mars in the 3rd

Mars in the 3rd House – Impassioned Communicator

MARS IN HOUSE THREE Mars in the 3rd house confers a forceful and pugnacious style of communication and plenty of mental energy and forthright self-expression. In astrology, the planet Mars symbolizes energy, passion, aggression, and fighting spirit. When Mars occupies are transits the third house, it brings about more assertiveness in the area of communication…
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venus in the 3rd house

Venus in the 3rd House – Charismatic Communication

VENUS IN HOUSE THREE Venus in the 3rd house fosters harmonizing effects in the area of communication and interpersonal dynamics. In astrology, the planet Venus represents love, romance, art, and beauty among other things. When Venus graces the third house, the result is a harmonious way with words and eloquence. The 3rd house, which governs…
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