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Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon Personality

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon

Scorpio Sun – Aquarius Moon

Rebel Scorpion – The Scorpio sun Aquarius moon man or woman is likely to be unusual in both their appearance and their thinking. They feel different from other people but over time they learn to embrace and even accentuate their unusual characteristics. They want to be true to themselves and feel oppressed when they are unable to. They dislike the idea of surrendering their individuality and uniqueness for the sake of group conformity although they are willing to be a team player.

This sun moon combo suggests a personality who may sometimes or frequently feel misunderstood or unappreciated for their contributions. They may have a tendency to read into things that are not really there or misinterpret the intentions of others. They are creative though and their line of thinking can be sometimes difficult for others to follow or see the value in. The Scorpio sun Aquarius moon person is steadfast in their beliefs and can fight tenaciously for any ideal they believe in deeply.

With sun in Scorpio moon in Aquarius people, the need for change and progress and also a variety of challenges is pronounced. Once they’ve become sufficiently successful in one area, they will likely be ready to move on to new horizons. Without a meaningful goal or cause to pursue, Scorpio sun Aquarius moon can feel listless and without purpose in their life. They want to feel like they are in control over their own destiny and will try and break away from restrictive people and situations as soon as they are empowered to.

Sun in Scorpio – The Sun in Scorpio man or woman is magnetic and carries an air of power and dark sexiness about them. Early in life they learn that they have a special effect on people that can be used for both good and evil. They are like mystics with an uncanny understanding of people and the human soul. Scorpios often have a penetrating gaze and look as though they can peer into a person’s mind and extract their secrets. Scorpio sun can be controlling, manipulative and sneaky.

They tend to operate under the radar feeling little need to divulge their business to other people. They are passionate and can be combative and temperamental especially when stressed. Scorpio is ruled by pluto which is associated with, among other things, obsession, violence, secrets, debts,  jealousy, vindictiveness, and cruelty. Fortunately, most Scorpios are good people and channel their intensity, passion and focus in more constructive and positive ways.

Moon in Aquarius – The moon in Aquarius man or woman often feels unusual and different from the norm. They have ideals. ideas and beliefs that may differ starkly from those around them. They are observant but may have a tendency to read into things and draw unconventional conclusions that seem stupid or nonsensical to other people. They like being different though, and their sense of individuality does not preclude them from being social and actively participating in group activities and gatherings.

They dislike feeling controlled by others and are sensitive to any type of unfair discrimination against them. Sometimes they may appear to have a persecution complex or appear paranoid. They refuse to be controlled and will assert their independence whenever they feel it is threatened. Just as they would not like to be controlled, they would not seek to control others.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon Famous People

Shahrukh Khan – Born: November 2, 1965
Charles Manson – Born: November 12, 1934
Jeff Buckley – Born: November 17, 1966
Caitlyn Jenner – Born: October 28, 1949
Dominique de Villepin – Born: November 14, 1953
Vivien Leigh – Born: November 5, 1913
Albert Camus – Born: November 7, 1913
Patrick Sébastien – Born: November 14, 1953
Voltaire – Born: November 21, 1694
Nagui – Born: November 14, 1961
Ethan Hawke – Born: November 6, 1970
Josh Duhamel – Born: November 14, 1972
Calista Flockhart – Born: November 11, 1964
Neil Young – Born: November 12, 1945
Maggie Gyllenhaal – Born: November 16, 1977
Joël Santoni – Born: November 5, 1943
Sam Shepard (playwright) – Born: November 5, 1943
Alexandra David-Néel – Born: October 24, 1868
Roberto Benigni – Born: October 27, 1952
Kevin Kline – Born: October 24, 1947
Julia Channel – Born: November 3, 1973
Tove Lo – Born: October 29, 1987
Tina Kieffer – Born: November 7, 1959
Laurent Heynemann – Born: November 9, 1948

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