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Astrology Profiles of 22 Famous INTPs

famous intp astrology

Of all the 16 personality types, the INTP is arguably the most intellectually inclined. People with this personality type are highly represented in the arts, the sciences and other professions that provide stimulating creative and intellectual challenges.

But every INTP person also has an astrology chart. You might be curious to know what placements they have, perhaps to see if there is any astrological correlation with the MBTI. Here we have listed 22 famous INTPs along with their planetary and asteroid placements. Only those with known birth times will include rising sign and house information.


Albert Einstein INTP Pisces
INTP according to:

1. Albert Einstein: INTP Pisces

Born: March 14, 1879, Ulm, Germany

Through his groundbreaking theories about relativity, quantum mechanics and more, this iconic physicist is renowned for revolutionizing our understanding of the universe. As an INTP personality, Einstein epitomized the traits of an independent and innovative thinker, delving into the mysteries of the cosmos with unparalleled curiosity.

His Pisces sun speaks to the great imagination, intuition and vision necessary to conceptualize his theories. Meanwhile, his Sagittarius moon denotes the deeply curious and open-ended nature of his inner world. This moon sign confers a broad imagination and an emotional desire to explore and expand understanding. Additionally, the sun, mercury venus and saturn stellium in his 10th house signifies a concentration of energy and strength where professional prestige, authority and prominence is concerned.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Pisces Sun, House 10 Aquarius Jupiter House 9 Aries Juno House 11
Sagittarius Moon, House 6 Aries Saturn House 10 Cancer Vesta House 1
Cancer Rising Virgo Uranus House 3 Taurus Chiron House 11
Aries Mercury, House 10 Taurus Neptune House 11 Aries Pallas House 10
Aries Venus, House 10 Taurus Pluto House 11 Taurus Ceres House 11
Capricorn Mars, House 7

Bill Gates INTP Scorpio
INTP according to:

2. Bill Gates: INTP Scorpio

Co-founder of Microsoft
Born: October 28, 1955, Seattle, WA

Bill Gates, the visionary co-founder of Microsoft, stands as a technological luminary and philanthropic giant. As an INTP personality, Gates has made the technical world of software his bread and butter. His Scorpio sun signifies an intense focus and perceptive eye which are qualities very useful to a programmer. His Aries moon imparts a pioneering spirit, fostering Gates’ entrepreneurial drive and determination to initiate transformative change.

With Cancer rising, a nurturing and protective quality permeates his leadership style, evident in his commitment to global health initiatives and education. This is further strengthened by a potent stellium in the 4th house, featuring the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Neptune. This cosmic alignment deepens his connection to home and family, fostering a sense of security and emotional grounding.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Scorpio Sun house 4 Leo Jupiter House 2 Scorpio Juno House 5
Aries Moon House 10 Scorpio Saturn House 5 Capricorn Ceres House 6
Libra Mercury House 4 Leo Uranus house 1 Virgo Vesta House 3
Scorpio Venus House 5 Libra Neptune House 4 Aquarius Chiron House 7
Libra Mars House 4 Leo Pluto House 2 Sagittarius Pallas House 6
Cancer Rising

Isaac Newton INTP Capricorn
INTP according to:

3. Isaac Newton: INTP Capricorn

Born: December 25, 1642,
Woolsthorpe Manor House, United Kingdom

Isaac Newton, the brilliant mind behind the laws of motion and the universal law of gravitation, stands as a cornerstone of scientific genius. As an INTP, Newton’s cognitive prowess and analytical acumen helped usher in the scientific revolution and the enlightenment movement. His Capricorn sun is a testament to the disciplined and ambitious spirit that fueled his efforts to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.

