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Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon Personality

sun in virgo moon in capricorn

Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon

Hardworking and responsible, the Virgo sun Capricorn moon man or woman has a meticulous approach to analyzing situations. They are precise and take pride in doing their job well. Problem solving is their strength but they can be very critical at times. A conservative mindset and good sense of values allow them to be effective at managing finances and driving a good bargain. Sometimes serious and moody, they often ponder deeply about profound meanings and existential matters. They likely possess good psychological insight and a wry sense of humor.

Since childhood, they have been analyzing things in order to gain understanding and find ways to improve. The Virgo sun Capricorn moon person is clever and articulate. They are formidable opponents thanks to their strategic and calculating mind. They take their responsibilities seriously and are generally very reliable. In business they are shrewd and their technical abilities allow them to do well in many high level career fields.

With their original ideas and individual approach to life, Virgo sun Capricorn moon men and women are likely attracted to careers in writing and education. In a similar fashion, a need for self expression could lead them to the world of entertainment or politics. Because of their strong values and stable temperament, the Virgo sun Capricorn moon person has solid leadership ability. They are highly organized and likely aspire to accomplish great things.

Drafting plans and delegating tasks almost comes naturally thanks to their clear and rational thinking style. They think about the long term and are good at planning for the future and making investments that will payoff for them down the road. Being clever and sociable, they have no trouble attracting friends and admirers. Although giving and active in their relationships, they may alternate between being loving and sensitive to being too detached and unemotive. They may seek a strong spiritual link with their partners but may become critical if their high ideals and standards are met.

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Sun in Virgo

You strive to organize the components of your daily life. While external disorders do not affect you, everything related to your personality and your environment must be tidy. You have a perfectionist but anxious nature, exceedingly meticulous: you enjoy discussing details, analyzing and criticizing. Your concern to keep your environment under your control requires modesty and distance. However, it is impossible to mention your sign without shedding away a wrong, although generally accepted idea: no, Virgo is not doomed to the lowest steps’ eternal servitudes! She is not the society’s reject who works in the last office at the dead end of the corridor. Virgo is aware of her limits and she prefers to stick to what she masters rather than to venture into hazardous places. Her capacity to keep her small universe under control constitutes a major asset, an extraordinary drive for growth.

Moon in Capricorn

In your private sphere and your daily rhythms, you give precedence to moderation and reserve over the untimely excesses of your imagination. Your nature is more contemplative than excited and your deep sensitivity is controlled. It is probably the reason why you are sometimes criticized for your coldness. An ivory tower protects your fragile sensitivity. Your lunar sign belongs to a zodiacal axis (Cancer-Capricorn) that is particularly selective and self-protective: your close friends are handpicked and carefully chosen for their natural affinities with your personal realm. The external world is often disturbing. Therefore, you must create an enclosed environment where your fragile sensitivity can freely blossom.

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Famous People with Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon

Amy Winehouse – Born: September 14, 1983
Tim Burton – Born: August 25, 1958
Rupert Grint – Born: August 24, 1988
Andrea Bocelli – Born: September 22, 1958
Emmy Rossum – Born: September 12, 1986
Shirley Manson – Born: August 26, 1966
Louis C.K. – Born: September 12, 1967
LeAnn Rimes – Born: August 28, 1982
Sadhguru – Born: September 3, 1957
Taraji P. Henson – Born: September 11, 1970
James Gandolfini – Born: September 18, 1961
Stanislas Lem- Born: September 12, 1921
Dounia Coesens – Born: September 20, 1988
Chris Tucker – Born: August 31, 1971
Neale Donald Walsch – Born: September 10, 1943
Augustus – Born: September 23, -62 (63 BC) (Julian cal.)
Erdogan Atalay – Born: September 22, 1966
Elisabetta Canalis – Born: September 12, 1978
Patsy Cline – Born: September 8, 1932
Théophile Gautier – Born: August 30, 1811
Dorothy Parker – Born: August 22, 1893
Benjamin McKenzie – Born: September 12, 1978
Anton Bruckner – Born: September 4, 1824
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari – Born: September 21, 1988
Pascal Greggory – Born: September 8, 1954
Shannon Elizabeth – Born: September 7, 1973
Andy Roddick – Born: August 30, 1982

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