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Neptune in House Twelve

Neptune in the 12th House Overview:

Neptune in the 12th house encompasses a deeply spiritual side. For people who have this placement, their faith is a very significant and important part of their life. When they neglect their spiritual needs, they can easily become discontent and feel lost in life. Additionally, their capacity for belief can carry them through tough and difficult situations throughout the course of their life. It can help them deal with emotional issues and setbacks but it can also prevent them from confronting the harsh reality on a factual basis.

Neptune in the 12th house can contribute to self-denial and self-deception which can sometimes enable delusions and a lack of objectivity. Individuals with this placement have a capacity for reframing and twisting information to suit a preferable narrative or fit in with their beliefs. Among their ideals and spiritual needs, is the principle of divine love and forgiveness. Moreover, redemption and atonement are important themes under this placement. There’s a high degree of relativism here that is antithetical to the more black and white, harsh and rigid structures of institutional jurisprudence. Here now is a look at Neptune in the 12th house and what it means as both a Transit and natal chart placement.

Neptune in the 12th House key Traits:

  • sensitive and artistic
  • preference for quiet environments
  • creative
  • meditative
  • otherworldly
  • avoidant of life demands
  • spiritual wisdom
  • easygoing
  • gullibility
  • feelings of guilt
  • unrealistic delusions

The 12th House:

The 12th house in astrology is known as the house of secrets. It is associated with karma and metaphysics in general. In addition to that, it is connected with self-delusion, escapism, self destruction, bondage, hidden enemies, hospitals, prisons, monasteries and other places that involve seclusion. The twelfth house is ruled by Neptune and is thus connected with the dissolution of the ego for the purpose of transcendence, spiritual maturation and reincarnation. It deals with mystic intuitions and healing with regards to psychological health rather than physical. The planets that occupy the 12th house are said to indicate something about what specific areas of growth the individual has undergone in a past life or needs to undergo in their current one.

The Planet Neptune:

In astrology, the planet Neptune is regarded as the great Dissolver. The object of dissolution is the ego and the preoccupation with selfish pursuits. Neptune is the planet of mysticism and spiritual awakening. Its influence brings our attention to higher ideals and stimulates our capacity to dream and imagine possibilities. In contrast to Saturn, Neptune is detached from reality and can even be in denial of it. Accepting a bitter or inconvenient truth can be difficult for Neptune to stomach or come to grips with directly. Neptune provides self healing through escapism and faith in things unseen and only intuitively felt.

Neptune in the 12th House Natal:

In the 12th house, Neptune is in its natural home. Here, Neptune is able to flourish in its natural element as a conduit for transcendence and access to worlds beyond reality. This placement fosters psychic-like sensitivity, a deeply impressionistic nature and a strong capacity for getting lost in one’s own mind. Individuals with this placement are likely to often suffer dissatisfaction with reality not living up to their dreams and expectations. For them, the world of their imagination is often better than reality. Additionally, this can contribute to a penchant for self-deception or delusional thinking.

On the other hand, Neptune in the 12th house can produce genius creativity and intuitions that defy logic or rational explanation. In the birth chart, this configuration fosters an interest in being attuned to things that are ineffable and ethereal. Things such as the pneuma, chakras and the sacred harmonies of the universe revealed through mathematics and physics are part of its wheel house. There is a greater desire to cultivate knowledge about the mysterious and supernatural phenomena that operate in the background away from most people’s conscious awareness.

Neptune in the 12th house promotes a more universal form of love that unifies and brings people together under the banner of humanity. It highlights a focus on the spirit within and not the physical vessel that encases it. Neptune is deeply invested in the affairs of the 12th house but can also foment a detachment from reality and enable magical thinking that is illogical and out of touch with how the real world works. Ultimately, they are interested in revealing the unseen and shedding light on the ignoble souls of this earth who only understand the world in terms of the concrete reality and surface appearance.

