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Leo Zodiac Sign

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Leo (23 July – 22 August)

Ruler: Sun
Principle: Fixed
Element: Fire
Body Part: Heart

The 5th sign of the zodiac is symbolized by the proud lion. Leo is archetypally the performer and the artist. They are social creatures with a sunny disposition who love being admired and lavished with attention. When they’re not getting enough attention they may become tempermental.  They have a big ego but also a big heart. They are warm and friendly folks who love deeply and are very generous and giving to those they care about. Leo is noble like a magnanimous king who truly cares about his subjects. Confidence and self assurance give this sign natural leadership qualities. They are artists who love to perform or entertain at parties and events. They are not wall flowers, they love to mingle and are often lively, stentorian conversationalists.

Being fixed gives this fire sign an element of obstinence and persistence to their nature. They are stable and reliable with strong principles.

Positive: warm, generous, confident, positive
Negative: Self-centered, pompous, exhorbitant

Famous Leo People:
Andrew Garfield, Drake, Joe Rogan, Brian Redban,  Roman Polanski, Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Piven, Barack Obama, Mila Kunis, Sandra Bullock

The Decanates of Leo:

1st decan – 23 July – 2 August
Leo with subinfluence of the sun

This decan enhances the basic traits of Leo. An extra dose of pride and self assurance may give the appearance of arrogance but this decan has an extra big heart. Displaying the benevolence nature and helping others will win friends and respect.

2nd decan – 3 August – 12 August
Leo with subinfluence of jupiter

The subinfluence of Sagittarius expands Leos intellectual horizons. An emphasis on higher learning and travel along with frankness of speech are characteristic of this decan.

3rd decan – 13 August – 22 August
Leo with the subinfluence of Mars

Leo’s drive is accentuated by Mars. The ego is more pronounced in this decan and confidence can go through the roof. Impulsiveness along with a sharp mind are present and allow this sign to excel in whatever they pursue.

Other sun signs:




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