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Neptune in the 2nd House – Abstract Values

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Neptune in House Two

Neptune in the 2nd House Overview:

Neptune in the 2nd house represents a detachment from carnal, and materialistic values. It emphasizes a focus on acts of giving and using resources for the greater good of humanity. In the 2nd house, Neptune brings on a dissolution of personal attachment to material objects. It fosters less importance on earthly possessions and highlights a stronger emphasis on love that money can’t buy. Moreover, Neptune in house 2 represents a lack of practical money handling skills. They may harbor a sometimes unrealistic attitude and naivete about finances that can sometimes lead to some self-undoing. Laziness and gullibility can play a part in this. They however, may harbor altruistic and charitable aims to use money and resources for the benefit of others. When it comes to the acquisition of objects, they are more interested in the aesthetic value than the monetary value. Here is a look at Neptune in the 2nd house and what it means as both a transit and natal chart placement.

Neptune in the 2nd House key Traits:

  • non-materialistic
  • charitable
  • financially undisciplined
  • unrealistic expectations about money
  • scams
  • art appreciation
  • compassionate values

The 2nd House:

The 2nd house in astrology is known as the house of possessions. This house corresponds to the sign of Taurus and its ruler Venus. This is the house of our values and material possessions. It represents our finances and economic status. It is about the things we own and value in this world. Having the sun in the 2nd house for example, may indicate a person who takes pride in their possessions and maybe uses money and material resources as a source of validation and self worth. The planets and signs that occupy this house can indicate something about what we need or desire to feel comfortable and happy. It also shows in what ways we are likely able to attract money, good luck and prosperity.

The Planet Neptune:

In astrology, the planet Neptune is regarded as the great Dissolver. The object of dissolution is the ego and the preoccupation with selfish pursuits. Neptune is the planet of mysticism and spiritual awakening. Its influence brings our attention to higher ideals and stimulates our capacity to dream and imagine possibilities. In contrast to Saturn, Neptune is detached from reality and can even be in denial of it. Accepting a bitter or inconvenient truth can be difficult for Neptune to stomach or come to grips with directly. Neptune provides self healing through escapism and faith in things unseen and only intuitively felt.

Neptune in the 2nd House Natal:

Neptune in the 2nd house is a placement that fosters a limited desire to acquire material possessions. These individuals focus more on the moral values surrounding the management of possessions such as sharing and donating. Neptune promotes a greater degree of selflessness that can lead the individual to have an easy come easy go attitude about what they have. They tend not to cultivate an emotional attachment to money and objects, at least not for their own personal gain. They value money and other material things more as a means of alleviating suffering both in themselves and others.

People with this placement may be compelled to do generous acts and use their resources for the benefit of others. Neptune in the 2nd house can indicate a capacity for acquiring money through means that involve creativity and humane and selfless acts. Spiritual wealth is of more interest to them but money can also afford them some degree of peace and security which is also important to them. Sometimes, the lack of drive to get money can cause these individuals to end up with financial problems. In the worst case scenario, they could resort to connivery and deceitful means of acquiring funds if they become desperate and dire straits.

Regardless, money itself will not be the key to their happiness but simply a tool and means of sustaining their real world needs. Money management skills may take work for them to develop and they might benefit greatly from following the advice of someone who is more responsible and structured with their finances. Neptune can contribute to misguided and ill advised spending. They should be careful not to be swayed or pressured into deals and purchases by pushy and persuasive salespeople. When the individual uses money to help others, it will usually have a positive karmic reward for them.

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They may be tempted to use money to finance unrealistic ideas and enterprises unlikely to pan out. Despite the lack of attachment to the material world, Neptune in the 2nd can nonetheless cause disillusionments about money and material gains. These individuals can often run the risk of getting the short end of a stick in business dealings due to naivete and a lack of analytical attention to details and stipulations. Furthermore, these individuals may very well fantasize about being wealthy and having everything they want, but ultimately lack the practical financial acumen for attaining it.

