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8th House: The House of Transformation

eighth house

8th House: The House of Transformation

Mode: Succedent (Fixed) Water
Planetary Dignity: Pluto/Scorpio

The 8th house in astrology governs the realm of transformation and sexuality. It encompasses the symbolism of regeneration and the overcoming of trauma and crises. It defines our attitude towards change and also the nature of our inner strength and will power. A weakened or afflicted 8th house can reveal vulnerabilities that can leave the individual susceptible to addictions and unhealthy obsessions. Furthermore, the 8th house is associated with inheritance and debt as well as taxes, divorce and alimony payments. Where the second house could be correlated with our personal assets, the 8th house could be associated with liabilities and things that we possess that do not truly belong to us. Things that we rent or borrow or lease from others.

The 8th house corresponds to Scorpio and its planetary ruler Pluto and Mars. The 8th house is associated with power struggles both internal and external. It informs our will to survive and evolve and adapt for the purpose of doing so. Furthermore, this house encompasses the psychology fields and other psycho-analytical disciplines. It involves the subconscious drives and intuitive insights that can be plumbed from the depths of the mind. The doors of our perception and our ability to read others and suss out hidden motives are part of the eighth House. An afflicted or unhealthy 8th house can also signify manipulation and controlling behavior. Someone who is ruthless and cutthroat and will resort to extremes in order to get what they want or need.

The 8th house represents some of the perquisites and rewards that come from the preceding 7th house. Such benefits may include inheritance or a rise in social status due to marrying into a wealthy family. This represents the joint possessions we share with another person, particularly an intimate partner. It is about the physical consequences and aspects of what happens when we share ourselves with another person. It also pertains to the negative consequences and also the end or termination of relationships. Disputes and quarrels over the boundaries and separations of what is entitled to who can drive a wedge in the union created by the 7th house. Which thus leads to divorce or estrangements sometimes on very unfortunate terms. The 8th house signifies something about how obsessive and strong our attachment to our possessions is especially with regards to the people we are possessive of.

The 8th house also pertains to taxation, alimony and other forms of payment that is made to others. Our debts to creditors and others is the domain of this house and so it can indicate something about how well we manage our financial obligations to others. It can reveal whether we are likely to be more honest and diligent or shady and sneaky. An afflicted 8th house can signify someone who may be disposed towards delinquency, bankruptcy and defaulting on payments.

It can suggest someone who is less than honest and not above cheating or short changing others or pulling dirty tactics to get the upper hand in a business deal. This house concerns the way we use others, often for personal gain or to serve our interests. It is what we take versus what we owe and also what others may owe to us. 

Debts and liabilities are of course, a hindrance and a threat to our freedom and power. The 8th house seeks to consolidate power for the individual, but this power typically does not come without a price. This house is about the price we must pay to get what we desire and also the problems that can arise when we are in possession of it. Sexual energies are also highlighted here and the impulse to feel closer to another person is more physically and emotionally intense. This can involve a lot of mind games and manipulations that often play out in toxic relationships. The desire to possess and control another soul or merge with it along with violent emotions and jealousy, are all part of 8th house activity.

Having a prominent 8th house, can engender a psychologically perceptive and intuitive person. This is especially the case when the moon is in this house. An 8th house moon confers an emotional depth and a strong subconscious desire for power in order to feel secure and emotionally stable. Such a person may also have an underlying admiration or insecurity around females and matriarchal figures wielding power and influence. Such a person may have had a mother or maternal figure in their lives who was possessive and controlling or even abusive and negligent, physically or psychologically. Relations with the mother could have been traumatic or empowering in a good way. At any rate, relations with females are likely to be accompanied by power games and aggression that actually enhances feelings of intimacy.

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