These individuals are deeply imaginative and have a capacity for constructing fantastic and elaborate worlds in their mind. At the same time, this ability can also make them fantastic liars or at least highly creative ones. They have the ability to convince themselves of almost anything they want to believe and entertain perspectives that don’t necessarily make any sense. Neptune in the 12th house can manifest vivid dreams that may often wax prophetic or prescient. For them, much of reality is relativistic. Almost everything we perceive is an illusion or a subjective rendition of it. Under this placement, individuals can manifest fears that are sometimes irrational and unfounded.

They may have a penchant for being gullible and buying into the ploys of characters who are less than scrupulous. Suffering may often be caused by their own doing either from ill-advised decisions or self denial about their addressing their own emotional and spiritual needs. The pathway to wholeness and happiness will often be found through service to others. When they are able to offer love, inspiration and support that helps others, they will feel more connected with the divine and it will be like sunshine for their soul. Their personal journey toward spiritual growth may be fraught with many snares and traps that threaten to derail them from their proper destiny and path.

Neptune in the 12th House Transit:

When Neptune transits the 12th house, it can deepen our faith and spirituality. We may become more emotionally sensitive and attune to the suffering in the world and also the consequences and effects our actions have on others. This transit can stimulate a greater degree of selflessness and also recognition and awareness for how small we are in the context of the universe. It can inspire us to invest in our spiritual wealth and put out positive karma that can hopefully curry favor from the universe and the powers that be. At this time, we are compelled to serve others or suffer from a sense of emotional or spiritual alienation.

Our happiness during this period will depend heavily on our spiritual investments rather than the material and monetary. Simultaneously, you may be more vulnerable to falling in traps that prey on our hopes and dreams and in some cases, a desperation for enlightenment and happiness. Neptune can sometimes lead us to search for this fulfillment in the wrong places and we must be more cautious and wise in avoiding the trap of instant gratification and escapism. Much of which can stem from a denial of reality and avoiding the confrontation of dealing with problems directly.

Neptune in the 12th house in Each Zodiac Sign:

Neptune in the 12th house in Aries – In the sign of Aries, Neptune in the 12th house signifies the potential for self undoing through impulsive and naive tendencies. People with this placement have an underlying desire to test their spiritual fortitude. They may have more courage and idealism than what they let on. These individuals may have a tendency to flout practical and conventional measures of caution due to overconfidence and faith in their ability to manifest their desired outcomes.

Neptune in the 12th house in Taurus – In Taurus, Neptune in the 12th house represents a potential for self undoing through missed opportunities and a reluctance to take unnecessary risks. Furthermore, individuals who have this placement are able to attract positive karma through the provision of material resources. They are likely to be very generous and willing to share and participate in acts of charity and the administration of supplies and important physical needs of our others.

Neptune in the 12th house in Gemini – In the sign of Gemini, Neptune in house 12 signifies karmic consequences surrounding the power of Words. People with this placement can often attract good or bad karma as a consequence of positive or negative speech. When they engage in gossip and deception it will likely come back to haunt them in this house. Furthermore, these individuals may possess a hidden strength in their ability to stimulate and inspire others to appeal to their Humanity and be a better person.

Neptune in the 12th house in Cancer – In the sign of Cancer, Neptune in the 12th house signifies an emphasis on emotional maturity and the desire for karmic security. Individuals who have this placement in their charts are very sensitive and concerned with the moral ramifications of their actions. They are very conscious of the notion of “what goes around comes around”. They may worry about the consequences of mistakes that may carry over into the late stages of their life. Furthermore they have an underlying desire to promote a sense of fellowship and commonality between people in the spirit of belonging to a larger universal family.

Neptune in the 12th house in Leo – In the sign of Leo, Neptune in the 12th house Indicates a capacity for big love of a spiritual nature. With this configuration, there is an emphasis on drawing creative inspiration from the collective consciousness. These individuals are in tune with deeper forms of expression especially with regards to the complicated forms of love. They can be naive in their eagerness to be magnanimous and perform bold acts of charity to others. Their idealism can sometimes blind them to the real and present dangers about who to trust.

