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Pisces Sun Virgo Moon Personality – “The Creative Perfectionist”

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon

The pisces sun virgo moon personality is likely to be unassuming yet smart. They are probably very self-conscious and self critical and this judgmental tendency may also extend to others as well. Because they are a bit repressed and not fully comfortable with themselves, they may have a distaste for people who showboat and beg for attention. The Pisces sun virgo moon individual is likely to be a bit perfectionist, a bit obsessive. Good health and longevity is important to them and so they likely take an interest in fitness and nutrition as part of their lifestyle. They may also be a little neurotic and worrisome. A tendency to stress themselves over petty or nominal things may be a problem for them and they may need to learn to chill and scale back a bit.

Although the Pisces sun virgo moon person is very critical of themselves, they do not take kindly to others pointing out their flaws. They are highly sensitive to criticism and they do their darnedest to be above reproach most of the time.They most likely are already aware of anything anybody could point out anyway. They are idealistic and despite their judgmental tendencies, they actually care a lot about other people’s well being and at least believe that they have their best interests in mind. People with pisces sun sign and virgo moon sign deep down want to help people but sometimes their soft heartedness is not very apparent since they often become jaded and have their guards up most of the time.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon woman

The Pisces sun virgo moon female is someone who may sometimes come across as rude and catty. Jealousy can be an issue with them and they may sometimes project their insecurities and hang-ups onto other people. They have to curb this tendency otherwise they may develop the reputation of being a virago. Aside from that they are likely to be very feminine and conscientious of their image. Health and fitness is something they incorporate into their lifestyle because aging is probably their greatest fear. They have a bit of vanity in them and the idea of their appearance and beauty gradually deteriorating over time is downright frightening. The Pisces sun-Virgo moon woman is bound to be mentally sharp as well. They generally keep their emotions on a tight leash and spend a lot of time reflecting on and analyzing them in a somewhat detached way.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon man

The pisces sun-virgo moon male is likely to be a sensitive man with picky tastes and high standards. Inside, they probably do not feel very macho but outside they likely come across as cool and even rugged. They are probably well put together in their appearance and their sense of style may be somewhat interesting but unpretentious. They may actually be very casual in their style of dress because they prefer not to call attention to themselves in superficial ways.

[ads-quote-center cite=’Timbaland (pisces sun/virgo moon born March 10)’]“The same people who smile in my face would be the same ones to talk behind my back.”[/ads-quote-center]

They are more interested in their work, their ideas, their dreams and even if they are considered physically attractive they will most often downplay their physical traits. They actually loathe superficiality and vain arrogant people. Perhaps because they have an inferiority complex and are over-sensitive to being perceived as being inadequate or “less than”. They may be sorely aware of their shortcomings and this might compel them to overcompensate through over-achievements in other areas.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon love

In both romance and friendship, pisces sun virgo moon people are most compatible with sun in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn people who have their moon in scorpio, capricorn, taurus or cancer. With their moon in Virgo, this pisces meshes best with people who are confident but not pretentious or full of themselves. Pretentiousness triggers their insecurities and they will try to undercut the hubris of such people at every turn. They are likely to be very picky of their partners and need and want someone who can be on their level and not try to one-up them or try to control or manipulate them. But in truth, they do want their partners to be strong and mature. They are just leery of rendering themselves too emotionally vulnerable to the wrong person where they might end up feeling betrayed, foolish and humiliated.

Pisces Sun Virgo Moon celebrities

  • Rudolf Steiner – Born: February 25, 1861
  • Chelsea Handler – Born: February 25, 1975
  • Laurence Chirac – Born: March 4, 1958
  • Pete Doherty – Born: March 12, 1979
  • Lou Reed – Born: March 2, 1942
  • Jon Hamm – Born: March 10, 1971
  • Jack Kerouac – Born: March 12, 1922
  • Kat Von D – Born: March 8, 1982
  • Johnny Knoxville – Born: March 11, 1971
  • Michel Houellebecq – Born: February 26, 1956
  • Arthur Schopenhauer – Born: February 22, 1788
  • Steve Irwin – Born: February 22, 1962
  • Timbaland – Born: March 10, 1971
  • Aaron Eckhart – Born: March 12, 1968
  • Alexander Graham Bell – Born: March 3, 1847
  • Kate Mara – Born: February 27, 1983
  • Ted Kennedy – Born: February 22, 1932
  • Andrew Jackson – Born: March 15, 1767
  • Chaz Bono – Born: March 4, 1969
  • Wyatt Earp – Born: March 19, 1848
  • Robert Mugabe – Born: February 21, 1924
  • Douglas Adams – Born: March 11, 1952
  • Dr. Seuss – Born: March 2, 1904
  • Rebel Wilson – Born: March 2, 1980


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Pisces Sun Virgo Moon

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