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March 4 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope

march 4 zodiac sign birthday

MARCH 4 ZODIAC SIGN IS: PISCES (February 18 – March 20)

The Pisces born March 4th is an imaginative idealist with an orderly and pragmatic bend. They have all the sensitivity and feeling characteristic of Pisces natives, but are less inclined to suffer from a lack of focus and direction. They have a purposeful nature that allows them to get things done and focus on productive endeavors. They are responsible and hardworking and able to manage projects that require creative vision and organizational skills. Furthermore, the Pisces born on this day has a professional, mature yet personable disposition that earns them respect and admiration from others. Read on for a description of the March 4 zodiac personality horoscope.


Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the fish. It corresponds to the 12th house in astrology also known as the “house of secrets” and belongs to the water element which represents emotionality, sensitivity, and intuition. It is also one of the mutable signs which are characterized as changeable and adaptable. Neptune is the planetary ruler of Pisces. In astrology, Neptune is associated with illusion, fantasy, dreams, and idealism. Moreover, Neptune is considered the higher octave of the planet Venus and Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces.

pisces symbol

2nd DECAN: Cancer/Moon
MOTTO: “I Believe”.
BODY PART: The feet:
SPECIAL COLORS: Pale green and turquoise:
FLOWERS: Water Lily, White Poppy, Jonquil
TREES: Fig and Willow
METAL: Platinum


The March 4 Pisces man or woman is an old soul. They display a conscientious attitude and responsible nature. Hard-working and reliable, they put forth a selfless commitment to their obligations and duties to others. Although they are conventional and organized, they still possess a highly creative mind and a knack for lateral thinking. The March 4 zodiac personality is a lofty dreamer but also a pragmatist. People with this birthday straddle the line between the world of the spiritual and the material. They’re not bound to fall victim to the unrealistic and naive expectations that often contribute to the Pisces’ undoing.

The energy of this birthday indicates a person who is not overly emotional or effusive. The nature of their thoughts and feelings are often reserved and detached. They are good at balancing work and play and although they take their jobs and roles seriously, still maintain a pleasant and personable charm that makes it easy to work with them. They are psychologically astute and perceptive about people and what makes them tick. They are shrewd observers of human behavior picking up on subtle details and idiosyncrasies in other’s actions. The Pisces born on March 4th strives to be a reliable and trustworthy individual who people hold in high esteem.

They are creative professionals but on the surface can often appear more traditional and conventional than they really are. They’re likely to be of a more introverted bent and not especially outgoing or social. They often keep to themselves and focus on their work operating mostly behind the scenes away from the spotlight. They can seem like a bit of a bore at times and exhibit a reserved demeanor showing little desire for making a splash or drawing excessive attention to themselves. Nevertheless, they have a fertile imagination and a deep desire to create work that is meaningful and artistically satisfying to them. They take great pride in their craft and making it the best that it can be.

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The March 4 zodiac personality is also humble and unpretentious. They tend to dress in conservative garb and blend in with their surroundings rather than stand out in flamboyant attire. They are often average in appearance but orderly, neat and clean. They are inclined to be hermits and workaholics whose life revolves mainly around their passion projects and creative endeavors rather than frivolous recreation. Furthermore, they tend to be private about their personal lives and avoid divulging too much of themselves to others. They harbor a deep inner sensitivity and a soft side that takes great pleasure in deep emotional connection and sentimentality shared between them and their loved ones.


The March 4 Pisces is a wonderful employee thanks to their diligent and dependable nature. They are punctual, organized and will pay attention to the details that make all the difference. They can excel in work that is artistically satisfying and involves some technical and structural design. They are craftspeople who are proficient at what they do, whatever they do. They take a methodical and systematic approach to most tasks and are able to complete them efficiently. Generally speaking, they try to maintain organization and avoid chaos whenever possible. They can become deeply stressed when they must sort out convoluted and complicated issues.

The March 4th zodiac personality possesses good leadership ability although they do not necessarily seek to be in such roles. Nevertheless, they exercise good judgment and intuitive understanding for how to motivate and bring out the best in other people. Although they can be taskmasters and highly disciplined, the March 4 Pisces is still compassionate and flexible when it comes to understanding other people and their needs. Pisces born on this day may be drawn to careers in entertainment, particularly on the production side of the business. They are excellent creative directors and people who can organize and orchestrate resources around a specific vision.


The March 4 Pisces is a deeply devoted and loving partner. They can make for excellent providers and caretakers who nurture and protect. They can be highly self- sacrificing and willing to walk through fire for their children. They are attentive and supportive of their loved ones and will voluntarily tend to many of the mundane tasks and duties involved around the house. They maintain an active life apart from your relationship but they like to include their Partners in their activities and special interests.

In love and relationships the March 4th Pisces may harbor some uncertainty. They are drawn to intelligent people who are also assertive and mentally engaging. They desire a partner who is hard-working like they are and shares the same attitude and approach to challenges and obstacles. The March 4th zodiac personality enjoys collaborating and learning from others who display inner wisdom and substance. When they are happy with their relationships, they will invest plenty of time and money into it.