Neptune in the 12th house in Virgo – In Virgo, Neptune in the 12th house Manifests the potential for self undoing on account of overextending themselves in the service of others. Individuals with this placement in their chart are inclined to be very modest and self-deprecating. They may be reluctant to assert their own personal needs in favor of catering to those of others. Although their selfless and conscientious intentions are laudable,, it can sometimes be to their own detriment. Karmically however, they can attract positive rewards and derive a sense of spiritual fulfillment through their selfless deeds and acts of service.

Neptune in the 12th house in Libra – In the sign of Libra, Neptune in house 12 begets an emphasis on the facilitation of balance and harmony between others. Under this placement, the moral significance of fairness and moral justice is highlighted. Furthermore, people with this placement in their chart are very humane in their judgment and they seek to place greater importance on moral principles over logic rules. Their undoing can come from the occasional hypocrisy they may show and backlash against perhaps moral posturing and self-righteousness on their part.

Neptune in the 12th house in Scorpio – In the sign of Scorpio, Neptune in the 12th house encompasses an aspect of deep inner exploration of personal beliefs and values. These individuals are keen on cultivating a deeper consciousness and awareness of existential truths and wisdom of a higher order. They are attracted to the occult and to mystical studies that are connected with theological concepts and abstract patterns found in nature. Moreover, these individuals may have a fatalistic perspective and a sense of destiny that they are striving to fulfill. Their self undoing can come as a consequence of being too devoted to their ideals in an overzealous way to the point of martyrdom.

Neptune in the 12th house in Sagittarius – In Sagittarius, Neptune in house 12 represents an element of expansion with regards to Inner growth and spiritual maturity. These individuals take a more academic approach to the process of self-discovery and the cultivation of insight into the deeper realm of their subconscious and also the collective consciousness of human beings. People who have this placement are very open-minded with an interest in promoting freedom to explore different ideas and engage in intellectual discourse that enhances our understanding of one another.

Neptune in the 12th house in Capricorn – In the sign of Capricorn, Neptune in house 12 constitutes an aspect of isolation and intensive examination of existential concepts regarding human nature and the meaning of life. These individuals can spend a great deal of time privately for the purpose of building a deeper understanding about their own spiritual beliefs and moral principles. They may favor the structure of organized religion as a foundation for their lives and also a sense of security about they’re spiritual and emotional well-being.

Neptune in the 12th house in Aquarius – In the sign of Aquarius, Neptune in the 12th house manifests as a gravitation towards quirky and highly unconventional spiritual beliefs. These individuals may be attracted to ideas that are very progressive and in support of individual liberty and the sovereignty of the individual’s value. They take opposition against theological rules and principals that are antagonistic towards individual freedom. They promote the notion of living one’s own truth and to embark on a personal Journey to figure out what is truly right or wrong independent of what society has taught them.

Neptune in the 12th house in Pisces – In the sign of Pisces, Neptune in house 12 rendors a highly idealistic and intuitive spiritual life. These individuals are very connected with what they feel is true and morally right. They rely on their gut instincts and feelings to guide them and reveal insights and observations about the world that seem almost divinely-inspired. Having this configuration however, can also contribute to sometimes delusional beliefs that are deeply disconnected with reality as it is objectively.

Neptune in the 12th House Celebrities:

Vladimir Putin (October 7th, 1952) Neptune in the 12th house in Libra
Megan Fox (May 16th, 1988) Neptune in the 12th house in Capricorn
Prince (musician) (June 7th, 1958) Neptune in the 12th house in Scorpio
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (September 15th, 1984) Neptune in the 12th house in Sagittarius
Alyssa Milano (December 19th, 1972) Neptune in the 12th house in Sagittarius
Zac Efron (October 18th, 1987) Neptune in the 12th house in Capricorn
Alain Delon (November 8th, 1935) Neptune in the 12th house in Virgo
Nikola Tesla (July 10th, 1856) Neptune in the 12th house in Pisces
Gisele Bündchen (July 20th, 1980) Neptune in the 12th house in Sagittarius

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