With a Cancer moon, Newton’s emotional nature would have been deeply intuitive, private and guarded. This lunar placement speaks to his reputed introverted character and turbulent moods. Although his reputation is riddled with accounts of vindictiveness, paranoia and violent temper, there are also accounts of his generosity and kindness towards friends. With his Libra rising it might be understandable how he still managed to enjoy favorable status and honors from his colleagues and peers in academia.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Capricorn Sun House 3 Pisces Jupiter House 5 Aquarius Juno House 4
Cancer Moon House 9 Pisces Saturn House 5 Aquarius Pallas House 4
Sagittarius Mercury House 2 Scorpio Uranus house 1 Gemini Chiron House 8
Aquarius Venus House 4 Sagittarius Neptune House 2 Aquarius Ceres House 4
Taurus Mars House 7 Gemini Pluto House 8 Gemini Vesta House 9
Libra Rising

Avicii INTP Virgo
INTP according to:

4. Avicii: INTP Virgo

DJ, Remixer
Born: September 8, 1989
Stockholm, Sweden

Avicii, the acclaimed Swedish DJ and music producer, left an indelible mark on the electronic dance music (EDM) scene. As an INTP, his creative genius was underscored by a Virgo sun, reflecting precision and a meticulous approach to his craft. Avicii’s ability to blend intricate melodies and infectious beats showcased the analytical and innovative nature of his personality.

With a Sagittarius moon, Avicii’s emotional inner world was imbued with a sense of adventure and optimism, mirroring the expansive and exploratory spirit that defined his musical compositions. The combination of his Virgo sun and Sagittarius moon created a dynamic interplay between attention to detail and a desire for boundless exploration.

Despite his untimely departure, Avicii’s enduring legacy in the realm of EDM speaks to the powerful fusion of technical skill, creative expression, and emotional resonance that characterized his unique personality and musical contributions.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Virgo Sun Cancer Jupiter Libra Juno
Sagittarius Moon Capricorn Saturn Gemini Ceres
Libra mercury Capricorn Uranus Capricorn Vesta
Libra Venus Capricorn Neptune Cancer Chiron
Virgo Mars Scorpio Pluto Aries pallas

Marie Curie INTP Scorpio
INTP according to:

5. Marie Curie: INTP Scorpio

Born: November 7, 1867
Warsaw, Poland

Marie Curie, the pioneering physicist and chemist, stands as a symbol of scientific achievement. Best known for her discovery of the elements radium and polonium, she was a key figure in furthering our understanding about radiation. Her INTP personality is evident in how she thrived on intellectual challenges and the pursuit of knowledge.

As a Scorpio sun, she brought an intense and transformative energy to her work, delving fearlessly into the mysteries of the atomic world which ultimately cost her life. Curie’s Pisces moon would have added a touch of sensitivity to Curie’s character, infusing her scientific endeavors with a deep empathy and compassion. This emotional depth, coupled with her Scorpio sun, created a nuanced approach to both her personal life and groundbreaking research.

Capricorn rising contributed an element of discipline and strategic thinking, emphasizing Curie’s ability to navigate challenges with a steadfast determination. This combination of astrological elements underscores her enduring legacy as a scientific luminary, breaking barriers in a field traditionally dominated by men and leaving an indelible mark on the world of physics and chemistry.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Scorpio Sun House 9 Aquarius Jupiter House 1 Scorpio Juno House 9
Pisces Moon House 2 Scorpio Saturn House 10 Sagittarius Ceres House 11
Sagittarius Mercury House 10 Cancer Uranus House 7 Cancer Vesta House 7
Scorpio Venus House 10 Aries Neptune House 2 Pisces Chiron House 2
Scorpio Mars House 10 Taurus Pluto House 3 Sagittarius pallas House 11

Charles Darwin INTP Aquarius
INTP according to:

6. Charles Darwin: INTP Aquarius

Born: February 12, 1809
The Mount House, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

As an INTP, Darwin used his powers of reason and imagination to make the intuitive leap that birthed his theory of evolution. With an Aquarius sun, Darwin’s intellectual pursuits were fueled by a deep sense of independence and a desire to challenge conventional wisdom. The influence of a Capricorn moon added a pragmatic touch to his emotional nature and may have also contributed to his willingness and capacity to spend years of isolation from civilization as he conducted his studies.

