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Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon Personality

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon

Scorpio Sun – Capricorn Moon

Mature Scorpion – The Scorpio sun Capricorn moon man or woman is likely to be precocious and wise beyond their years. They have a calm down to earth temperament that makes them approachable. Although they seem serious, reserved and hard working, they actually do not take themselves that seriously and often have a great and unusual sense of humor. They like to tell amusing stories, some of which may seem so absurd that others may wonder how much of it is being made up.

The sun in Scorpio, moon in Capricorn person is mostly a private person who does not need excessive amounts of attention from other people. They operate low key but when the spotlight is put on them, they can be remarkably charming and likable. This sun moon combo suggests a personality that is responsible, patient and modest.

Their needs are simple and although they work hard in their careers to be successful, they are not particularly motivated by material wealth. They want stability and to be able to support their family and friends. At their best, they are engaging and fun to be around although sometimes they may feel the need to withdraw. They are loners at heart but their heart is full with love, sincerity and passion.

Sun in Scorpio – The Sun in Scorpio man or woman is magnetic and carries an air of power and dark sexiness about them. Early in life they learn that they have a special effect on people that can be used for both good and evil. They are like mystics with an uncanny understanding of people and the human soul. Scorpios often have a penetrating gaze and look as though they can peer into a person’s mind and extract their secrets. Scorpio sun can be controlling, manipulative and sneaky.

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They tend to operate under the radar feeling little need to divulge their business to other people. They are passionate and can be combative and temperamental especially when stressed. Scorpio is ruled by pluto which is associated with, among other things, obsession, violence, secrets, debts,  jealousy, vindictiveness, and cruelty. Fortunately, most Scorpios are good people and channel their intensity, passion and focus in more constructive and positive ways.

Moon in Capricorn – The moon in Capricorn man or woman can seem stoic and reserved in temperament. They are not overly expressive with their emotions but instead display a more rational and phlegmatic orientation. They favor discipline and structure in their lives and often seek to achieve it through their career. Moon in Capricorn people can bury themselves in their work and become consumed with ambition and getting things done.

They prefer to focus more on their professional life than their domestic life but at home they can be very attentive and involved with their family and loved ones. Moon in Capricorn likes to manage the agenda and orchestrate the plans. Their sense of humor tends to be dry and sarcastic and their perspective sometimes cynical.  They err on the side of caution and make preparation a priority. Moon in Capricorn often works hard behind the scenes without much need for validation or support. They are self driven and responsible and are often a pillar in their community or group.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Moon Famous People

Sophie Marceau – Born: November 17, 1966
Ryan Gosling – Born: November 12, 1980
Aishwarya Rai – Born: November 1, 1973
Gerard Butler – Born: November 13, 1969
David Guetta – Born: November 7, 1967
Indira Gandhi – Born: November 19, 1917
Frank Ocean – Born: October 28, 1987
Bernard-Henri Lévy – Born: November 5, 1948
Raphaël Haroche – Born: November 7, 1975
Dileep (actor) – Born: October 27, 1968
Chloe Sevigny – Born: November 18, 1974
Willow Smith – Born: October 31, 2000
Bryan Adams – Born: November 5, 1959
Akbar the Great – Born: October 15, 1542 (Julian cal.)
Joseph Goebbels – Born: October 29, 1897
Tara Reid – Born: November 8, 1975
Gavin Rossdale – Born: October 30, 1965
Jennifer Ayache – Born: November 9, 1983
George Patton – Born: November 11, 1885
Robert F. Kennedy – Born: November 20, 1925

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