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How To Attract Each Zodiac Sign

zodiac sign attraction

Aries – Let them know how much you admire them. They feed on your amusement so stroke their ego and indulge them if they try to impress you. Just don’t overdo it because they can easily spot insincerity.

Taurus – With Taurus, you may need to take the initiative. They respond well to humor and subtle physical touch. Presentation and first impressions will make a strong impact on them. Having money and resources will pique their interest, but if you can make them feel comfortable and titillated, then you’ll really have their attention.

Gemini – Intelligence is very attractive to Geminis. They are often drawn to people who seem very knowledgeable or skilled in some area or another. They are also attracted to people who might be an asset to them on a social level. If you can teach them things and provide stimulating banter, it will definitely impress them.

Cancer – Cancers tend to keep their guard up due to their emotional vulnerabilities. With that in mind, you can often break through that barrier by letting them know that their feelings are in good hands. Cancers are protective of others but they are also attracted to people who will cherish and protect them unconditionally as well.

Leo – When it comes to Leos, spare no expense. Flattery will get you far but not all the way. Receiving attention and admiration is an aphrodesiac to them and can get them to like you almost instantly. Don’t try to impress them or call too much attention to yourself as they don’t like to feel they are being overshadowed or outshined. If you lavish them with attention and praise, they will be more than generous in returning the favor.

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Virgo – Virgos are generally attracted to people who look healthy and have a good head on their shoulders. They aren’t interested in dum dums or superficial narcissists. They are drawn to individuals who are stable, both mentally and financially. Although arrogance and egotism is a turnoff for them, they hold admiration for genuine aptitude and fine physical attributes.

Libra – Librans are attracted to classy individuals so it helps if you dress to impress. They want to be proud to be seen with their partner when they go out in public. Libras can be superficial to some degree, but they do appreciate individuals who share their good taste. Moreover, they enjoy romantic gestures and so any attempt at wooing them with flowers or flirtatious innuendos will likely stoke their interest.

Scorpio – It is best to be authentic and sincere when approaching Scorpios because they are quick to detect fakeness and will shut you down in short order. Scorpios are often attracted to people that are somewhat submissive or willing to defer to them. Thus, aggressive approaches are not likely to work on them. The best bet is to be as attractive as possible and invite them to flirt with you.

Sagittarius – Sagittarians are suckers for good conversation. They enjoy light hearted banter on a broad range of topics. For them, politics and intellectual discourse can be foreplay. To pique their interest, ask them for their take on current news events and books they’ve read.

Capricorn – Capricorns are generally attracted to people they want to take care of and provide for. They are drawn to people who are aligned with their core values and long term goals. Capricorns gravitate to people they think will stick by their side through thick and thin and help them build the life they are working to create.

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Aquarius – Aquarians are attracted to an element of novelty and so anything you can do to stand out can potentially pique their interest. People who have a loose casual vibe are what appeal to them most. They are repelled by controlling and clingy and people. Indulge them on their intellectual interests and through casual friendly discourse, and they will likely take a liking to you.

Pisces – Pisces people are subconsciously attracted to more forceful and assertive types. They tend to be drawn to individuals who carry themselves with a bit more certainty and clarity of purpose. Acts of kindness can melt their heart and they tend to appreciate romantic overtures and attempts at being their fantasy come true.

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