Sagittarius rising also denotes his adventurous approach to life. He forwent his conventional medical education in favor of studying little known organisms in remote parts of the world. His spirit of exploration and curiosity was evident and reflected through Darwin’s lifelong commitment to voyages and expeditions that shaped his revolutionary insights into the evolution of species.

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Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Aquarius Sun House 2 Pisces Jupiter House 3 Pisces Juno House 3
Capricorn Moon House 2 Sagittarius Saturn House 12 Pisces Ceres House 3
Pisces Mercury House 3 Scorpio Uranus House 11 Aries Vesta House 4
Aries Venus House 4 Sagittarius Neptune House 1 Aquarius Chiron House 2
Libra Mars House 10 Pisces Pluto House 3 Aquarius pallas House 3

Jesse Eisenberg INTP Libra
INTP according to:

7. Jesse Eisenberg: INTP Libra

Born: October 5, 1983, New York, NY

Jesse Eisenberg, the enigmatic actor and writer, shines with the harmonious glow of a Libra sun and moon. Known for his intellectual roles and distinctive style, Eisenberg embodies the essence of the charming and diplomatic Libra personality.

His Libra sun signifies a deep appreciation for beauty, balance, and artistic expression, evident in his diverse acting roles and literary pursuits. Eisenberg’s ability to navigate complex characters with grace and precision aligns with the Libra flair for nuanced understanding.

With a Libra moon, his emotional nature is attuned to the rhythms of harmony and cooperation. Eisenberg’s empathetic approach to storytelling and his commitment to socially relevant projects reflect the Libran ideals of justice and equality.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Libra Sun Sagittarius Jupiter Juno Juno
Libra Moon Scorpio Saturn Gemini Vesta
Virgo Mercury Sagittarius Uranus Gemini Chiron
Leo Venus Sagittarius Neptune Capricorn pallas
Virgo Mars Libra Pluto Aquarius Ceres

Richard Dawkins INTP Aries
INTP according to:

8. Richard Dawkins: INTP Aries

Evolutionary Biologist
Born: March 26, 1941
Nairobi, Kenya

Richard Dawkins, the eminent evolutionary biologist and outspoken advocate for scientific skepticism, bears the dynamic energy of an Aries sun and the imaginative depth of a Pisces moon. Known for his influential contributions to the understanding of evolution and his robust defense of scientific inquiry, Dawkins embodies the relentless spirit of Aries in his intellectual pursuits.

The Pisces moon adds a layer of intuition and compassion to Dawkins’ personality. This celestial placement suggests a sensitivity to the mysteries of existence and a deep well of empathy, which may not always be apparent in his public debates but can be seen in his broader reflections on the human experience.

As an INTP, Dawkins’ intellectual prowess and analytical mind contribute to his success in communicating complex scientific concepts. The combination of Aries sun, Pisces moon, and an INTP mindset creates a compelling blend of assertiveness, intuition, and intellectual rigor in this influential figure.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Aries Sun Taurus Jupiter Leo Juno
Pisces Moon Taurus Saturn Leo Vesta
Pisces Mercury Taurus Uranus Cancer Chiron
Pisces Venus Virgo Neptune Sagittarius pallas
Capricorn Mars Leo Pluto Capricorn Ceres

Abraham Lincoln INTP Aquarius
INTP according to:

9. Abraham Lincoln: INTP Aquarius

16th U.S. President
Born: February 12, 1809
Hodgenville, kY

Abraham Lincoln, the revered 16th President of the United States, is celebrated for his profound impact on American history, particularly for his leadership during the Civil War and the abolition of slavery. His legacy is etched in the Emancipation Proclamation and the preservation of the Union.

Lincoln, with an INTP personality, embodied the traits of an independent thinker. His Aquarius sun sign bestowed upon him a visionary and forward-thinking nature, aligning with his ability to navigate complex political landscapes. The Capricorn moon nestled in the 12th house hints at a reserved emotional depth, shielding a more sensitive and introspective side that wasn’t always evident in his public demeanor.

