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Neptune Sextile Pluto

el andr gino 02 by marianapalova d8nw2eaTHE THESPIAN

To be or not to be? This aspect indicates a talent for transformation and metamorphosis into that which the individual imagines. The ability to emulate and embody the essence of a character is an invaluable skill in theater. It requires keen perception and observation of details and nuance which is something Pluto is adept at. The surreal subjectivity of Neptune is able to recreate and capture the quidditas of a thing allowing the individual to immerse themselves into a role convincingly embodying it’s characteristics and behaviors. Intensely dramatic, the imagination is rich and fecund with life and manifests into their work or on a random whimsy. This aspect lends itself to powerful creativity and inspiring idealism. These people may hold extreme yet original spiritual views and convictions that might captivate other’s curiosity. They could make excellent cult leaders with their mystical magnetism effortlessly drawing listless vagrants to their flock with open arms.

This aspect is after transcendence, through their art or religion to unite with a higher power of divinity and supreme beauty. The symbolism of death and rebirth is expressed in their ability to reform and reinvent themselves into different personas.

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