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Creativity and self expression are important to you and essential to your happiness. Your self image is malleable and subject to influence by others and your environment. Impressions from the outside world are soaked up like a sponge, moisturizing the  soil of your fertile imagination. Your inner world is highly active and your dreams are often vivid. Your mind is receptive and open to possibilities. Your views and opinions tend to be idealistic and subjective rather than realistic and objective. Nevertheless, compassion and empathy compel you to help others and your friendly, unassuming deportment allows you to form friendships very easily.

You may be popular among your peers and able to get along with many types of personalities due to your protean and inoffensive qualities. You may be drawn to the arts in some way either as a creator or curator and may possess artistic talents of your own. You do not care for labels being imposed on you. You value your uniqueness and originality and prefer not to be categorized or classified into inconvenient boxes. You strive to make things better and often daydream of idyllic pastures not yet realized. If given the opportunity, you could do great good in the world as an inspiring teacher of love and peace.

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