With Aquarius as his rising sign, Lincoln projected an air of intellectualism and humanitarianism, emphasizing the importance of equality and individual freedoms. This cosmic arrangement suggests a leader who, despite the weight of his responsibilities, retained a distinct sense of individuality and a commitment to progressive ideals. Lincoln’s astrological composition, a harmonious blend of pragmatism and visionary insight, mirrors the nuanced facets of his legendary presidency.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Aquarius Sun House 1 Pisces Jupiter House 1 Pisces Juno House 1
Capricorn Moon House 12 Sagittarius Saturn House 9 Aries Vesta House 2
Pisces Mercury House 1 Scorpio Uranus House 8 Pisces Ceres House 1
Aries Venus House 2 Sagittarius Neptune House 10 Aquarius Chiron House 12
Libra Mars House 8 Pisces Pluto House 1 Aquarius Pallas House 1
Aquarius Rising

Carl Jung INTP Leo
INTP according to:

10. Carl Jung: INTP Leo

Born: July 26, 1875
Kesswil, Switzerland

Carl Jung, the pioneering Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, embodies the creative and steadfast qualities of a Leo sun, the earthy sensibility of a Taurus moon, and the visionary spirit of an Aquarius rising. Interestingly, Jung married into wealth which is something well indicated by his 8th house Jupiter in Libra.

Jung, known for his groundbreaking theories on the collective unconscious, archetypes, and the introverted and extroverted personality types, is possibly an INTP according to although he is often typed as INFJ. The evidence for this comes directly from his own statements about himself which implicate him as either an ISTP or INTP.

The Taurus moon in Jung’s astrological profile suggests an inner world that is calm and reflective. Grounded, practical, and sensual, this moon placement hints at Jung’s deep connection to the material world and the importance he placed on the tangible aspects of life. It also suggests a patient and persevering approach to his work and studies.

With Aquarius rising, Jung adopts an open-minded and forward-thinking demeanor. This rising sign contributes to his ability to see beyond conventional boundaries and embrace unconventional ideas. At the same time, most of his placements are in fixed signs which hints at his sturdy and reliable character.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Leo Sun House 7 Libra Jupiter House 8 Leo Juno House 7
Taurus Moon House 3 Aquarius Saturn House 1 Leo Vesta House 7
Cancer Mercury House 6 Leo Uranus House 7 Aries Chiron House 2
Cancer Venus House 6 Taurus Neptune House 3 Leo pallas House 7
Sagittarius Mars House 11 Taurus Pluto House 3 Leo Ceres House 7

Tina Fey INTP Taurus
INTP according to:

11. Tina Fey: INTP Taurus

Born: May 18, 1970
Upper Darby, PA

Tina Fey, the brilliant mind behind countless laughs and the woman who brought us Liz Lemon from “30 Rock,” embodies the wit and charm of a Taurus sun, the diplomatic grace of a Libra moon, and the magnetic presence of a Leo rising.

Known for her razor-sharp humor and clever writing, Fey’s Taurus sun reflects her practical yet sensual approach to creativity. Her comedic genius is grounded in a steadfast determination and a knack for translating the tangible, everyday experiences into comedic gold.

With Leo rising, Fey steps onto the stage with an undeniable flair. The regal and magnetic energy associated with this rising sign amplifies her presence, making her a captivating figure in both comedic and professional settings. Fey’s ability to command attention and lead with confidence aligns with the bold and expressive qualities of Leo.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Taurus Sun House 10 Libra Jupiter House 4 Aries Juno House 9
Libra Moon House 4 Taurus Saturn House 10 Leo Vesta House 1
Taurus Mercury House 10 Libra Uranus House 3 Aries Chiron House 9
Gemini Venus House 11 Scorpio Neptune House 5 Pisces pallas House 8
Gemini Mars House 11 Virgo Pluto House 3 Aries Ceres House 9
Leo Rising

Larry Page INTP Aries
INTP according to:

12. Larry Page: INTP Aries

Co-founder of Google
Born: March 26, 1973
East Lansing, MI

Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, is a visionary force with an Aries sun and the strategic precision of a Capricorn moon. As an INTP, Page epitomizes the innovative and analytical traits associated with this personality type.

