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Pisces Zodiac Sign ♓︎

pisces zodiac

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

Ruler: Neptune
Principle: Mutable
Element: Water
Body Part: Feet

Pisces, the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, corresponds to the 12th house in astrology. It is known for its deep emotional sensitivity and artistic nature. Symbolized by the Fish, Pisceans are often seen as dreamers who live in two worlds—their vivid imagination and the reality they navigate. These individuals are highly empathetic and compassionate, making them natural caregivers and listeners.

Pisceans have an intuitive and spiritual connection to the world around them, often exploring mystical and esoteric realms. They are artistic and creative souls, expressing their emotions through various forms of art, music, or writing. However, their emotional depth can sometimes lead to feelings of vulnerability and a need for boundaries.

Pisces, the mutable water sign of the zodiac, embodies the essence of adaptability and deep emotional currents. Governed by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusion, Pisceans are known for their fluid and ever-changing emotional nature. Being a water sign, they are in touch with their emotions and intuition on a profound level. Pisces individuals can flow through life with a natural ease, adjusting to the circumstances like water finding its way around obstacles. This adaptability is one of their key strengths, allowing them to navigate various situations with grace and sensitivity.

The mutable quality of Pisces makes them highly flexible and open to different experiences and perspectives. They often embrace change and transformation, making them receptive to new ideas and approaches. This quality, combined with their emotional depth, enables Pisceans to connect with people from all walks of life, understanding the ever-shifting tides of human emotions.

However, the mutable water nature can sometimes lead to emotional instability, as Pisceans are deeply influenced by their surroundings. It’s essential for them to establish boundaries and maintain a strong sense of self amidst the changing emotional landscapes they encounter. Overall, Pisces, as a mutable water sign, represents the beauty of emotional adaptability and the power of going with the flow of life’s unpredictable currents.

Pisces Relationships:

In relationships, Pisceans bring their nurturing and empathetic qualities to the forefront. They are deeply in tune with their partners’ emotions and always ready to provide support and comfort. Pisces individuals are romantic and idealistic, often seeking a profound connection with their loved ones. They tend to be selfless and generous, sometimes to the detriment of their own well-being. However, their intense emotions can also lead to mood swings and a tendency to become easily overwhelmed by the complexities of relationships.

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Pisces Careers:

Pisceans excel in careers that allow them to express their creativity and compassion. They are well-suited for roles in the arts, such as acting, painting, writing, or music. Their empathetic nature makes them effective in careers involving counseling, therapy, and social work. Ideal workplace environments for Pisceans are those that encourage a nurturing and supportive atmosphere. They may also find fulfillment in jobs related to healing, spirituality, or the care of animals. Pisces’ ability to connect with others on an emotional level is a valuable asset in any career where human interaction is central.

Pisces Strengths:

  • Empathy: Pisceans are highly empathetic and compassionate individuals.
  • Creativity: They possess artistic and creative talents and are often drawn to the arts.
  • Sensitivity: Pisces individuals have a deep emotional sensitivity to the world around them.
  • Compassion: They are naturally caring and nurturing, always ready to help others.
  • Spirituality: Pisceans often have a strong connection to spirituality and the mystical.
  • Intuition: They have a profound intuition that guides their decisions and actions.
  • Adaptability: Pisces can easily adapt to different situations and people.

Pisces Weaknesses:

  • Vulnerability: Their deep emotions can lead to feelings of vulnerability.
  • Moodiness: Pisceans may experience mood swings and emotional fluctuations.
  • Boundaries: They can have difficulties setting and maintaining boundaries in relationships.
  • Idealism: Their idealistic nature may lead to unrealistic expectations.
  • Self-sacrifice: Pisces individuals often put others’ needs before their own.
  • Escapism: When facing difficulties, they may resort to escapism through daydreaming or other means.
  • Lack of Direction: Pisces can struggle with finding clear goals or a sense of direction.

Famous Pisces People:

  • Stephen Curry
  • Ashley Greene
  • Steve Jobs
  • Albert Einstein
  • Theo Von
  • Jack Harlow
  • Eva Mendes
  • Aziz Ansari
  • Justin Beiber
  • Olivia Wilde
  • Iliza Schlesinger
  • Arthur Schopenheur
  • Rick Rubin
  • Kevin Conolly
  • Shay Carl
  • Eva Longoria

The Decanates of Pisces:

1st decan Pisces/Neptune
20 February – 1 March

The added influence of Neptune enhances the power of intuition and receptivity. A lack of direction and susceptibility to peer pressure may lead to mischievous behavior. There is also a rich fantasy world and a tendency toward escapism .

2nd decan Pisces/Moon
2 March – 11 March

The sub influence of the moon makes this decan protective and caring. Moods may fluctuate from highs to lows due to deep sensitivity to everything around you. You are determined and resilient and possess an optimistic spirit.

3rd decan Pisces/Pluto 
12 March – 20 March

The sub-ruler Pluto bestows added depth of emotions and intensity. Penetrating insight and a love of mysteries suggests an ability for investigation and detective work.

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