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Neptune Conjunct Pluto

chameleon by viridis somnio
Image by viridis-somnio


When Neptune, the planet of fantasy, dreams and illusion links up with Pluto, the planet of secrets, power, and rebirth the result is transformative. With this aspect in the natal chart the personality will likely develop a self image that is apt to undergo frequent changes or phases. Reinvention and upheavals in their personal status quo may keep others guessing as to what version of the personality they will see next. This chameleon-like ability to shape-shift their comportment allows them to blend and mesh seamlessly with a variety of different groups and situations. The sensitivity to their environment also enables them to pick up and mirror the vibes they receive from others. They have a fertile imagination and can envision themselves in almost anyone’s shoes by inhabiting them mentally. Hence this being a very creative aspect to have. There may be artistic ability and passion for the expression of it that may also be channeled through the performance arts, or writing.

There may be powerful spiritual feelings and a desire to connect with a higher power or consciousness. The mysteries of the universe hold an irresistible allure to the deep and profound need to explore and seek understanding of the highest form. Much of this is achieved psychically within the mindscape of a rich internal world of fantasy. Neptune conjunct Pluto bestows fantastic imagination that the individual tours like a space shuttle gliding in space. He/she can get lost in their heads and lose track of themselves. They have a tendency to mimic and adopt the mannerisms and characteristics of the things around them and their true selves may become buried beneath layers of artifice. Getting to truly know these individuals may be difficult to do and few people gain backstage access to how they really think.

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