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Pisces Anger: 6 Things That Will Infuriate Pisces

pisces anger

As a sign not known for being hot-tempered or easily provoked, the Pisces person is typically a kind and sensitive soul. Pisces are very emotional beings, but unlike Aries who are often very candid and transparent about their raw feelings, the Pisces person will often be vague and indirect. They tend to internalize and withhold their true emotions and do so for their own self preservation.

However, the emotions they bottle up can intensify over time and suddenly erupt in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. Pisces’ anger level is a slow boil and will initially show up in the form of sour moods and bad attitudes. When they are overwhelmed emotionally, they may lash out or otherwise engage in passive aggressive acts of defiance. Because their feelings can be so complicated and puzzling, it can sometimes be difficult for others to understand just what it is that troubles the angry Pisces female or angry Pisces male. Here is a look at 6 things in particular that can invoke Pisces anger.

1. Bursting Their Bubble

For Pisces, the real world can sometimes be too much for them to bear and they often take refuge in escapism and fantasy as a way to cope. At heart, Pisces are idealists who tend to see the world in a very subjectivist way. They are susceptible to delusions, magical thinking and unrealistic expectations. As dreamers, it can be very disheartening when cynical pragmatists throw shade or rain on their parade. For them, the power of their faith and belief, however wacky, is essential to their happiness and motivation. When people try to dash their hopes and dreams with negativity or “realism”, the disillusionment, and discouragement it may cause can easily result in sadness that turns into resentment and anger.

2. Invalidating Their Feelings

Pisces are highly sensitive and their emotions and sentiments tend to carry much weight in their judgment and perceptions. They feel things very strongly and when others deny, dismiss or minimize the Pisces person’s subjective experience, it can be deeply upsetting to them. Furthermore, it can be enraging when others gaslight them about what they are feeling as though it is just their imagination or them being oversensitive. It is bad enough when a Pisces is brave enough to be vulnerable and share their feelings in the first place. But it is even worse when even their objective assertions get dismissed as being personal feelings.

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3. Cruelty & Mean Spiritedness

Pisces people are peaceful souls who are not motivated by power or control. Humane and compassionate, they are instead propelled by a spirit of love and creative inspiration. They aspire to grow spiritually and experience love of a deeper, more divine nature. That said, acts of cruelty and inhumanity are things that can arouse moral indignation in them. A Pisces’ kindness should not be mistaken for weakness. They can be quite bold when taking a stance against what they regard as crimes against humanity. Pisces despise bullies and are keen to defend the vulnerable and innocent from being subjected to mistreatment and undue harshness especially that which they themselves may have experienced.

4. Harsh Criticism & Personal Attacks

A Pisces’ sensitivity can make them quite thin-skinned. Sometimes it can be difficult for them not to take even constructive criticism personally. For the most part however, they are quite receptive and open to edifying feedback. They however, do not appreciate overly negative criticisms. Once they feel insulted or disrespected, anything you have to say will likely fall on deaf ears. Initially, Pisces may feel emotionally wounded by such criticism which may prompt them to withdraw and possibly dwell or sulk about it. Criticism can temporarily demoralize them until it sparks enough anger that motivates them to prove their naysayers wrong.

5. Invasions of their Privacy

Pisces has a tender inner world that they try to guard and protect. It can feel as though the outside world sometimes demands too much from them. Their personal life and personal time is sacred and there are a lot of things in their life that they surely want to protect and keep to themselves. Pisces are very exclusive about who they allow into their inner sanctum. Pisces dislike nosey, meddlesome people who pry into their personal business. For this reason, they have no qualms about being cagey or deceptive when dealing with people who are not respecting their boundaries. Normally patient and long suffering, a Pisces person can become quite cross and confrontational once they decide to draw the line.

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6. Pushy & Divisive People

Abrasive and controlling people generally rub Pisces the wrong way. Pisces people need a certain amount of freedom and latitude to do their thing but they have a tendency to get distracted with their head in the clouds. Although Pisces may sometimes need some degree of direction and guidance from others to keep them on track, too much of it can backfire and drive a Pisces to rebel. They don’t like being micromanaged or overly controlled by task masters. Pisces tend to have their own way and approach for doing things and they can get really annoyed and frustrated by people who stifle their creativity and artistic freedom.


In summary, Pisces is a peace monger, a guru of love and spiritual enlightenment. This however, does not make them harmless or incapable of wrath. In fact, the emotional sensitivity of these individuals can make them subject to a range of intense emotions including anger. Despite how it might appear, they tend to experience emotions very strongly. It is just that more often than not, they choose to internalize rather than outwardly express. When a Pisces is visibly mad at you, it typically means that they have been pushed way too far or have been holding onto negative emotions for far too long. It is important for them to have positive and supportive people around with whom they can share and confide what they are feeling. Being able to talk about problems with someone they trust can spare them a lot of grief and internal strife.

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