His Aries sun reflects a pioneering spirit, marked by an insatiable curiosity and a bold approach to technological advancement. Page’s contributions to the digital landscape showcase the assertiveness and initiative often linked to the Aries energy. His leadership has propelled Google to unprecedented heights, embodying the essence of the pioneering Ram.

With a Capricorn moon, Page brings a disciplined and pragmatic dimension to his personality. The strategic mindset associated with this moon sign aligns seamlessly with his role in shaping the trajectory of one of the most influential tech companies in the world. The moon in Capricorn suggests a reserved and goal-oriented nature, contributing to Page’s ability to navigate challenges with a firm determination.

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Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Aries Sun Aquarius Jupiter Sagittarius Juno
Capricorn Moon Gemini Saturn Gemini Vesta
Pisces Mercury Libra Uranus Aries Chiron
Aries Venus Sagittarius Neptune Scorpio pallas
Capricorn Mars Libra Pluto Sagittarius Ceres

Kristen Stewart INTP Aries
INTP according to:

13. Kristen Stewart: INTP Aries

Born: April 9, 1990
Los Angeles, CA

Kristen Stewart, the enigmatic actress renowned for her versatility and unconventional roles, embodies the essence of an INTP with an Aries sun, Libra moon, and Gemini rising. Although noticeably introverted and guarded, as an Aries sun, Stewart’s performances often showcase a pioneering approach, delving fearlessly into a diverse array of characters.

With Gemini rising, Stewart approaches life in a cerebral way. She may be often filled with nervous energy that propels her to verbalize, analyze and juggle multiple things at once. This rising sign enhances her adaptability and intellectual agility, allowing her to seamlessly transition between roles and genres. The Gemini rising influence is evident in her expressive and articulate communication style, both on and off the screen.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Aries Sun House 11 Cancer Jupiter House 1 Scorpio Juno House 6
Libra Moon House 5 Capricorn Saturn House 8 Aries Vesta House 11
Taurus Mercury House 12 Capricorn Uranus House 8 Cancer Chiron House 2
Pisces Venus House 10 Capricorn Neptune House 8 Taurus pallas House 12
Aquarius Mars House 10 Scorpio Pluto House 6 Cancer Ceres House 1
Gemini Rising

John Locke INTP Virgo
INTP according to:

14. John Locke: INTP Virgo

Born: August 29, 1632
Wrington, Somerset

John Locke, the eminent philosopher of the Enlightenment era, is recognized for his profound influence on political thought and epistemology. With a Virgo sun, Locke epitomizes precision, logic, and a systematic approach to philosophy. His groundbreaking work, especially “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding” and “Two Treatises of Government,” reflects the Virgoan emphasis on methodical reasoning and analytical inquiry. Locke’s commitment to empiricism, the idea that

knowledge is derived from sensory experience, echoes the practical and detail-oriented nature of the Virgo sun.
The Pisces moon adds a layer of empathy and intuition to Locke’s intellectual pursuits. Pisces, a sign known for its compassionate and imaginative qualities, infuses his philosophical ideas with a consideration for the human condition. Locke’s advocacy for natural rights and his emphasis on the importance of toleration may, in part, be attributed to the influence of his Piscean lunar energy.

