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Venus in Aries: Natal, Transit & Compatibility

Natal Venus in Aries

Having Venus, the planet of love in Mars-ruled Aries in a natal chart will make the native as excited and energetic as a newborn baby when in love. Always wanting to keep things fresh, interesting and passionate, Venus in Aries will always ensure there is a spark between them and their lover even when in a long term love affair. Boring, dull and lifeless romance does not do it for them, and they need the flame inside them to be constantly fueled and fanned. Being a Cardinal sign, when bored in a relationship and they have tried everything they can to ignite the fire but to no avail, they will quickly move on to something more exciting. These people want to experience the excitement of life through love, and if their lover does not give them their thrills, they will quickly lose interest.

Venus in Aries natives are usually the one to send the first text and make the first move. They possess strong initiating energy, and they do not hold back on initiating something if they know it is what they want. Female Venus in Aries natives can have a very direct, masculine approach when it comes to love. These girls do not shy away from setting up the first date, being the one to pick up their date or initiating the first kiss. They go after what they want when they know what it is they want, and so do the males! It is common for these natives to go through many heartbreaks, as they invest themselves and give it their all to someone while many times the other person does not share a mutual interest or passion.

They know what they want and what they deserve, and do not settle for anything less. They can be rather selfish and demanding in love, wanting all their needs to be met and always requiring constant stimulation and consideration. This is mainly due to hyper self-awareness. Imagine a soldier, or a warrior fighting for constant survival, experiencing many shaking experiences that keep them on edge and makes the adrenaline rush through their veins. Venus in Aries has the same attitude and approach to relationships and love than what a soldier has in war. They have to win and will do everything in their power to experience the rush of love, even if it is dangerous. The only problem is that Venus in Aries does not know which weapons are the right ones to use in the war of love. Self-discovery is very important to these natives. Like a baby, they are not always fully aware of every aspect of themselves, and as time goes along their awareness of themselves increases.

Aries is ruled by Mars, and when Venus is in Aries it can cause a lot of aggressive martian energy in the native. Mars is a hot, fiery planet, and it represents sexual drive, aggression, and anger. It is a masculine planet, and when paired with feminine Venus, it creates a native who is extremely aggressive in their pursuit of love. They will be incredibly brave when it comes to love and will be willing to climb the highest mountain or sail the roughest sea for their one true love.

They will know how to leave an impact and make a lasting impression on any potential lover they want to woo. When it comes to friendships, it is also important for them to feel like they are extremely valued. Venus in Aries makes a native extremely boisterous when it comes to showing off their friendships. Saving money is not something they have a knack for, as they do tend to spend money impulsively in the heat of the moment. Loving to live in the here and now, they just want to ensure they are enjoying the present moment.

Venus in Aries Compatibility

Bold and outrageous partners are the best for them. When Venus is in fire, the fire needs to be fed to keep burning! The best way to feed the fire, is through earth, air, or more fire! Water usually kills the fire, and a partner with too much water placements in their natal chart can send a Venus in Aries person running for the hills!

Earth Venus signs are a hit or miss with a Venus in Aries. They can sometimes be too practical and repetitive for the constant excitement and thrill-seeking Venus in Aries, however in some cases the practicality and level-headedness of the earth Venus lover can be soothing and assuring to the Aries Venus. The earth Venus will run all the errands, do all the nitty-gritty things and get down and dirty to help the Aries Venus on their quest for constant excitement. The earth Venus will enjoy the thrills and excitement that the Aries venus brings to their life. If this pairing goes off well, it can create a very well balanced combination.

Water Venus lovers can be a challenge for an Aries Venus native. The water Venus might find their forcefull pushy attitude too overbearing. Aries Venus is extremely social and extroverted and needs a partner that can constantly feed off of their energy. These natives are so energetic, that their energy can be contagious to those around them. Fire Venus signs do not drain easily, and can provide a lot of supportive love to their loved ones in need. A water Venus does have the ability to dowse the fire or to drain it with a constant need for emotional assurance.

Fire Venus and Sun natives are the best matches for Aries in Venus. They both love and need big, extreme dramatic displays of love and affection, and love to go over the top in everything! A combination like this leads to two highly energetic fiery individuals that feed off each others energy. This duo creates an unstoppable force, like wildfire spreading through a forest. Love is an urgency for both these natives, and they will share a mutual passion for their shared love together.

Air signs have a lot of fun and interesting ideas that will always keep the Venus in Aries on their toes. Aries Venus likes to take action, and an air Venus will feed the Aries Venus with exciting and appealing ideas, and eventually hype them up to start new projects or do crazy things together! The air Venus will always be the one to suggest the idea, and the Venus in Aries person will be the one to initiate it due to their Cardinal quality.

Venus in Aries Transit

When Venus Transits through Aries our love style is ignited and more direct. We take things into our own hands, and we get down and dirty and become relentless in our pursuit to get what we want. Aries represents new beginnings, and new love is easily formed during this time if you are not in a long term relationship. This is also the ideal time to rekindle a flame that has lost its heat and vigor. We will be more impatient, wanting things to materialize instantly. Be careful to not be too pushy when it comes to love and money during this time, as during this transit we can become slightly desensitized and combative towards the weaknesses of others, therefore it is important to remain aware and sensitive to the needs of those around us during this time.

We become more vocal and expressive about matters of the heart, and can be inclined to dramatize things. It will be important to avoid adopting a “me first” mentality. Aries is all about focus on the self. The opposite sign of Aries is Libra, which focuses on relationships and partnerships. When Venus is in Aries, we tend to ignore the needs of those close to us due to the hyper-awareness of our own needs. Our focus is more on what WE need, as opposed to what our partner needs. It is important to not be blinded by this too much and still maintain harmony by being receptive to the needs of your loved ones.

We can be impulsive to our physical need for touch and love during this transit. Aries represents the baby, and a baby needs constant love and care. We adopt a similar approach toward our need for love, and if we do not get it, we can seek it out carelessly and aggressively. During this transit, the need to be loved is increased, and it will be beneficial to surround yourself with people who give you positive love and are understanding during this time. Avoid shady characters that will take advantage of you, as this need for love and attention can seem like desperation to some.

The fighter is us will become ignited, and we will stand up and fight for the ones we dearly love during this time. the Venus in Aries transit makes us very protective and territorial over our circle of loved ones like a Ram is. The sense of familiarity they bring to us takes over, and we will be defensive and vigilant when our loved ones are wronged or hurt.

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