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Mercury in the 12 house – Abstract Thinker

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Mercury in House Twelve

Mercury in the 12th House Overview:

Mercury in the 12th house is a placement that can bring about an intellectual interest in analyzing and learning about esoteric studies and spiritual knowledge. Dream analysis and investigative journalism especially within the areas of life that receive the least amount of public attention and visibility. As the planet of the rational mind, communication and information, Mercury’s energy will be somewhat out of sorts in the 12th house also known as the House of self-undoing and secrets.

The 12th house represents the realm of abstract, supernatural and spiritual matters. Mercury in the 12th house can bring about a rather sneaky and wily individual who has the capacity for deception and subterfuge. In the 12th house, mercury’s perception and handling of the truth and facts can get twisted and distorted. Those who have this in their charts or experience it as a Transit may have a penchant for bending the truth and forming a highly subjective interpretation of reality and facts. Here now is a look at Mercury in the 12th house and how it manifests as both a natal chart placement and Transit.

Mercury in the 12th House key Traits: delusional, self-deception, irrationality, creative thinking, inuitive, detailed imagination, active fantasy world, unrealistic, awareness of possibilities.

The 12th House:

The 12th house in astrology is known as the house of secrets. It is associated with karma and metaphysics in general. In addition to that, it is connected with self-delusion, escapism, self destruction, bondage, hidden enemies, hospitals, prisons, monasteries and other places that involve seclusion. The twelfth house is ruled by Neptune and is thus connected with the dissolution of the ego for the purpose of transcendence, spiritual maturation and reincarnation. It deals with mystic intuitions and healing with regards to psychological health rather than physical.The planets that occupy the 12th house are said to indicate something about what specific areas of growth the individual has undergone in a past life or needs to undergo in their current one.

The Planet Mercury:

In astrology, Mercury is a very important planet and essentially represents the intellectual mind, the way we think and communicate. It is the fastest planet in our solar system and also the smallest and closest to the sun. It is named after the ancient Roman’s mythical messenger of the gods. Mercury signifies our rational side, our use of language and our ability to think on our feet, solving problems or processing information. Where Mercury is placed within a chart can indicate something about the style and form of communication an individual is likely to display or prefer.

When Mercury is afflicted or blocked in some way, it can give rise to willful ignorance, cognitive dissonance, misinformation, propaganda, unsound thinking and anger based on misconceptions. Wherever Mercury is placed, will signify the manner of intellectual interest or mental activity associated with that area. In the sign of Leo for example, it can indicate someone who is more fixed in their thinking and may be somewhat intellectually pompous. At the same time, they may have a flare for communication that makes them very captivating and dramatic speakers.

Mercury in the 12th House Natal:

Having mercury in the 12th House of the birth chart indicates an individual who is imaginative in their thinking but also subject to irrational and delusional perspectives. People with mercury in house 12 have the capacity to rationalize or convince themselves of anything they want to believe. They have a penchant for analyzing and interpreting abstract meanings. They are metaphorical thinkers and their dreams often provide the source material and inspiration for insights and revelations. Individuals who have mercury in the 12th house may also be subject to thinking that is self-sabotaging and unrealistic. They can get themselves into trouble because of unsound notions or beliefs that are not anchored In reality.

They may have a propensity for losing items or not adhering to schedules and appointments. Their thinking tends to be more impressionistic rather than detailed and concrete. Additionally, superstitious ideas and concern about karma may dictate what they choose to do and don’t do. They tend to withhold a lot of their opinions and thoughts and avoid subjecting themselves to other people’s scrutiny. Having mercury in the 12th house can sometimes indicate the potential for mental illness or mental disorders. There may be a distorted sense of logic and dissonance in thoughts and perspectives that are not based on empirical fact or truth. they may be inclined to attempt rationalizing things that are irrational such as conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated ideas about the universe and the nature of reality itself.