As an INTP, Locke embodies the characteristic traits of this personality type – a penchant for independent thinking, a deep-seated curiosity, and a commitment to rational inquiry. His insistence on the importance of individual rights and the concept of a social contract align with the INTP’s inclination toward principled and abstract reasoning.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Virgo Sun Taurus Jupiter Libra Juno
Pisces Moon Scorpio Saturn Leo Vesta
Virgo Mercury Virgo Uranus Aries Chiron
Virgo Venus Scorpio Neptune Sagittarius pallas
Libra Mars Taurus Pluto Scorpio Ceres

Blaise Pascal INTP Gemini
INTP according to:

15. Blaise Pascal: INTP Gemini

Born: June 19, 1623
Clermont-Ferrand, France

Blaise Pascal, the brilliant mathematician, physicist, and inventor, is revered for his groundbreaking contributions to science and mathematics during the 17th century. As a Gemini, Pascal exhibited the characteristic traits of adaptability, curiosity, and a keen intellect. His pioneering work in probability theory, as exemplified in “Pascal’s Wager,” reflects the Gemini’s analytical and communicative prowess. His ability to convey complex mathematical concepts with clarity aligns with the mental strengths associated with this air sign.

The influence of a Pisces moon introduces an element of sensitivity, creativity, and intuition into Pascal’s intellectual pursuits. Pisces, known for its dreamy and imaginative qualities, may have contributed to Pascal’s ability to envision solutions beyond conventional mathematical boundaries. This lunar energy could have inspired his philosophical reflections, adding a touch of empathy to his logical reasoning.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Gemini Sun Leo Jupiter Virgo Juno
Pisces Moon Leo Saturn Pisces Vesta
Cancer Mercury Leo Uranus Pisces Chiron
Cancer Venus Libra Neptune Sagittarius pallas
Capricorn Mars Taurus Pluto Scorpio Ceres

Milton Friedman INTP Leo
INTP according to:

16. Milton Friedman: INTP Leo

Born: July 31, 1912
Brooklyn, NY

The influential economist and Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, left an indelible mark on the field of economics during the 20th century. Born under the dynamic influence of a Leo sun and a Pisces moon, Friedman’s astrological composition adds a touch of regality and intuitive depth to his formidable intellectual legacy.

As a Leo, Friedman exhibited the charismatic and assertive qualities associated with this fire sign. His advocacy for free-market principles and individual freedom reflected the Leo spirit of leadership and a desire for societal impact. The Leo sun contributed to Friedman’s ability to capture attention, command respect, and infuse his economic theories with a sense of authority.

The influence of a Pisces moon introduced an element of empathy, intuition, and creative insight into Friedman’s economic philosophy. Pisces, known for its compassionate and imaginative nature, may have played a role in his consideration of the broader societal implications of economic policies. This lunar energy could have contributed to Friedman’s ability to envision economic solutions that went beyond statistical models, acknowledging the human dimension of his theories.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Leo Sun Sagittarius Jupiter Sagittarius Juno
Pisces Moon Gemini Saturn Virgo Vesta
Virgo Mercury Aquarius Uranus Pisces Chiron
Leo Venus Cancer Neptune Leo pallas
Virgo Mars Gemini Pluto Virgo Ceres

Rene Descartes INTP Aries
INTP according to:

17. Rene Descartes: INTP Aries

Born: March 31, 1596
Descartes, France

Rene Descartes, the eminent philosopher, mathematician, and father of modern Western philosophy, stands as a pillar of intellectual thought. With the assertive energy of an Aries sun, Descartes displayed a pioneering spirit and an unwavering commitment to intellectual exploration. His groundbreaking statement “Cogito, ergo sum” (“I think, therefore I am”) encapsulates Aries determination to establish self-awareness through individual thought. This sun sign is consistent with Descartes’ courage to challenge established doctrines and carve a path for new philosophical approaches.

The grounding influence of a Taurus moon added a touch of pragmatism, perseverance, and sensuality to Descartes’ personality. While he navigated the abstract realms of philosophy and mathematics, the Taurus moon bestowed upon him a practical mindset, enabling him to anchor his ideas in tangible concepts. This lunar placement likely contributed to his meticulous approach to inquiry and the systematic development of his philosophical system.

