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Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon Personality

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon

Sun in Scorpio – Moon in Sagittarius Personality

The Wanderlust Scorpion – The Sun in Scorpio – moon in Sagittarius man or woman is deeply curious about the world and life itself. They spend their whole lives grappling with existential questions about death and the universe. They ponder a lot and like to talk a lot as well. This sun moon combo is very opinionated but insightful. They love to learn and to teach and derive satisfaction from the miracle of discovery and self enrichment.

They may be interested in things such as metaphysics and new age thinking. Their spiritual side may compel them to travel to places of historical and religious significance and explore different ways of life around the world. They are true students of life and seek to expand and grow as a person and hopefully leave behind a legacy they can be proud of.

The Scorpio sun Sagittarius moon person may have a keen sense of satire an irony and may be highly critical of what they view as hypocrisy and politically correct lip service. These Scorpios are very youthful at heart and may strive to keep their bodies and health in good condition. For them, stagnation is death and they want to live every moment to the fullest.

Sun in Scorpio – The Sun in Scorpio man or woman is magnetic and carries an air of power and dark sexiness about them. Early in life they learn that they have a special effect on people that can be used for both good and evil. They are like mystics with an uncanny understanding of people and the human soul. Scorpios often have a penetrating gaze and look as though they can peer into a person’s mind and extract their secrets. Scorpio sun can be controlling, manipulative and sneaky.

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They tend to operate under the radar feeling little need to divulge their business to other people. They are passionate and can be combative and temperamental especially when stressed. Scorpio is ruled by pluto which is associated with, among other things, obsession, violence, secrets, debts,  jealousy, vindictiveness, and cruelty. Fortunately, most Scorpios are good people and channel their intensity, passion and focus in more constructive and positive ways.

Moon in Sagittarius – The Sagittarius moon man or woman is genuine, positive, and tends to speak their mind and share their opinions in a very candid manner. At times they can be too blunt and honest for their own good and may occasionally get under other people’s skin. Lunar Sagittarians despite their outspoken nature are actually a bit shy although their curiosity compels them forward. They like to explore and experience new environments and people and are often very humorous companions.

Moon in Sagittarius desires variety and expansion. They may be anxious to discover for themselves, what they hear and read about in books. Travel and higher learning can satisfy Sagittarius moon’s thirst for knowledge and wisdom. They can be argumentative but they promote social equity and free and honest speech. They are unafraid to debate oppositional ideas but they may do so in an impassioned and trenchant manner.

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon Famous People:

Pablo Picasso – Born: October 25, 1881
Anthony Kiedis – Born: November 1, 1962
Ivanka Trump – Born: October 30, 1981
Arnaud Montebourg – Born: October 30, 1962
Charles Bronson – Born: November 3, 1921
Kelly Osbourne – Born: October 27, 1984
Carl Sagan – Born: November 9, 1934
Danny Devito – Born: November 17, 1944
Rock Hudson – Born: November 17, 1925
Marc Dutroux – Born: November 6, 1956
Chad Kroeger – Born: November 15, 1974
Jacques Attali – Born: November 1, 1943
Salvatore Adamo – Born: October 31, 1943
Larry King – Born: November 19, 1933
Megan Mullally – Born: November 12, 1958
Robert Pirès – Born: October 29, 1973
Lee Krasner – Born: October 27, 1908
Vanessa Minnillo – Born: November 9, 1980
Milton Black (astrologer) – Born: November 21, 1941
Billy Graham – Born: November 7, 1918

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