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6 High Paying Careers For INTJs

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INTJs are the among the types most likely to achieve great success in their careers. According to a national sample survey of the most preferred work environment characteristics for each MBTI type, INTJs rated “variety of tasks” as the most important followed by “clear structure”, “independence and achievement”, “teamwork”, and “people of different backgrounds”.

As an introverted type, INTJs prefer work that affords them some solitude and time for concentration. They dislike boisterous and noisy work spaces where they are forced to be around people all day.

INTJ In The Workplace

INTJs desire careers that provide them plenty of new and interesting challenges and problems to solve. They enjoy applying their powers of analysis and intuition to uncover creative and technical solutions. INTJs prefer working with systems and occupations that call for critical thinking and logical order. These personality types are often found in the scientific or technical fields especially that of computer science and law practice.

A job that features job security and sufficient opportunities for growth and advancement is also important to the INTJ since they are highly future-oriented and calculated in their long term plans. INTJs exhibit a number of strengths that are valuable to their careers. Among them is their high self confidence, quick strategic mind, ability to work independently, and perform their duties reliably seeing projects through all the way to completion.  Here is a list of the top 6 most lucrative career matches for INTJs.

INTJ Career #6: Political Scientist
avg. salary $114,300

INTJs are well suited for a career in political science and fortunately it is one that can compensate them handsomely. Political scientists study the effects that  laws and policies have on society. They are trained to understand the history of politics and the various political ideologies and movements that have shaped and impacted the world.

They use this knowledge to provide insight, context and historical perspective that may shed a light on the emergent political trends and patterns of today. They forecast and provide predictions backed by analysis and understanding of facts and statistics. Their expertise is often utilized by governments and nonprofit organizations.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 2% growth from 2016 to 2026 in the number of political science careers. Unfortunately, the Political Science professions are below average in opportunities for advancement and are average in stress levels and schedule flexibility.

INTJ Career #5: Financial Manager
avg. salary $121,750

Financial Manager is another lucrative and stable career recommended for the INTJ personality type. INTJs are said to be excellent with handling numbers and figures and working with data and systems. These skills lend themselves to a career in finance which, by the way, depend on a high level of responsibility and reliability as well.

INTJs are comfortable with regular schedules and performing day to day tasks and routines. Financial Managers must pay close attention to detail and are required to comply with various laws and regulations. They must also possess strong communication skills in order to explain complex reports in understandable terms with others who are not necessarily familiar with complicated financial jargon.

The opportunities for advancement in this profession are high but with it comes a high level of stress. The Bureau of labor Statistics estimates that the number of job openings for financial mangers will increase by 19% from now to the year 2026.

INTJ Career #4: Lawyer
avg. salary $118,000

Lawyers sometimes get a bad rap. At their best, they are seen as noble defenders who fight legal battles on behalf of the innocent. At other times, they are depicted as soulless shills who will also fight for clients they know to be guilty. It’s their job but a type such as the INFP may be unwilling to compromise their ethics to defend anyone whose innocence they are uncertain of.

If there’s anyone who can separate personal values from objective tasks, it’s the INTJ. As a Lawyer, INTJ’s capacity for gathering and analyzing data and evidence can really shine. Their highly logical mind is adept at connecting the dots and can build a compelling case that will be difficult to argue.

INTJs enjoy solving mysteries and so getting payed to discover the truth they need to discover or proving the claim they are fighting to prove is likely to serve as an appealing career prospect for them.

INTJ Career #3: Petroleum Engineer
avg. salary $128,000

Petroleum engineers design equipment and apparatus for extracting oil from reservoirs. Petroleum engineers collect and analyze data in order to devise a strategy that maximizes safety and cost-effective means of extraction. They must do extensive monitoring and observation before any drilling is done due to the amount of hazards and “unknowns” involved.

They continually evaluate and improve the systems and methods they employ which is something that is right up an INTJ’s alley on account of their Te (extraverted thinking). This career offer above average opportunities for advancement and growth but also high levels of stress. It is also below average in schedule flexibility which is something that INTJs may not be crazy about.

INTJ Career #2: IT Manager
avg. salary $135,800

INTJs typically possess good management ability and because they are often great with computers, IT Management may be an excellent career path for them. IT managers are information systems experts who assist companies and organizations with implementing and overseeing the operation of computer systems.

IT managers are typically skilled enough to perform the engineering work of the staff they oversee but their role is more tangential. They mostly spend their time in meeting rooms coordinating technology-related matters with executives and clientele. IT managers also plan and install system upgrades and implement safeguards to protect office networks against hackers and malware.

INTJ Career #1: Physician
avg. salary $196,000

Physicians are experts in running tests to identify and diagnose medical problems and arrange the necessary treatments. The demand for physicians is never short which ensures the job security that INTJs value. Careers in medicine and health care have excellent projected growth.

Physicians rate above average in opportunities for advancements and salary and flexible work schedules. This career also comes with a high level of stress but since INTJs report the lowest level of stress of all the types with regards to school, it may be that they are best capable of handling the rigors that Physicians endure.

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