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Mercury in the 12th House Transit:

When Mercury transits the 12th house, there may be a disinclination to speak and express one’s thoughts and opinions. Making decisions and discerning what’s true and what’s not may become more difficult. Your reasoning and perspective may be clouded by notions of possibilities that may or may not be realistic. You may feel doubts about your decisions and become more susceptible to delusional thinking and rationale. You become more interested in thinking about fantasy than the real world. Your use of language may lean towards the more abstract and figurative rather than concrete and literal.

You may feel hard-pressed to take a hard stance or position on any issue and feel everything is subject to relativity and subjective perception. On the other hand, you may function well as a confidante and others may feel comfortable coming to you for some type of insight that speaks to them on a more spiritual and emotional level. Pseudoscience and mysticism holds more interest to you during a Mercury in the 12th house Transit. Whether or not you get fully roped into it is another question, but doing this period you will feel a little bit more curious and open to concepts that are outlandish but intriguing.

Mercury in the 12th House in Each Astrology Sign:

Mercury in the 12th House in Aries – In the sign of Aries, mercury in the 12th house can manifest as a more aggressive intellectual curiosity and a penchant for leaping to conclusions. People who have mercury in the 12th house in Aries are off to nosy and driven to get to the bottom of things. They like to fancy themselves as being possessors of hidden knowledge that only a privileged few can obtain either due to their personal sense of perceptiveness or because of the Inner circles they have access to.

Mercury in the 12th House in Taurus – With Mercury in the 12th house in Taurus, such a configuration would conceivably foster a rather quiet individual who observes much but reveals little. They tend to trust their perceptions and interpretations and can be very hard to persuade from their views. They would like to think themselves as being a very fact-based and empirical thinker but sometimes their conclusions can seem out of touch with reality and more influenced by subconscious fears and fantasies.

Mercury in the 12th House in Gemini – With Mercury in the 12th house in Gemini there is bound to be a penchant for intellectualizing a lot of pseudo-scientific and spiritual subject matter. People with this placement may seek spiritual studies as a form of solace and an antidote to their sometimes high-strung in neurotic nature. They love to discuss esoteric ideas and abstract subject matter that deal with spiritual awakening and connection with divinity in higher powers. Such individuals may be drawn to vocations in preaching or seek guidance from spiritual gurus.

Mercury in the 12th House in Cancer – Mercury in the 12th house in cancer is a configuration that can produce an individual who has a special affinity and sensitivity to things that are not seen or experienced physically. They have a curiosity for understanding and articulating with words the spiritual realm and peeling away the superficial exterior of reality that interferes with deeper and more spiritually meaningful enlightenment. For them, they find emotional contentment and wholeness through the exploration of deeper universal truths and attempting to connect themselves with the broader collective unconscious that unites us all as part of the human family.

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Mercury in the 12th House in Leo – Mercury in the 12th house in Leo is a placement that fosters a penchant for showcasing or presenting oneself as being knowledgeable and enlightened. People with this placement can get fired up when it comes to exploring and discussing ideas and concepts of a metaphysical and esoteric nature. They tend to be drawn to conspiracies and theories that are sometimes boldly unsubstantiated by facts. They can be very passionate and persuasive even when they’re being deceptive or delusional. Can be very creative and convincing liars but are able to use their imagination to construct attractive and elaborate messages and meanings that speak to the heart and soul.

Mercury in the 12th House in Virgo – Mercury in the 12th house in Virgo is a placements that brings about a penchant for doing a lot of research and information gathering with regards to headed and esoteric matters. They are inclined to look to alternative forms of nutrition and holistic treatments for improving themselves and their health. They like to read and dig up a lot of information that seems to be deliberately concealed from the mainstream due to bureaucratic censorship of information that would interfere with their self-serving and profiteering agendas.