In the 2nd house, Neptune can indicate the ability to earn money by taking advantage of the power of their imagination. They could have the makings of an artist or harbor a number of ideas that with the right coaching and guidance, be turned into profitable business opportunities. Anything creative could become their bread and butter but they may also be drawn towards ecclesiastical means of making money.

On a spiritual note, Neptune in the 2nd house may highlight a stronger moral concern over the disparity between the rich and the poor. They may seek to ponder over and extract wisdom and insight about what is truly important in life and how to be content with what they have. They are likely to hold special compassion for those who suffer from impecunity and desire to be a person who is able to use their resources to help alleviate the suffering of others.

Neptune in the 2nd House Transit:

When Neptune transits the 2nd house, it may diminish earthly appetites and lust for material possessions. While transiting the 2nd house, Neptune highlights awareness over the true value of things. It calls attention to the transient and fleeting nature of what we possess and inspires us to put that in perspective. Furthermore, this transit can bring out a more charitable spirit and a desire to give rather than receive. At this time, we may seek to use our time and resources for purposes that are not self-serving. We may seek to serve others by giving things away for free or loaning money without expecting it to be returned any time soon. On the other hand Neptune transiting the 2nd house can render confusion and mishandling of money. During this period, financial issues stemming from getting scammed or bamboozled in some are more likely. Money can also slip away due to self-destructive habits and addictions.

Neptune in the 2nd House in Each Zodiac Sign:

Neptune in the 2nd house in Aries – In the sign of Aries, Neptune in the 2nd house can signal a lack of propriety and discipline in handling money. People with this placement may be prone to impulse buying and a reluctance to keep close tabs on budget along the way. Because of this, they can often be in for unexpected surprises when they run out of funds or overspend. They may need to rely on the charity of more fiscally responsible patrons to occasionally bail them out of money problems of their doing.

Neptune in the 2nd house in Taurus – In the sign of Taurus, Neptune in the 2nd house is a placement that begets a less materialistic but moderately responsible nature with money. These individuals are inclined to value things like time and health as a more precious resource than things typically associated with luxury and decadence. Furthermore, Neptune in the 2nd house can foster a desire to share more and take joy in the act of giving and donating to others. They work hard to build karmic and spiritual wealth and communion with others.

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Neptune in the 2nd house in Gemini – In the sign of Gemini, Neptune in the 2nd house may highlight a focus on intellectual property and the possession of ideas more than the possession of objects. At the same time, they may be interested in the exchange of intellectual resources and making ideas and information available to others. People with this placement are inclined to be very liberal and non-materialistic in their values.

Neptune in the 2nd house in Cancer – In the sign of Cancer, Neptune in the 2nd house brings about greater tentativeness and caution about money spent. They try to conserve resources and be financially smart because of an inherent fear of poverty. They can sometimes get disillusioned about what they actually need and sometimes hold onto things that are not actually important. People with this placement can often form attachments to possessions associated with fantasy and sentimental or mystical significance.

Neptune in the 2nd house in Leo – In the sign of Leo, Neptune in the 2nd house is a placement that yields a penchant for possessing sparkling tokens of the arts and humanities. These individuals love to collect objects related to their fandom and show them off proudly. They identify to some degree with things they own and use them as part of their self expression. People with this placement can often fantasize about things that they want and may have a penchant for spending money that they do not have. They however may be quite generous and inclined to give liberally.

Neptune in the 2nd house in Virgo – In the sign of Virgo, Neptune in the 2nd house is a placement that engenders an emphasis on objects that promote health and wellbeing. These individuals tend to place special value and importance on having things that support their ability to aid and nurture both themselves and the people they care about. Furthermore, they may have an altruistic desire for administering aid on a larger scale. In a psychic-like way, they can be very intuitive about identifying people’s needs both physical and emotional.

