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Moon Opposite Sun – Conflict of Interests ?☀️

Sun opposite moon

Moon Opposite Sun Aspect

The moon in opposition with the sun suggests a conflict between the masculine and feminine, the past and future, the internal versus the external. Moon opposite Sun in the natal chart may indicate struggles with indecision and fully going after what is desired with assertiveness and confidence.

With this aspect, the subconscious desires are at odds with an individual’s core drives. What they want is often thwarted or impeded by their moral compass, values or subjective feelings about a situation which may be highly influenced by past experiences. There may be a tendency to be too cautious or to procrastinate for too long without taking action. Sitting on the fence may be a recurring issue that prevents them from fulfilling their potential.

The Sun Opposite Moon aspect indicates that past events have a strong impact on their decisions. They may have an abiding fear of avoiding mistakes or undesirable circumstances that occurred to them or people they know. The mother may have had sheltering or stifling effect on the individual that limited or hampered the development of their self confidence and self sufficiency. They may have been babied or pampered for too long and may resultantly suffer from arrested development..

Alternately, growing up, they may have felt uncomfortable being themselves around their parents or felt forced to conceal or repress their authentic selves for fear of ridicule or shame. On their path towards fulfilling the objectives their Sun is striving towards, the individual may struggle with self doubt and conflicts of interest mostly of an internal nature. Shyness and anxiety may inhibit them from expressing and asserting themselves truly.

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They want to be more confident but their failures and notions of what could go wrong hold them back. They may be afraid of being hurt again or of suffering a tragic loss and so they may overcompensate in one way or another that proves less than constructive or healthy. They follow the path of least resistance or try to get what’s theirs at other people’s expense. Their egotism could go over the top and devolve into a great ball of unmitigated narcissism that is unfettered by guilt or shame that would result from self reflection..

Under this aspect, the individual could be either excessively self sacrificing and generous or appear sociopathic and selfish. The receptivity and intuition of the Moon may be muted by the Sun in a way similar to combustion. Or it could be that the needs of the individual may end up taking a backseat to what is familiar, comfortable and safe. It could swing either way depending on other aspects in the chart.

Moon opposite Sun synastry may indicate a conflict where each person’s respective external and inner needs are not in support of one another. The strivings of one person’s Sun sign may offend or violate the sensitivities and values of the Moon sign. By the same measure, the Sun sign in question may feel held back or like it must walk on eggshells around the moon sign person to keep them happy.

Famous People with Moon Opposite Sun in their charts:

Donald Trump – Born: June 14, 1946
Catherine Zeta-Jones – Born: September 25, 1969
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge – Born: January 9, 1982
Demi Moore – Born: November 11, 1962
Tina Turner – Born: November 26, 1939
Paul Walker – Born: September 12, 1973
Liv Tyler – Born: July 1, 1977
Michael Schumacher – Born: January 3, 1969

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moon opposite sun

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