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6 Things That Make Scorpios Lose Their Temper

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The Scorpio Temper

For the most part, Scorpios have a knack for remaining composed. As the reigning kings and queens of the poker face, you will never know what they’re feeling—which is kind of an amazing feat as this water sign feels a lot. Raging storms may be brewing inside, but on the outside, they present themselves as the picture of calm. It’s no wonder this sign is known for its inclination toward revenge. All of the suppressed emotions eventually need an outlet, and the best perpetrator for revenge is someone who doesn’t reveal their cards. However, there are a few special instances when Scorpios get stretched to the limit and they lose their temper. When this happens, it’s best to run as far away as possible.

1. Trying To Deceive Them

An investigative nature is ingrained into a Scorpio’s core. As the detectives of the zodiac, they’re extremely clever and they know how to apply their intense focus on any person or situation. It goes without saying, they’re not easily fooled. But on the rare occasion this does happen, it’s going to take an awful lot of effort. When they come to the realization they’ve been duped, their temper makes an appearance in a big way. Even the theatrical Leos are no match for Scorpios at their worst. When they unleash their fury, their co-ruler, Mars, makes a grand appearance. Everything and everyone is in the path of destruction.

2. Being Insincere With Them

One of Scorpio’s biggest pet peeves are people who are fake, inauthentic, and pretend to be something other than what they are. Their BS detectors are always on. Insincerity won’t rip raging emotions from them in the same way lying can, but if you are anything less than real, you will quickly discover why the Scorpion is known for its sting. They will call you out, embarrass you, and rip you to shreds. And if any sign understands how to make words hurt in a physical way, it’s a Scorpio.

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3. Betraying Them

Betrayal is Scorpio’s unforgivable sin. Loyalty means everything to the fixed sign. They don’t easily allow people into their hearts, but once they do, they give all of themselves. If you break their trust, it’s best to accept your fate. You will be the recipient of their revenge. Close friendships are bad enough when tested, but Scorpios feel the betrayal of romantic relationships even more intensely. Because they are possessive by nature, infidelity is a line that can’t be crossed. The deception will send a Scorpio to the brink of insanity. Not only will they exact revenge, but they will never, ever forgive.

4. Breaking Promises Made To Them

This ties in with betrayal. Scorpios do not take promises lightly. When they make a promise, it’s as if they signed a binding contract. They will do everything in their power to make it happen. The same is expected in return. When a promise is unfulfilled or broken, all hell breaks loose. You can expect their temper to escalate in a way that rivals a Taurus—which is no small tantrum. Beware of screaming and the destruction of property.

5. Hurting Scorpio’s Loved Ones

Though they are not the type to keep many people close, the ones they do hold dear are off limits. This includes family, close friendships, and romantic partners. When you hurt a Scorpio’s loved one, you may as well have hurt them directly. They will hold you accountable for the pain you’ve caused, and they will come after you for retribution.

6. Losing Power or Control

Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, encompasses the idea of power. Maintaining control is what drives them to be so observant and focused. While this trait can be beneficial, losing control becomes the Scorpion’s downfall. If for any reason, their power has been stripped, it can feel like a personal death. This is when the breakdown begins. Emotions they’ve worked so hard to suppress reveal themselves in every way imaginable. Crying, screaming, and bouts of depression may manifest in the extreme. As shocking as this can be to witness, Scorpios will rebound eventually. Pluto rules both death and rebirth. Once a Scorpio has recovered, they will ruthlessly work to rebuild their power as if they are coming back from the dead.

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  1. One of the realest Scorpio articles ever. I can’t stand when people try to downplay the Scorpio, or try to compare themselves as superior (which in itself is already coming from an inferiority complex as it is) when they KNOW there’s no comparison

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