Neptune in the 2nd house in Libra – In the sign of Libra, Neptune in the 2nd house represents an affinity for objects of romantic and interpersonal significance. They have refined and subtle tastes with an aversion to gaudy and pretentious displays of wealth or opulence. They have a very fine and artful sense for what looks nice and may have a knack for design. Additionally, people with this placement may have an emphasis on acquiring things that they believe will make other people comfortable and happy.

Neptune in the 2nd house in Scorpio – In the sign of Scorpio, Neptune in the 2nd house brings about an intense and passionate drive to acquire objects that make them feel spiritually and emotionally enriched. They are fascinated with the supernatural and paranormal worlds and may be inclined to collect objects that are related to these areas of interest. Furthermore, they tend to desire things that are hidden or hard to get. They have an affinity for objects that symbolize power or healing.

Neptune in the 2nd house in Sagittarius – In the sign of Sagittarius, Neptune in the 2nd house fosters the cultivation of a wealth of wisdom. These individuals tend to acquire tokens of experience and knowledge. Moreover, this placement may emphasize a philosophical lack of interest and importance over material and superficial possessions. People with this placement may be easy to please and content to own very little. They take special consideration for the symbolic meaning and philosophical value of objects.

Neptune in the 2nd house in Capricorn – In the sign of Capricorn, Neptune in the 2nd house brings about a desire to act as a conservator of resources that are of practical importance to humanity. They are driven to use resources in a productive and helpful manner. There is always a purpose and goal behind what they spend money on. Frivolous expenditures and flaunting of possessions is not in their character. They can often feel disillusioned and dissatisfied with material gains that serve no meaningful purpose.

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Neptune in the 2nd house in Aquarius – In the sign of Aquarius, Neptune in the 2nd house yields an intellectual and humanitarian interest in utilizing technology to help humanity. People with this placement are likely to dream of being in a position where they can bring material aid and resources to disadvantaged and deprived people in the world and around their community. They favor technological innovation and invention that can solve and improve social issues like poverty and access to clean water and sanitation.

Neptune in the 2nd house in Pisces – In the sign of Pisces, Neptune in the 2nd house brings about a focus on objects of creative value. Individuals with this placement tend to value things like instruments and tools they can use to make things that can express joy, love and meaningful insights. They may enjoy collecting art or unusual objects with special significance to them. However, this placement can also indicate a lack of practical skills in handling money. If they are not careful, they can end up like a starving artist.

Neptune in the 2nd House Celebrities:

Taylor Swift (December 13th, 1989) Neptune in the 2nd house in Capricorn
Donald Trump (June 14th, 1946) Neptune in the 2nd house in Libra
Steve Jobs (February 24th, 1955) Neptune in the 2nd house in Libra
Justin Bieber (March 1st, 1994) Neptune in the 2nd house in Capricorn
Katy Perry (October 25th, 1984) Neptune in the 2nd house in Sagittarius
Nicolas Sarkozy (January 28th, 1955) Neptune in the 2nd house in Libra
Jennifer Aniston (February 11th, 1969) Neptune in the 2nd house in Scorpio
Lana Del Rey (June 21st, 1985) Neptune in the 2nd house in Capricorn
Natalie Portman (June 9th, 1981) Neptune in the 2nd house in Sagittarius
Jennifer Lawrence (August 15th, 1990) Neptune in the 2nd house in Capricorn
V (entertainer) (December 30th, 1995) Neptune in the 2nd house in Capricorn
Ted Bundy (November 24th, 1946) Neptune in the 2nd house in Libra
José Bové (June 11th, 1953) Neptune in the 2nd house in Libra
Marine Le Pen (August 5th, 1968) Neptune in the 2nd house in Scorpio
Carl Jung (July 26th, 1875) Neptune in the 2nd house in Taurus
Bruce Willis (March 19th, 1955) Neptune in the 2nd house in Libra

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