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7th House: The House of Relationships

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7th House: The House of Relationships

Mode: Angular (Cardinal) Air
Planetary Dignity: Venus/Libra

The 7th house is the house of Partnerships and relationships. It is about our relations to others especially with regards to one-on-one intimates and personal connections. This can extend to business Partnerships and romantic relationships but also encompasses contracts, lawyers and counselors. The 7th house is an angular house also known as The Descendant which stands opposite of the first house known as the ascendant. Since the first house represents the outer self and public persona that others view us as, the descendant or 7th house represents what can be considered the Shadow Self. This is not a shadow in the negative sense but rather the lesser sense of self that subordinates itself to allow the inclusion of a significant other who shares importance.

The 7th house corresponds to Libra and its planetary ruler, Venus. This house governs the intimate bonds we share with our significant others. It represents marriage and long-term relationships both platonic and romantic. The 7th house also represents what could be considered an alter ego or secondary version of ourselves that we present depending on the company we keep. We sometimes modify our self-presentation in order to better get along with or appeal to some one we seek to impress or ingratiate ourselves with. The 7th house relates to long-term relationships as opposed to the short-term flings associated with the 5th house. This is the house of Union and, with another soul.

The 7th house governs the nature of how we commit ourselves to others with regards to marriage and contractual agreements. It’s defines the nature of how we adapt and settle into shared environments and intimate spaces with another person. The planetary placements and aspects that occupy this house will determine for the most part, how harmonious and congenial our relations with others can be or how contentious they can be. It can reveal how obsequious and eager-to-please we are or how obstinent and bull-headed we tend to be about getting our way. The 7th house is about compromise and negotiations necessary for striking a deal and creating a mutually beneficial arrangement that both sides can be happy with.

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Additionally, the 7th house also deals with competitors and those who stand in opposition to ourselves. Competing for shared resources and common goals. It’s describes or indicates something about how we draw strength and security from other people. The planetary placements and aspects of the 7th house can indicate something about how independent or codependent we are in our relationships. How much validation we seek from others versus how much support and encouragement we give to others.

Are we more “self” oriented or “other” oriented. The 7th house represents the shared self that extends the same considerations and protections normally reserved for the preservation of the ego and it’s self-interests. The seventh House deals with the one-to-one relationship as opposed to the more General and broader associations of the 11th house. Here, what is highlighted is the sacred bond between two people or otherwise small groups of people who are bound by an oath of loyalty to one another. It is about our obligations to other people and the Partnerships and contractual agreements that we form with another entity. When we enter into such contracts, we are duty-bound to respect and honor the stipulations and obligations outlined in our agreements. We provide mutually beneficial value to others that is reciprocal in nature.

Through this physical and intellectual union we are able to extend our abilities and potential that is also enjoyed by others on the receiving end of our commitment. The planets that occupy the 7th house in the aspects they form will determine the nature of how an individual behaves in a committed relationship. Those who have I can break and break your Mars in their 7th house are therefore bound to be passionate in their devotion but also possessive at times. The 7th house defines how we come together with another person to achieve a common purpose. This coalition is formed for utilitarian purposes but also emotional and spiritual gratification. It is the need to connect and share our lives with another and avoid the pain of loneliness and isolation. 

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This house concerns our ability to compromise and sacrifice some of our own self interests for the sake of another. It represents our sense of value through The eyes of another and also how that value is augmented or enhanced by our affiliation and relationship with another person. This house is also helpful in discerning what types of partners are best suited for us. A woman with Mars in the 7th house for example is likely to be attracted to a partner who is forceful and masculine. With Venus in the 7th house, that same woman may prefer a more refined and genteel partner who is more affectionate and sensual as well as physically attractive.

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