The significance of being born on the 4th imputes the attributes and qualities of the number 4. The energy of the number 4 is that of stability and orderliness. People born on such a day are therefore presented as organized, pragmatic and self-disciplined. They are hard working and seek to establish stability both in their lives and that of others. Patient and meticulous, people born on the 4th are inclined to be excellent planners as well who can coordinate and manage people and events.

Practicality and persistence characterize those born on the 4th of any month. They can be quite physical and enjoy working with their hands to build and craft. They are motivated by purpose and have little interest in fruitless frivolities. Staying busy keeps them happy and fulfilled and they can often become workaholics when passionate about what they do. People with a 4 birthday are rarely idle and they are good at finding constructive activities to pursue.

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Technical and mechanical skills are likely to be manifested in those with a number 4 birthday. They often have a keen sense of form and structure and a strong ability for understanding how things fit together. Those with a number 4 birthday can also thrive in the world of business and banking. They can be very shrewd and calculating and will often make decisions that err on the side of caution and fiscal prudence.

Although they are not very sentimental and saccharine in temperament, number 4 people are nonetheless loyal and may care strongly for the people around them. They are highly dependable and responsible in nature. Others can count on them to do what is expected and needed. Fours are often well prepared and able to deal with daunting and complicated tasks that require a structured and methodical approach. Full of determination and drive, the number 4 person is able to apply great will power toward the fulfillment of their goals and objectives.

The significance of a number 4 birthday also indicates a personality that is conventional and security-conscious. They do not take unnecessary and foolhardy risks and focus on developing strong foundations and establishing law and order. They are typically honest and direct but also stubborn and undiplomatic. A lack of tact and willingness to compromise may result in many clashes with others. Although they are often fair and judicious the number 4 personality may need to guard against being too ruthless and uncompassionate.


With the sub-influence of the Moon as the decanate ruler, the sun sign will carry some of the lunar qualities of Cancer. Heightened emotions and sentimentality are noted along with a strong urge to nurture and protect whatever they hold near and dear to their hearts. Although they may not show it, their feelings are easily hurt and wounded by any sign of rejection. They protect themselves with a shell of toughness but those closest to them know what a softy they truly are. The moon imparts a stronger attachment to the past, family history, and legacy in general.

Individuals with this decan may come from close-knit families and if not, it may be one of their deepest desires to have that in their lives. They are likely to form strong bonds with family and friends and they place a high premium on loyalty and emotional support. They tend to give more than they get, but they don’t mind. They can be both selfish and selfless but whatever they do, tends to come from the heart and what they believe is right. Creating a family of their own is likely to be one of their life goals but will first desire to be in a position where the can be a good provider for their family before they do so.

With this decan, good family life is a big part of what keeps them stable and grounded. There is an affinity to the feminine here that is even present in the men. The males of this decan may feel a special closeness and understanding of women and may also feel more in touch with the feminine aspects of themselves. It is likely they identify with and enjoy the company of women more than men and will likely have more female friends as well. This is not to imply that they are any less masculine or effeminate, but simply that they really enjoy women and being near their nurturing, affectionate energy.

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Furthermore, those with this decan are disposed to being knights errant and highly chivalrous if they are male. Females take pleasure in doting on and taking care of their mates. They are often happy to take on domestic roles provided they do not have a busy career to tend to. The males are often comfortable taking up domestic tasks as well to help out and they enjoy spoiling partners with romantic gestures and displays of affection.


Brooklyn Beckham – Born: March 4, 1999
In: London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 13°47′ Pisces AS: 6°19′ Libra
Moon: 13°01′ Libra MC: 8°14′ Cancer

Bobbi Kristina Brown – Born: March 4, 1993
In: Livingston (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 14°07′ Pisces AS: 29°38′ Gemini
Moon: 22°11′ Cancer MC: 5°50′ Pisces

Chaz Bono – Born: March 4, 1969
In: Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 13°37′ Pisces AS: 12°46′ Sagittarius
Moon: 15°26′ Virgo MC: 27°13′ Virgo

Paula Prentiss – Born: March 4, 1938
In: San Antonio (TX) (United States)
Sun: 13°47′ Pisces AS: 13°56′ Virgo
Moon: 18°06′ Aries MC: 13°03′ Gemini

Umberto Tozzi – Born: March 4, 1952
In: Turin (Italy)
Sun: 14°00′ Pisces AS: 19°53′ Leo
Moon: 25°46′ Gemini MC: 9°17′ Taurus

Sam Taylor-Wood – Born: March 4, 1967
In: Croydon, South London (United Kingdom)
Sun: 13°13′ Pisces
Moon: 26°57′ Sagittarius

Rick Perry – Born: March 4, 1950
In: Haskell (TX) (United States)
Sun: 13°33′ Pisces AS: 27°56′ Taurus
Moon: 16°59′ Virgo MC: 9°42′ Aquarius

Whitney Port – Born: March 4, 1985
In: Los Angeles (CA) (United States)
Sun: 14°12′ Pisces
Moon: 13°13′ Leo


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