Descartes’ Capricorn rising further fortified his intellectual prowess with a sense of discipline, responsibility, and a structured approach to his work. Capricorn’s influence on the ascendant signified a commitment to achieving enduring significance in the intellectual landscape, aligning with the cardinal earth sign’s desire for long-lasting impact.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Aries Sun House 3 Aries Jupiter House 3 Cancer Juno House 6
Taurus Moon House 3 Virgo Saturn House 8 Cancer Vesta House 7
Aries Mercury House 3 Aries Uranus House 3 Gemini Chiron House 5
Taurus Venus House 3 Leo Neptune House 7 Aquarius pallas House 1
Gemini Mars House 6 Aries Pluto House 3 Capricorn Ceres House 1
Capricorn Rising

Friedrich Hayek INTP Taurus
INTP according to:

18. Friedrich Hayek: INTP Taurus

Born: May 8, 1899
Vienna, Austria

Friedrich Hayek, the Austrian-born economist and Nobel laureate, was born with both the sun and moon in the steadfast sign of Taurus, Hayek’s Taurus sun signifies a grounded and practical nature, traits that manifested in his approach to economic theory and political philosophy. His ideas, notably his defense of classical liberal principles and the free-market system, reflected the stability and enduring quality often associated with Taurus.

Like the persistent bull, Hayek exhibited determination and resilience in his commitment to individual freedom and the limitations of centralized planning. With a Taurus moon, Hayek’s emotional disposition was characterized by a need for security, comfort, and tangible results. This lunar placement likely contributed to his pragmatic approach to economic and social issues. Hayek’s advocacy for the decentralization of economic decision-making and his skepticism toward central planning aligned with the Taurus moon’s inclination toward practicality and a preference for tried-and-true methods.

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Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Taurus Sun Scorpio Jupiter Sagittarius Juno
Taurus Moon Sagittarius Saturn Pisces Vesta
Aries Mercury ]Sagittarius Uranus Sagittarius Chiron
Aries Venus Gemini Neptune Libra pallas
Leo Mars Gemini Pluto Scorpio Ceres

Immanel Kant INTP Taurus
INTP according to:

19. Immanuel Kant: INTP Taurus

Born: April 22, 1724
Konigsberg, Germany

This German philosopher of the Enlightenment era, made great strides in the realms of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. Born with a Taurus sun, Aries moon, and Taurus rising, Kant’s personality and intellectual contributions were shaped by a unique blend of earthy practicality, fiery determination, and a steadfast approach to his philosophical inquiries.

Kant’s Taurus sun signifies a grounded and pragmatic nature, influencing the practicality and enduring qualities present in his philosophical system. Known for his systematic and structured approach, Kant’s Taurus sun contributed to his commitment to foundational principles and the meticulous development of his philosophical framework.

With an Aries moon, Kant’s emotional disposition bore the assertiveness, determination, and intellectual independence typical of this fire sign. His Aries moon fueled the pioneering spirit that characterized his groundbreaking works, such as “Critique of Pure Reason” and “Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals.” Kant’s emotional need for autonomy and intellectual exploration aligned with the Aries moon’s inclination toward self-expression and individualism.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Taurus Sun House 12 Aquarius Jupiter House 11 Scorpio Juno House 7
Aries Moon House 12 Capricorn Saturn House 9 Sagittarius Vesta House 9
Aries Mercury House 12 Scorpio Uranus House 6 Aries Chiron House 12
Gemini Venus House 2 Taurus Neptune House 1 Scorpio pallas House 7
Cancer Mars House 4 Virgo Pluto House 6 Libra Ceres House 6
Taurus Rising

David Cronenberg INTP Pisces
INTP according to:

20. David Cronenberg: INTP Pisces

Born: March 15, 1943
Toronto, Canada

Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, possesses a distinct astrological composition with a Pisces sun and Cancer moon, creating a personality that blends imaginative fluidity with emotional depth. Cronenberg’s Pisces sun reflects a creative and visionary spirit. Known for his groundbreaking work in the horror and science fiction genres, he brings a dreamlike quality to his films, exploring the surreal and pushing the boundaries of conventional storytelling. The Pisces sun imbues him with a sensitivity to the intangible, allowing him to tap into the collective unconscious and create films that resonate on profound emotional levels.