Mercury in the 12th House in Libra – Mercury in the 12th house in Libra may bring about an individual who tends to stand in the middle ground with regards to issues and perspectives that fall outside of the acceptable Norm. They are very conversational and amenable to unusual and esoteric concepts. At the same time they can be very charming liars if they become so inclined to engage in deception and connivery. They can become very adept at manipulating people’s perceptions and pushing all the right buttons to elicit the response they’re looking for

Mercury in the 12th House in Scorpio – Mercury in the 12th house in Scorpio is a placement that may produce an individual who thinks deeply and is inclined to ponder matters of deep existential significance. They’re interested in under understanding the secrets about life and also harness their own spiritual power. In the sign of Scorpio, mercury in the 12th House may manifest deep psychological insights coupled with powers of intuition that can produce epiphanies especially through their dreams. They enjoy interpreting meanings and untangling abstract puzzles and images they believe hold valuable nuggets of wisdom and truth

Mercury in the 12th House in Sagittarius – In the sign of sagittarius, mercury in the 12th house can foster strong insights into the philosophical significance and connections that govern our physical existence. The laws of the universe and nature are topics from which they derive great pleasure and gratification in exploring. People with their mercury in the 12th house in Sagittarius are therefore highly disposed towards the gathering and distribution of information of the most profound and spiritual variety. They are compelled to learn and also teach because they desire to enlighten the world through better ideas and spiritual wisdom.

Mercury in the 12th House in Capricorn – Mercury in the 12th house in Capricorn, there will be a practical agenda behind the interest in hidden knowledge and spiritual wisdom. People with this placement often develop some type of authority and expertise as a writer and author of books on the topic of metaphysics and mysticism. They may also work in or around the industry of spiritual studies, metaphysics, mental health and also prison. These individuals take seriously their thoughts and ideas on knowledge and wisdom beyond that of the physical realm.

Mercury in the 12th House in Aquarius – Mercury in the 12th house in Aquarius is a configuration that may produce a penchant for unusual and sometimes bizarre ideas about concepts that are more theoretical than factual. People with this placement may be drawn to metaphysics out of intellectual curiosity and a desire to tap into something that is not mainstream or common knowledge. They enjoy becoming experts in subjects that few others are and they can be very strong in their views even if they are founded on not so solid grounding. Additionally, they are often drawn to people who share their taste for the occult and hidden knowledge. They like feeling like an Insider or someone privileged with valuable insights that have tremendous significance.

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Mercury in the 12th House in Pisces – Mercury in the 12th house in Pisces is a placement that fosters an intellectual but sensitive concern about deeper truths and meanings. Mental health is highlighted with this configuration and it is important that such individuals take care not to get carried away with escapist ideas and delusions that lead to dissociation and detachment from reality. They can be attracted to metaphysical concepts and ideas that resonate with them on an emotional level. They are deeply imaginative and can be sometimes remarkable in their ability to articulate deeply intuitive notions that are hard to put into words.

Mercury in the 12th House Celebrities:

Madonna (August 16th, 1958) mercury in the 12th house in Virgo
Beyoncé Knowles (September 4th, 1981) mercury in the 12th house in Libra
Vladimir Putin (October 7th, 1952) mercury in the 12th house in Libra
Freddie Mercury (September 5, 1946) mercury in the 12th house in Virgo
Heath Ledger (April 4th, 1979) mercury in the 12th house in Pisces
Kristen Stewart (April 9th, 1990) mercury in the 12th house in Taurus
Robert Pattinson (May 13th, 1986) mercury in the 12th house in Taurus
14th Dalai Lama (July 6th, 1935) mercury in the 12th house in Gemini
Bruce Lee (November 27th, 1940) Mercury and the 12th house in Scorpio
Adele (singer) (May 5, 1988) mercury in the 12th house in Gemini
Demi Lovato (August 20th, 1992) mercury in the 12th house in Leo
Alyssa Milano (December 19th, 1972) mercury in the 12th house in Sagittarius
Charlize Theron(August 7th, 1975) mercury in the 12th house in the world
Avril Lavigne (September 27th, 1984) mercury in the 12th house in Virgo
Julien Courbet (February 7th, 1965) mercury in the 12th house in Aquarius

mercury in 12th house pinterest

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