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Scorpio Zodiac Sign

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Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Ruler: Pluto
Principle: Fixed
Element: Water
Body Part: Genitals

Scorpio is the 8th sign in the zodiac. Being symbolized by the scorpion gives you an idea about what this sign is capable of. Dark and mysterious Pluto embues a love of secrets and the unknown. Their intense emotions make Scorpios passionate lovers. They desire control and power and this sign has a magnetism that allow them to manipulate others masterfully. They detect lies easily and cannot be fooled by fake people. Their penetrating gaze can leave others feeling exposed as though the secrets of their soul have been laid bare.

Scorpios constantly strive to keep self-control and to resist external pressures. Their phlegm actually conceals unusual intense emotions. A hidden force that gives them an inclination for struggles, for difficult or extremist causes, inhabits them. They may display a sarcastic and caustic mind, and in the worst cases, they may be destructive. But their resistance abilities prove valuable when the situation goes awry. Scorpio does not mind the sign’s “bad reputation”, moreover, they are proud of it, they claim it and they scoff at it. Most certainly, Scorpio has nothing to do with ordinary mortals. They are very sensitive to power struggles. They try to use their adversary and to combine opposing elements. They resort to scheming and to manipulation. They use a person to hit another and they use the latter to charm a third party. Scorpio is a fine strategist, a born politician. Far from breaking him down, adversity stimulates Scorpio’s creativity.

Positive: Magnetic, Sexual, Passionate, Intuitive
Negative: Controlling, Manipulative, Jealousy, Vengeful

Famous Scorpio People:
Charles Manson, Tracy Morgan, Katy Perry, Emma Stone, Matthew Mcconaughey, P. Diddy, Jimmy Kimmel, Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Scorcese, Sally Field

The Decanates of Scorpio:

1st decan – Scorpio/Pluto
23 Oct – 2 Nov

Pluto’s influence is intensified and the desire for power and control is accentuated. A love of mystery and an ability to pick up on hidden signals and messages are among your ample powers of detection.

2nd decan – Scorpio/Neptune
3 Nov – 12 Nov

Neptune expands Scorpio’s imagination and penchant for fantasy. You may possess artistic ability and a tendency towards escapism. A deep sensitivity allows you to easily pick up on what others are feeling.

3rd decan – Scorpio/moon 
13 Nov – 21 Nov

The moon’s influence contributes to your emotional ups and downs. You have more empathy for others and you’re very protective of your loved ones. Avoid jealousy and revenge against others who slight you.

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