With a Cancer moon, Cronenberg’s emotional world is deeply nuanced. Cancer moons are associated with nurturing and empathy, and these qualities manifest in his filmmaking, where he delves into the intricacies of human psychology and emotions. The Cancer moon also contributes to his ability to create intense and intimate connections with his audience, as his films often explore the vulnerability and fragility of the human experience.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Pisces Sun Cancer Jupiter Capricorn Juno
Cancer Moon Gemini Saturn Aries Vesta
Cancer Mercury Gemini Uranus Leo Chiron
Aries Venus Libra Neptune Pisces pallas
Aquarius Mars Leo Pluto Aries Ceres

Larry David INTP Cancer
INTP according to:

21. Larry David: INTP Cancer

Born: July 2, 1947
Brooklyn, NY

Larry David, the comedic genius behind “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and co-creator of “Seinfeld,” embodies the distinctive traits of an INTP with a Cancer sun and Capricorn moon, creating a relatable blend of analytical wit and emotional depth. David’s humor is characterized by his sharp intellect and a penchant for dissecting social norms. His observational comedy, often presented with a deadpan delivery, reflects the hallmark traits of an INTP mind — analytical, independent, and unapologetically authentic.

His comedic brilliance lies in an ability to expose the absurdities of everyday life through a lens of rational scrutiny. The Capricorn moon adds a layer of discipline and ambition to David’s personality. Capricorn moons are driven by a desire for achievement and success, and David’s career trajectory — from stand-up comedy to creating two of the most iconic sitcoms in television history — exemplifies this ambitious lunar influence. His comedic pursuits are not just about laughs but also about pushing creative boundaries and leaving a lasting impact on the world of entertainment.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Cancer Sun Scorpio Jupiter Sagittarius Juno
Capricorn Moon Leo Saturn Gemini Vesta
Cancer Mercury Gemini Uranus Scorpio Chiron
Gemini Venus Libra Neptune Pisces pallas
Gemini Mars Leo Pluto Aries Ceres

Aldous Huxley INTP Leo
INTP according to:

22. Aldous Huxley: INTP Leo

Born: July 26, 1894
Godalming, UK

Aldous Huxley, the visionary author of “Brave New World,” personifies the intellectual depth and imaginative prowess inherent in an INTP. As this personality type, Huxley’s mind was a crucible of innovative ideas, exploring the intersection of science, philosophy, and societal structures. His works, characterized by their intellectual rigor and speculative futurism, exemplify the INTP’s penchant for pushing the boundaries of conventional thought.

As a Leo Sun, Huxley would benefit from an inherent touch of creative brilliance. Leos are known for their dramatic flair and a desire to leave an indelible mark on the world. Huxley’s ability to craft narratives that transcend time and challenge societal norms reflects the radiant creativity associated with a Leo sun.

The Taurus moon introduces a stabilizing influence, grounding Huxley’s emotional realm in practicality and sensuality. Taurus moons seek comfort and security, and Huxley’s exploration of utopian and dystopian themes often delved into the emotional ramifications of societal structures on individuals, reflecting his Taurus lunar sensibilities.

With Gemini rising, Huxley wore the mask of a versatile and communicative intellect. Gemini rising individuals are often adept at expressing complex ideas with clarity, and Huxley’s ability to articulate profound concepts in accessible language is a testament to this rising sign’s influence. His public persona exuded curiosity, adaptability, and a genuine interest in engaging with diverse perspectives.

Personal Placements Transpersonal Planets Asteroids
Leo Sun House 3 Gemini Jupiter House 1 Scorpio Juno House 6
Taurus Moon House 11 Libra Saturn House 5 Libra Vesta House 5
Cancer Mercury House 2 Scorpio Uranus House 6 Virgo Chiron House 4
Cancer Venus House 1 Gemini Neptune House 12 Virgo pallas House 5
Aries Mars House 11 Gemini Pluto House 12 Libra Ceres House 5


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