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Neptune Trine Pluto

5ac4ec41cefb8f85da99e29129af7405THE MAGICIAN

The art of deception is second nature with this aspect. The neptunian ability to mislead and misdirect is enhanced by the auspices of Pluto which concerns all things unknown and hidden. A man or woman of this aspect may possess an intriguing and compelling manner that draws others to them like moths to the flame. They have the power to manipulate and influence their peers entrancing them with the magnetic aura surrounding them. This is perhaps an exaggeration but the point is that there is a talent for devising clever charades, tricks and illusions and for simply duping people in general. There may also be an ability for mimicry or impersonations, transforming themselves into something unrecognizable. A shroud of mystery conceals their true persona, sometimes flashing a glimpse of it only to leave others wondering if it was another act. They are hard to pin down and do not classify neatly into convenient boxes.

Spirituality and the paranormal studies may hold their interest along with some occult dabblings. Magic tricks may satisfy the thrill of deceiving people or perhaps they may become con artists cozening unsuspecting victims out of their hard earned currency. They might also make for excellent authors of detective or horror fiction where they can craft riveting tales utilizing their psychological insight.

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