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The Water Element in Astrology

water element

The three water signs in astrology are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The key word for the water element is ’emotion’ because water relates to the ebb and flow of emotional states and depth of feeling. This element is considered as feminine or ‘yin’.

The Water Signs of the Zodiac: ♋︎ ♏︎ ♓︎

The water signs are emotional and intuitive creatures. They are prone to periods of moodiness, deep reflection and possess substantial sensitivity. The first water sign is Cancer who is regarded as the Cosmic mother and nurturer of the zodiac. Cancer is the water sign associated with family, home life and fertility. Scorpio, which is a fixed water sign is associated with emotional mastery, transformative healing power and psychological intuition.

Pisces is the mutable water sign associated with empathetic understanding, and emotional insight that translates to spiritual wisdom. To put it another way, Cancer represents the tumultuous rolling waves of the ocean while Scorpio is the Still but deep Waters of a lake. Pisces is like that of a moving River which flows around and through various terrain both serene and treacherous.

Water Signs & their Meaning 💧

Sentimental and profoundly sensitive, water signs are inclined to soak up and absorb the energy around them. Their emotions are a source of strength but also a vulnerability that requires protection. Each water sign has access to Strong and powerful waves of emotion that span the entire spectrum of human feeling. They desire deep connection and meaningful relationships with others. Water signs tend to be easily offended and sensitive to any sign of rejection. They have a tendency to internalize a lot of what upsets them and process their pain privately.

Water signs who have experienced great psychological distress and tragedy can often withdraw and build emotional walls between them and others. Because the water well of their emotions can become polluted by the turmoil, negativity and toxicity of their environment, it is necessary for them to isolate themselves while they purify their emotional Reservoir. Water signs possess remarkable inner strength that allows them to heal their own wounds as well as those of others. They are often psychologically complex but this is what informs their special understanding and insight into the human condition.

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The water signs are in touch with their feelings and in tune with the vibrations and subtleties of human interaction. They are naturally adept at reading people and picking up various cues beyond what is explicitly expressed on the surface. The water element relates to the realm of deep emotion and feeling but because emotion is partly subconscious, water signs may find that making sense of what they feel is sometimes a puzzle even they struggle to solve. Because of their empathetic nature, they are often highly responsive and compassionate to other people’s foibles and willing to offer support.

Water Sign Compatibility

The water element zodiac signs are subject to irrational fears and compulsive desires. At times they can be over sensitive and over react to the slightest of perceived threats. The water signs typically don’t get along well with boisterous people and hyper aggressive personalities. For this reason they have limited compatibility prospects with most Fire and Air signs. Water signs instead prefer people who are more self-contained and stable.

They value loyalty and discretion as among the most important qualities in a partner. Water signs can often appear calm on the outside, but on the inside their emotions are often brewing like a choppy sea. They need a stabilizing influence in a partner and someone who can provide the level of honest emotional connection and intimacy they desire. The sensitivity of the water element should not be mistaken for weakness. Water has the capacity to produce tremendous force and can even penetrate Stone over time.

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Water is yielding and supple yet all-conquering. The late actor and martial artist, Bruce Lee lauded the properties of water and entreated us to adopt it’s qualities. He said in an interview: “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless —like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You pour water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle; you put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can either flow or it can crash… Be water my friend.”

Water Sign Traits:

  • emotional
  • sensitive
  • protective
  • loving
  • compassionate
  • unstable
  • impressionable
  • creative
  • imaginative
  • creative
  • receptive
  • supportive
  • affectionate
  • private
  • psychic
  • moody
  • empathetic
  • intuitive

Water Element Imbalances

In the natal chart, when there is too little emphasis in the water elements there often will be an array of psychological, emotional, and physical problems. The emotions and innermost feelings of such individuals will be largely closed off and difficult to access. They may suffer poor self-awareness and a lack of understanding as to the pathological, underlying motivations behind their actions. They may also exhibit a lack of sensitivity toward others and a callous way of expressing themselves.

The world of emotions is an alien terrain for them. Dealing with their own feelings and those of others will be a source of contention and difficulty. This imbalance may also manifest as sociopathic and antisocial personality traits. The significance of feelings is undervalued or ignored. They may often doubt having feelings at all.

Furthermore a lack of water elements in the chart can contribute to a distrust of intuition and intuitive-based insight. Water has the healing ability to purge and cleanse the soul of psychic waste. Having an active flow of fresh water is vital for emotional hygiene and preventing the build-up of emotional by-products in the mental septic system.

Alternately, those with an overemphasis in the water elements may feel directionless and lacking a clear and objective perspective. They are easily influenced by the changing winds and pushed in every which direction. They’re overly receptive and highly impressionable. They suffer a lack of structure and emotional control may be poor. With this imbalance there may be an extreme sensitivity and over reaction to any negative experience. There may be problems with paranoia and irrational fears due to overactive imaginations. Daily emotions may be overwhelming and difficult to manage.

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