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Neptune Square Pluto

dark fantasy by vhm alex d6vzu20


A dark inner world is hidden away from the eyes of others. There may be unhealthy obsessions and fixations with death and things of a macabre nature. The imagination may be filled with images of violence and sexual deviancy or strange fetishes and paraphilia. Ghosts, wiccanism, and the occult in general may be of interest as well as anything else tenebrous and mysterious. Escapism may be a problem and addiction and substance abuse may become a serious issue. The individual may do serious harm to themselves through self-destructive habits, choices and behaviors and may require a healthy support network to keep them on the right path. A lack of clarity in perspective is due to Neptune’s haziness which obscures and blurs reality.

The individual sees what they want to see and believes what they want to believe regardless of the facts. There may be delusions of power and self importance and the individual may express a domineering attitude towards others in their attempt to control them. Nevertheless, if the challenges faced by the individual are overcome, the substantial creative energy possessed may bloom and become a great asset to them.

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