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Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon Personality

Scorpio sun Taurus moon

Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon Personality

Like all Scorpios, the Scorpio sun Taurus moon man or woman is a person who is emotional, sensitive and also intense. Depending on the placements in their chart such as the ascendant, some of these Scorpio characteristics may be masked by a public persona.

The Scorpio sun Taurus moon personality learns at some point that they have a magnetic aura that people are fascinated by. They may not understand it, but they learn to embrace it and use to their advantage. They are mysterious by nature and by the end of their lives may rack up enough secrets to fill a lengthy memoir.

Scorpio sun Taurus moon is relatively calm compared with other Scorpios. They may be especially good at concealing what they are feeling at any given moment and generally prefer to maintain a low profile with regards to their personal business.

These people like to be in control and will likely be eager to establish their independence and acquire property they can call their own. They can be very possessive and territorial and may become wrathful when someone threatens to take what is theirs. They can sometimes be conflict prone and stubborn but most of the time they are patient and reasonable.

The Scorpio sun Taurus moon male or female can appear very bold but it is not because they are fearless. On the contrary, they may have a number of fears but their destiny and life purpose compels them to confront and conquer them and learn the lessons they teach. They tend not to react emotionally or take too many things personally. Oftentimes, a lot of what they do is just business as usual.

The Scorpio sun Taurus moon combination suggest a person who may have a tendency to follow regular routines and predictable habits. They tend to know exactly what they want and will often stick with that for some time without much need for variety. They may have a knack for overindulgence and so self-restraint and deferral of gratification may be something they sometimes struggle with.

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However, as part of their personal life journey and quest for meaning and self development, the Scorpio sun Taurus moon person may undergo a number of major shifts in their life that are precipitated by their own spiritual restlessness. Scorpio is compelled to reinvent themselves and grow as a person. For them, death is symbolic as a necessary part of renewal and rebirth.

They also want to dig into things and uncover what is hidden from them. Their curiosity is pronounced and may lead them to a career as a detective or merely a nosey neighbor. In any case, they desire stability and need security and resources in order to feel emotionally fulfilled. They are not necessarily materialistic, but the Scorpio sun Taurus moon person may have an emotional response to money and status.

While they are likely to be self assured and confident, these individuals may at times grow jealous or insecure when comparing themselves to others. They like nice things and they work hard to acquire them, sometimes in part, to impress the opposite sex. But they also enjoy the power of ownership and having control over something.

Whether male or female, the Scorpio sun Taurus moon personality is likely adept at managing resources and people. They are very pragmatic and judicial and can leverage their cool headed disposition to assess and strategize. They are generally comfortable taking control of the captain’s seat and may possess respectable leadership ability.

Scorpio sun Taurus Moon In Love

The Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon Man or Woman is also passionate and romantic. They crave physical affection and sensual delights and take a special pleasure in the thrill of courtship. Although they often appear calm they possess a deep well of emotion that can be stirred up into a tidal wave of intensity.

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They are very loyal and committed to their loved ones and responsibilities and try to be equitable and generous with other people. They are careful with finances and are often good at building wealth through ambitious entrepreneurial efforts. The Scorpio sun Taurus moon person absolutely hates being in debt to others and tries to avoid borrowing money as much as possible.

The Scorpio sun Taurus moon combination suggests someone who takes some time to earn trust from as they are very shrewd judges of character. They do not take betrayal lightly and will sometimes test the extent of people’s commitment to them. If they fail, the Scorpio sun Taurus moon person may forever keep such a person at a distance, never giving them access to their vulnerable and sentimental side.

This sun moon combination also suggests a strong need for control both in terms of their personal lives and their relationships. The Scorpio sun Taurus moon individual can be difficult to contend with when they don’t see eye to eye on certain issues. They are not likely to back down can blow up in heated displays of vehemence.

They may have a penchant for holding grudges and may have little reservations about cutting people out of their lives with whom they have a falling out with. Whether male or female, the Scorpio sun Taurus moon may sometimes be misunderstood and viewed in an undeservedly negative light due to their controlling and secretive tendencies.

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