important work characteristics. ESTJs rely on logic and facts and can often be found in positions of management, administration, and law enforcement. They are excellent organizers and system coordinators. Here are 6 of the most lucrative careers recommended for the ESTJ personality type.

estj construction manager

6. Construction Managers

Median salary: $91,370.

Construction managers have the duty of overseeing the execution of a project, from its planning stage to its eventual conclusion. The length and complexity of a construction process mean that the managers must supervise the activity of the workers, study the budget, coordinate efforts, and make improvised decisions according to any chance that may take place during the process.

Aspiring construction managers require a bachelor’s degree and experience in construction working. Likewise, they must display high analytical skills, leadership traits, a talent for public speaking, and a talent for decision-making. Once hired, a construction manager can get a median salary of $91,370.

ESTJs are well-known for their appreciation towards order and structure, not to mention their ongoing personality and strong sense of justice makes them perfect—if not slightly fearsome leaders. As Construction Managers, ESTJs will work hard and motivate the people around them, keeping their focus on the project until the team achieves the final goals.

estj health administrator

5. Medical and Health Services Administrators

Median salary: $98,350.

Clinics and hospitals don’t work efficiently on their own—they have a complete team of specialized executives working behind the scenes to ensure physicians and patients receive optimal conditions within the installations. These professionals are medical and health executives, and they supervise the developments that take place within a healthcare establishment.

The responsibilities assigned to healthcare managers depend on the working area they select, but in general terms, they must oversee their respective section to guarantee efficiency, compliance with regional laws, and supervise the work of the staff. As a multifaceted position that requires a plethora of skills, it is highly rewarded—the national average sits at $98,350.

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The instinctive leadership role that ESTJs assume through their lives becomes an asset that can help them achieve the position of healthcare executives. Their determination to guarantee efficiency through a shunning for disorganization and laziness guarantee a productive workplace and their charismatic authority ensures that their example is followed by most of the employees they oversee.

estj pilot

4. Airline and Commercial Pilots

Median salary: $111,930.

In charge of flying and navigating aircraft through the sky, pilots are essential for the functioning of modern society. Any aspiring US pilot requires a license from the Federal Aviation Administration, becoming a commercial pilot. With time and experience, a commercial pilot may become an airline pilot.

Pilots have multiple duties alongside flying aircraft—they check the general status of the airplane or helicopter, ensure the conditions are favorable, communicate with air traffic control, and monitor the external circumstances, amongst others. Airline pilots can aspire to become captains of the aircraft—they supervise other pilots and crew members and assumes responsibilities for the scheduled flight.

For the organized ESTJ population, a pilot career might be ideal. The technicalities and routine-bound nature of the job will satisfy their need for order, helping them achieve the efficacy they seek. Likewise, their fast-thinking and logical mind allows them to make fast decisions whenever they are needed—something most pilots must be ready to do at any given moment.

estj sales manager

3. Sales Managers

Median salary: $121,060.

A sales manager is in charge of controlling, drafting and monitoring every selling goal of a particular company. The position requires the manager to analyze the particular circumstances of the organization at a given moment, set the selling goals according to the results, monitor the results through data study, and change their approaches according to results.

Likewise, sales managers need to have sharp people skills—they monitor and hire people in the sales’ departments, contact dealers and distributors, and communicate with other managers and administrators within the company. For this and other duties, sales managers receive an average salary of $121,060.

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ESTJs, as established beforehand, are well-suited for managing positions. Their natural talents for organization and problem-solving makes them ideal for tasks that involve planning and quick thinking. Likewise, their community leader characteristics and ability to inspire others through their values and respect for hard work within the institution.

estj pharmacists

2. Pharmacists

Median salary: $124,170.

Pharmacists are the medical experts focused on medicines, vaccines, and other chemical treatments for diverse ailments.

Their duties are varied and extend far and wide—they fill and verify prescriptions, supervise the right quantity of a certain medication for patients, look after potential interactions while following treatments, administer vaccines and shots, and handle the administrative duties of organizing drugs.

The pharmaceutical profession has many variants according to the workplace, and subsequently features different responsibilities—pharmacists can work in pharmacies, in hospitals or clinics, and even within the pharmaceutical industry as researchers and advisors.

ESTJs make the perfect pharmacists. In a field where a minimal chemical reaction can cause devastating results, ESTJs’ methodical approach and organization make a difference. Particularly, ESTJs’ disdain for inefficiency makes them throughout in everything they do, conquering risks that could be fatal in this field.

But not everything is about the technical aspect—ESTJs’ earnest and open personality turns them into reliable authority figures that inspire trust and authority towards patients seeking guidance.

estj financial manager

1. Financial Manager

Median salary: $125,080.

The lifeline of an organization is its financial wellbeing—even the most generous of nonprofits has expenses and needs to monitor their finances effectively, to ensure a long and prosperous existence.

While many professionals contribute to this goal, none has quite the same responsibility as the financial manager. While financial managers cannot control every single factor playing a role in this duty, they can analyze the marketplace to understand its development, and subsequently, develop strategies that can fulfill the organizations’ financial goals in the short term.

Likewise, they prepare reports and statements to notify of the financial well-being of the company, supervise financial employees, and review results.

If an ESTJ has an interest in finances, this job will be nothing short of an ideal position. In finances, planning strategic approaches is essential for success, precisely a field where most ESTJs exceed. Likewise, a rational mindset and a knack for order are valuable aids they have at their disposition, and they will make the difference when approaching the financial wellbeing of an institution.

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