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Aquarius Zodiac Sign

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Aquarius (January 19 – February 18)

Ruler: Uranus
Principle: Fixed
Element: Air
Body Part: Ankles, Calves

Aquarius is the 11th sign and archetypal rebel of the zodiac. Represented by the water bearer, this air sign makes for an independent and inventive person. They are subversive individuals who think for themselves and their way of thinking is often unusual. They do not simply submit to authority because they are free spirits who’s independence is everything to them and they will fight to defend it. Authority figures must earn their respect and loyalty or Aquarius will be apt to challenge their power or organize a coup to usurp them! They are of the people and for the people, and their friendly disposition and desire to help others can lead them into Humanitarian careers.

The ruling planet Uranus is associated with technology. This may suggest an aptitude for engineering, or tech development. Aquarius’ inventive and out-there ideas sometimes earn them ridicule from peers. Many of them are conspiracy theorists who hold unconventional beliefs and irrational notions that may stem from paranoia and their deepest personal fears. Nevertheless, they keep their finger to the pulse of humanity, and their ability to forecast future opportunities and events allows them to be vanguards in whatever industry they’re interested in. They are trend spotters and dot connectors who may connect dots not meant to be connected. They have such confidence in their convictions however, that they are willing to look like overzealous fools in the eyes of others.

Positive: Humanitarian, Inventive, Friendly, Visionary
Negative: Paranoid, Suspicious, subversive, Delusional

Famous Aquarius people: Christian Bale, Nathan Fielder, Alice Eve, Chloe Grace Moretz, Galileo Galilei, Jane Seymour, Frederick Douglass, Darren Aronofsky, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Charles Dickens

The Decanates of Aquarius

1st decan Aquarius/Uranus 
21 January – 30 January

The Aquarius characteristics are presented unalloyed. A friendly demeanor, and desire to help others combined with an inventive mind with flashes of genius are strengthened in this decan.

2nd decan Aquarius/Mercury
31 January – 9 February

The influence of Gemini enhances Aquarius’ ability to communicate their exceptional ideas whether spoken or written. They are bright and engaging and benefit from the Geminis sparkling wit and gift for gab.

3rd decan Aquarius/Venus 
10 February – 19 February

The influence of Libra accentuates the ability to function in relationships. An added dose of charm and social grace tempers some of Aquarius’ independent contrarian qualities.

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