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mars conjunct neptune
“Breakout” by Gingershots – mars conjunct neptune

Mars Conjunct Neptune – Passionate Dreamer

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he marshall dynamism of Mars serves to bring to life the many dreams and ideals of Neptune. On it’s own, Neptune can lack direction and focus becoming lost in it’s own fog of idealistic delusions. Mars injects drive and willpower to the individual helping them to take action rather than fiddle around idly on the sidelines. Those with this aspect are likely to harbor deep and passionate feeling with a need for creative expression. They are very open to new experiences and possess an insatiable curiosity. Their minds are highly impressionable and affected by the energies of others both positive and negative. They may also absorb that energy which is why it is important for them to stay away from toxic people and environments. Such things can really poison their souls. However, Mars fortifies Neptune’s profound sensitivity and prevents the individual from falling too deeply into despair and depression. They are able to bounce back from most setbacks with a spirit that refuses to die.

People with this aspect possess vision and the werewithal to bring their ideas to fruition. They can weather storms and spearhead their plans with energy and vigor. They can be highly naive and foolhardy but their pluckiness serves them well. They are not afraid of failure and do not worry themselves with it because they are so busy with their eye on the prize. They are confident and capable with youthful charm. They can be inspiring to others who often look up to them as a leader and bellwether. They hold many strengths that make them suitable for positions of leadership including bravery and decisiveness. They are skilled at seizing opportunities and capitalizing on the moment.

characteristics of Neptune conjunct Mars:

  • clever and quick-witted
  • highly creative
  • inventive and enterprising
  • naive
  • confident
  • visionary idealist
  • youthful
  • powerful emotions

mars neptune conjunction

neptune mars conjunction


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