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What Drives You In Life Based On MBTI Type

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What we are driven by in life has a lot to do with what we find important and valuable. And what we find valuable and important is invariably tied to the preferences inherent to our personality. Here’s a general look at what drives you based on your MBTI personality type.


INFPs are driven by a need to self-identify along with a need to be true to their often noble and lofty ideals and values. Furthermore, INFPs are driven by a moral code that is all their own. They are adamant about defining themselves and not allowing others to label them. For this reason INFPs are inclined to be sometimes unpredictable and do things that defy such expectations and limitations that others tried to pin on them. When this happens, INFP can become rebellious and decidedly more aggressive and argumentative. INFPs are normally quite congenial and easy-going until some type of transgression or violation against their moral code has been made.


INFJs are driven by various idealistic pursuits that sometimes they can’t even put their finger on exactly. INFJs have a desire to in some way manifest the perfection of how things should or could be according to their personal vision. Their imagination and inner world is rich with images and feelings that often fuel their creative energies. INFJs are driven to produce and create meaningful work that is laced with unique insight and substance plucked from the catacombs of their cogitations. They are strongly interested in psychological studies and are poised to cultivate deep insight about themselves that can also benefit others. INFJs are driven to help people by helping them understand themselves and they enjoy providing advice and counsel to help them resolve their internal problems and self-defeating thoughts.


ENFPs are driven to express themselves authentically and acquire creative freedom and success in their lives. ENFPs are inspirational hippies who have a unique perspective and take on life. Although they are not always reliable and consistent, what they bring to the table is creative energy and insight that is nourishing for the soul. Much like the INFP, ENFPs are determined to be true to who they are and if they find themselves in unfulfilling circumstances, they have the tenacity to sooner or later, free themselves from those shackles. Still, whatever they do, the ENFP is also driven to find some sort of value and meaning from every experience. They will occasionally look back on the past and appreciate it for whatever role it had in shaping the person they are today.


ENFJs are driven to save the world. Whether it’s through environmentalism, social reform or spiritual enlightenment, the ENFJ is someone who is deeply interested in spreading positive energy and leadership. ENFJ is highly motivated by their idealistic vision of how the world should be and can very well make it their life’s work to bring that vision to fruition. ENFJs love to bring people together and really believe in the power of unity and love as the solution to many of the problems plaguing society. ENFJs strive to lead by example and they put a lot of effort and energy into bridging the divide between people that is often caused by lack of understanding and compassion.

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INTPs are driven by their quest for profound understanding, creative outlets and a love of interesting problems to solve. INTPs are also driven to reach a position in life where they can enjoy the freedom to choose only work that interests and challenges them. INTPs are energized by intellectual pursuits where they can apply their analytical imagination to unpack, explore and master new concepts. It’s the process of discovery that excites and drives them and also the potential for happening upon some new idea or concept that enjoyably mystifies them. INTPs have a strong drive to constantly update, sharpen and perfect their conceptual frameworks so that they are consistent all the way around.


INTJ is driven by their own personal subjective values along with a strong desire to build and improve systems and concepts. As perfectionists, they have an eye for spotting flaws and inefficiencies. There’s also a bit of idealism that compels the INTJ to pursue lofty and ambitious projects that they think are important and valuable. INTJs are not strongly driven to seek pure validation or popularity which is why they are happy and comfortable working behind the scenes where they can focus on the actual work and logistics of what they do. Still, INTJ does what they do because they personally think it matters and when people do not appreciate or recognize the value of their work, it can bother them on a deep level.


ENTPs are driven to generate a multitude of ideas and explore them to whatever conclusion they take them. ENTPs are inclined to stake their success and self-image on their inventiveness and ingenuity. They they are wired to see possibilities everywhere and they enjoy the exercise of playing with ideas both silly and serious. Because of their penchant for Devil’s Advocate arguments, some people may find it difficult to grapple with their highly flexible reasoning. For ENTPs, it’s the idea or principle that is important more so than the actual object or reality.


ENTJ is driven to conquer and achieve success. For the ENTJ, life is one giant chess board and they are masterminds of strategy and big picture trajectories. Argumentative and confrontational, ENTJ is unafraid of contending with conflict and the various challenges and complexities that life throws their way. This ambitious spirit is why the ENTJ is statistically the highest earning of all MBTI personality types. Their undeniable instincts and long-term perspective allows them to recognize trends and patterns long before most people even notice. ENTJs have a quick temper and sharp wits and they use that and all their martial energy to get ahead and crush the competition.


