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Libra Temper – 6 Things That Anger Libra

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As one of the more polite, peaceable and harmony-seeking zodiac signs, it might not seem like there is much that could ruffle the Libra person’s feathers. On the contrary, Libras can be Jekyll and Hyde-like in how quickly and completely their mood flips. There are a number of things that can bring about this transformation and so here is a look at 6 things that can likely make Libra lose their temper.

1. Rude People.

Libras tend to be better equipped at negotiations and dealing with difficult people. They are often able to maintain a personable front even after their patience wears thin. At some point and on some days, Libra can get very snappy. If someone repeatedly disrespects them despite their efforts to placate and accommodate, the Libra man or woman can unleash claws other people might never suspect they had. Although Libra tends to dislike physical violence, they can be very sharp tongued and sarcastic. With their words, Libras can easily make a fool of belligerent and uncouth individuals who act as though the world revolves around them.

2. Stressful Circumstances.

Stressful situations in general can make Libra very neurotic and testy. With Libra, maintaining balance in their life is vital to their emotional wellbeing. When their life is upside down, they can become uncharacteristically fussy and get triggered by relatively innocuous things. This can poison their personal lives and cause them to lash out and take their grievances out on loved ones and others close to them. Ironically, Libras are good at hiding this from the rest of the world and can maintain a public facade that makes them appear as though they have it all perfectly together.

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3. Personal Attacks.

Although Libras have the reputation for being the diplomats and goodwill ambassadors of the zodiac, they don’t take kindly to personal attacks against them and their character. Because Libras are often so charismatic, likeable and popular, they rarely have to deal with such aspersions. However, the very act of being put in that situation can irritate them. They don’t like having to defend themselves in that way especially with regards to their private life. They typically seek to keep things respectful, friendly and aboveboard, and so when someone goes out of their way to offend them and stir up conflict, it can arouse Libra’s fury. On the other hand, cynical Libras who are somewhat insecure can sometimes develop a “get them before they get me” attitude that leads them to push people’s buttons preemptively.

4. Cruelty and Violence.

Libra is a sign that is typically opposed to violence in general. Despite this, there are a number of professional fighters born under this sign, including Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. For Libra, there is rarely ill-will or animosity that drives their competitiveness and they tend to display excellent sportsmanship. Libras are sensitive to the mistreatment and pain of others and can become vehement against those who cause it. Libras tend to have a very good heart and spirit that seeks to preserve and protect that which is precious and vulnerable. Although they are apt to use diplomacy against aggressors, the passion of their indignation can make them even more heated in their expression.

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5. Unfairness and Injustice.

As a sign who has a keen sense of balance and fairness, Libra can become embittered by what they believe to be gross miscarriages of justice. Not just in the court of law but in their everyday life. Unreciprocated gestures and inconsideration from others can also be taken badly by Libra. As one of the more romantic signs, Libra seeks to be appreciated and recognized for what they do for others. Although they can be very generous and accommodating, they don’t like feeling taken for granted. If they feel their relationship with others is lop-sided where they are putting in way more than they are getting back in return, it can foster negative feelings and resentment in the Libra person.

6. Jealousy.

Libras can be sensitive to criticism, at least when it is coming from what they perceive as salty, jealous people. They seek to protect their image and desire to be well liked by most. However, Libras will discover like the rest of us that you cannot please everyone and some people will have negative perceptions and judgements about them regardless of what they do. Oftentimes, this can demoralize Libra more than anger them. But, if they feel the criticism is misplaced or coming from a hater, it can inspire righteous indignation in the Libra person and fire back with their own criticisms.

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