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Scorpio Sun Leo Moon Personality

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon

Sun in Scorpio – Moon in Leo Personality

Scorpion King/Queen – The Scorpio sun – Leo moon man or woman is a proud, noble and independent thinker. They do not shy away from the spotlight and are very engaging and full of life. They have a forcefulness to them that isn’t overbearing but they can sometimes be a bit bossy. They are very self-motivated and able to go out and get what they want from the world. They are confident but not arrogant and they put out a lot of positive energy.

The Scorpio sun Leo moon combination suggests a personality that is very dynamic and full of warmth and magnetism. These men and women are friendly, generous and often altruistic. They take an interest in social issues and desire to help better the world in their own special way. They are ethical and strive to do what they think is right. Sun in Scorpio moon in Leo is a force to be reckoned with and they speak their mind unapologetically. They are direct and honest and they expect others to be much the same with them.

They express themselves in a very genuine but maybe theatrical way. They have a flair for drama and can be very animated and bubbly. When they are happy, they really show it and their energy and enthusiasm can be infectious. This sun moon combo is comfortable with leadership and thankfully their judgment is often sound. They are not a shrinking violet and are able to perform under pressure. Their chutzpah serves them well and allows them to go far in life.

“You know it’s love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not part of their happiness.” <span class="su-quote-cite">Julia Roberts</span>

Sun in Scorpio – The Sun in Scorpio man or woman is magnetic and carries an air of power and dark sexiness about them. Early in life they learn that they have a special effect on people that can be used for both good and evil. They are like mystics with an uncanny understanding of people and the human soul. Scorpios often have a penetrating gaze and look as though they can peer into a person’s mind and extract their secrets. Scorpio sun can be controlling, manipulative and sneaky.

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They tend to operate under the radar feeling little need to divulge their business to other people. They are passionate and can be combative and temperamental especially when stressed. Scorpio is ruled by pluto which is associated with, among other things, obsession, violence, secrets, debts, jealousy, vindictiveness, and cruelty. Fortunately, most Scorpios are good people and channel their intensity, passion and focus in more constructive and positive ways.

Moon in Leo – The Leo moon man or woman has a big heart and usually isn’t afraid to show it. They can be theatrical and melodramatic with their emotions, sometimes to the point of exaggeration. They crave attention and admiration and can sometimes appear too needy for external validation. Moon in Leo people can become jealous of others who show them up and steal their spotlight. Although they can seem pompous and bossy, they are very generous and magnanimous with others.

They like to find creative ways to put a smile on people’s faces and they themselves are often of a sunny and upbeat disposition. They may enjoy hosting parties in their home and providing entertainment for their guests. They are often great at fostering a positive and merry atmosphere that makes no one feel left out. Leo moon people tend to have a strong sense of integrity and personal principles that they abide by.

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon Famous People

Julia Roberts – Born: October 28, 1967
Soeur Emmanuelle – Born: November 16, 1908
Rochelle Gordon – Born: November 10, 1941
Oscar Pistorius – Born: November 22, 1986
JoeyStarr – Born: October 27, 1967
Virginie Ledoyen – Born: November 15, 1976
Gabrielle Union – Born: October 29, 1972
Hedy Lamarr – Born: November 9, 1914
Andrzej Zulawski – Born: November 22, 1940
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – Born: October 28, 1956
Jawaharlal Nehru – Born: November 14, 1889
Tyga – Born: November 19, 1989
Kirk Hammett – Born: November 18, 1962
Aria Giovanni – Born: November 3, 1977
Maria Shriver – Born: November 6, 1955
Leon Trotsky – Born: November 7, 1879
Maurane (singer) – Born: November 12, 1960

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