ISTJs are driven by a sense of responsibility and desire to do what needs to be done. Despite their introverted nature, ISTJ has the capacity to appear very extroverted when circumstances require it of them. Focused on their objectives, ISTJ is willing to rise to the occasion and be or do whatever is necessary to complete and fulfill the task. Their social skills and communication ability is often a side affect of having to work with others to achieve their objective agendas. ISTJ’s who take on seemingly extroverted roles are motivated not by a desire for social engagement or popularity but more by a personal belief that they can perform the job or task the way it should be done..

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ISFJs are strongly driven by a desire to be helpful to others. Despite their shy and introverted nature, ISFJs are emboldened to step out whenever they can help someone in need. They derive a sense of purpose and gratification from providing value and enrichment to others. isfjs are driven to pursue career paths where they can help people directly in a meaningful and palpable way such as in Healthcare professions, culinary occupations and careers in therapy to name a few. The ISFJ’s desire to help is probably even more evident in their domestic lives. They are inclined to do a lot of cooking, cleaning and happily handle a lot of the caretaking roles and responsibilities involved in family life.


ESTJs are driven to impose order and structure in the world around them. They are natural leaders and administrators capable of overseeing complex operations with a lot of moving parts and elements. ESTJs are good at sorting out order from the chaos and prioritizing tasks in the most efficient manner. That is why ESTJs are among the top-earning MBTI types and often it is people of this type who occupy many of the top executive positions across many different industries. An inherent desire for control may be part of what drives ESTJ’s undeniable ambition and work ethic. At the same time, they are also noted for their great sense of humor and sociable fun side.


ESFJs are driven to acquire esteem from their peers and to establish and maintain harmony and balance within the social and interpersonal realm be it at home or in the workplace. ESFJs are natural-born mediators who set the tone for the facilitation of cooperation and civility within a group. The dislike conflict and are inclined to step in to deescalate and make things better for everyone involved. ESFJs have a strong sense of what should and should not be tolerated and they tend to position themselves as the arbiters of what is and isn’t appropriate.


ISTPs are driven to experience and try a bit of everything at least once. There are socially cautious and introverted personality belies their zest for life and adventurous curiosity. ISTPs are introverts who still want to live a highly explored life. They are interested in racking up a wealth of experiences and discover the world in all its sensory glory. Furthermore, ISTPs are driven to become masters and experts of whatever craft they take interest to.They enjoy the attention they attract, dazzling and impressing others with what they are able to do what their hands.


ISFPs are driven to be creative and indulge themselves in the beauty of the world. Living a free life and ridding themselves of the oppressive auspices of controlling people is also a motivating factor in the ISFPs life. ISFPs dislike unnecessary restrictions and limitations placed on them by others and so they are loathe to impose them on others. Consequently, ISFPs are very non-interventionist and private people who do not divulge or share a great deal of themselves. Although calm and pleasant in their demeanor, the ISFP can seem quite a bit vague and passive. in reality they’re highly observant and there is a lot going on inside their heads that they are driven to manifest in one form or another. Ultimately, ISFPs are driven to create beauty, experience beauty, and surround themselves with good people who make life beautiful.

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ESFP is driven to live it up and make the most of the life they have. They are eager to soak up exciting experiences and have fun no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Furthermore, ESFPs don’t like to live in their heads and miss out on what life is all about. They are determined to enjoy life on their terms because it is too short to be spent miserably. Their philosophy is To Live and Let Live and so their attitude towards others is to be very accepting and tolerant. Because of their free flowing and liberal lifestyle, ESFPs may need to guard against too much excess and lack of sufficient boundaries and restrictions necessary for maintaining healthy balance and order in their lives.


ESTP is driven to take action and make things happen. They are opportunists ever ready to seize the moment and are loathe to waste their time on anything that is not immediately useful. ESTPs are outgoing and restless doers who are eager to get the ball rolling. They have a lot of initiative and enthusiasm for starting projects and spearheading new and exciting ventures. Furthermore, ESTPs are driven to tackle big tasks and showcase their fearless chutzpah and hardy problem-solving ability. Estps rush in while other people sit on the fence still trying to do cost benefit analysis and deliberate over the risks and danger involved.

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  1. The MBTI lacks both validity and reliability, and for that reason real psychologists do not use it. It is, basically, astrology for management consultants.

    If for some reason you want a personality assessment, use a reliable and validated psychometric scale such as the 16PF or one of the two ‘Big Five’ tests (Costa & Macrae’s is probably better than Goldberg’s, but they’re very similar).

  2. Editing for the numerous errors would have made this slightly believable. Otherwise it seems like a load of s***. From an INTJ.

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