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Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon Personality

sun in virgo moon in scorpio

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon

The Virgo sun Scorpio moon man or woman has a sharp mind and keen business sense. They are highly intuitive perfectionists who are driven to achieve and grow in all aspects of their lives. Their analytical minds are aided by an astute understanding of human psychology. They are able to utilize this in negotiations and professional dealings with others. They think on a grand scale and can be impulsive when overtaken by their passion.

Industrious and hardworking, the Virgo sun Scorpio moon personality is one that is bright and friendly but also serious about their goals. They have strong instincts and a will for power that pushes them to undertake daunting ventures and ambitious enterprises. They are restless souls who through their cerebral power seek to challenge themselves so they can grow and evolve as a person. Their psychological sensitivity enables them to intuitively understand complex human behavior and this allows them to often feel more sympathetic than judgmental of others.

Sun in Virgo moon in Scorpio individuals are shrewd and focused. Since childhood they are likely to have been continually analyzing situations for the sake of understanding and improving them. They are clever and articulate and able to communicate their ideas with zeal and enthusiasm. There is executive ability here and they have tenacity to fight hard for what they believe. Despite the strength of their convictions, they maintain a comportment that is composed and dignified. It is not very obvious how sensitive they truly are.

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Virgo sun Scorpio moon men and women have a purposeful and objective approach to life. At times their agenda may get hindered by excessive worry and neurotic concerns about finances and problems. They are excellent problem solvers however and are often able to work through difficulties with determination and logical action. They can be very critical and volatile when overwhelmed with pressure and stress. Meditation and relaxation techniques may be helpful for keeping them centered and emotionally stable.

Obstacles and tribulations are not likely to overcome the Virgo sun Scorpio moon person. In the face of adversity and failure, they are able to reinvent and rejuvenate themselves with new energy and inspiration. Being thoughtful and wise,  this person can, over time develop a wealth of wisdom about the human condition and how best to deal with life’s challenges. As they accomplish more and gain more experience, they may enjoy empowering others through teaching and mentorship.

In life and love Virgo sun Scorpio moon people are intense and committed. They can be control freaks and so having a partner who can appreciate their directorial tendencies will probably have the best compatibility for them. They need intelligent, mentally stimulating partners who also satisfy their need for emotional synergy. They can be very sensual and enjoy the game of courtship. They plan things out and know how to mix business with pleasure.

Famous People with Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon

Beyoncé Knowles – Born: September 4, 1981
Jimmy Fallon – Born: September 19, 1974
Roger Waters – Born: September 6, 1943
Raquel Welch – Born: September 5, 1940
Victoria Silvstedt – Born: September 19, 1974
Michael Bublé – Born: September 9, 1975
Thalía (Mexican entertainer) – Born: August 26, 1971
Igor Bogdanoff – Born: August 29, 1949
Julio Cortázar – Born: August 26, 1914
Akshay Kumar – Born: September 9, 1967
Michael Keaton – Born: September 5, 1951
Dave Mustaine – Born: September 13, 1961
Barry Gibb – Born: September 1, 1946
Grichka Bogdanoff – Born: August 29, 1949
Christine Chubbuck – Born: August 24, 1944
Kitty Wells – Born: August 30, 1919
Friedrich Hegel – Born: August 27, 1770
Maria Montessori  – Born: August 31, 1870
Antoine Lavoisier – Born: August 26, 1743
Albert, Prince Consort – Born: August 26, 1819
Jack Ma – Born: September 10, 1964

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