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Pisces Sun Taurus Moon

The pisces sun taurus moon personality is a Pisces who doesn’t let too many things get under their skin. Their emotions are a bit more stable but they may a have a visceral response to money and threats to their security. They may either be a bit indulgent or spartan in their lifestyle choice. People with pisces sun-taurus moon combination are likely to be interested in art and beauty and they appreciate the finer things in life. They may also be something of romantics who enjoy the art of seduction and wooing and being wooed by a prospective partner.

The pisces sun sign and taurus moon sign person may also possess more patience and the ability to focus for extended lengths of time. While they are imaginative and prone to flights of fancy, they for the most part display a rather composed demeanor and disposition that is generally down to earth and pragmatic. They are reliable and hardworking and probably less of a flake than most other Pisces. This Pisces has the ability to commit to long term goals and follow through and see them to fruition. They appreciate the value of hard work and they put in many hours towards the perfection and development of their craft to build security and stability for their future.

[ads-quote-center cite=’Edgar Cayce (pisces sun/taurus moon born March 18′]“There is progress whether ye are going forward or backward! The thing is to move!” [/ads-quote-center]

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon woman

The pisces sun-taurus moon female is bound to be very feminine and their temperament. They have a rich fantasy world that is often concerned with romantic ideals. They are deeply sensitive and they have big hearts but they guard it carefully so as not to let anyone take advantage of or malign them. Once they have been burned, they never forget but rather than become cold-hearted and aloof, they simply learn the lesson that they need to learn and move on. Hopefully they don’t carry that emotional baggage into their next relationship though.

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Pisces Sun Taurus Moon man

The Pisces sun Taurus moon man is likely to build defensive barriers and coping mechanisms around their sensitivities and insecurities. Whether they show it or not, this Pisces man is especially romantic and they may have a picture perfect ideal of what they want their partners to be like. They are strong minded as well, and probably less susceptible to the guiles and deceptions that others may set them up for. The Pisces sun Taurus moon person likely has a resilient temperament that is able to rebound from emotionally difficult situations. They may have a deeply spiritual side and an interest in alternative medicine and natural, if not unorthodox methods of coping with stress.

[ads-quote-center cite=’Julius Erving (pisces sun/taurus moon born February 22, 1950)’]“I firmly believe that respect is a lot more important, and a lot greater, than popularity.” [/ads-quote-center]

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon love

In a relationship, pisces sun-taurus moon people are most compatible with people who have their sun in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn and their moon in Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces. Pisces has good compatibility with earth signs and other water signs because they support each other’s growth the way rain hydrates the soil from which beautiful things can blossom. However, a Pisces with their moon in Taurus will likely favor a person who is down to earth and affectionate. Financial stability is important to them and they will likely prefer a partner who has a similar attitude with regards to money. This Pisces values loyalty and hard work and they want someone who is an asset and can stick with them for the long haul and grow together as a team.

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon celebrities

  • Edgar Cayce – Born: March 18, 1877
  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Born: February 24, 1977
  • Bobby Fischer – Born: March 9, 1943
  • Jerry Lewis – Born: March 16, 1926
  • Rob Lowe – Born: March 17, 1964
  • Billy Crystal – Born: March 14, 1948
  • Michel de Montaigne – Born: February 28, 1533 (Julian cal.)
  • Jamie Bell – Born: March 14, 1986
  • Method Man (actor) – Born: March 2, 1971
  • Dane Cook – Born: March 18, 1972
  • Anton Yelchin – Born: March 11, 1989
  • Julius Erving – Born: February 22, 1950


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