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Pisces Sun-Sagittarius Moon Personality

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon

The pisces sun sagittarius moon combination suggests a personality that is humorous and sanguine in temperament. They can see the upside to even the most depressive situations that bog down other Pisces sun people. They are able to pull themselves out of whatever funk they find themselves in and are often able of maintaining a positive outlook even in face of tough or compromising circumstances. This Pisces is likely to have very strong opinions and they are unafraid to share or express them. They are free spirits but they can also be rather shy when among strangers or people they are not familiar with. They love talking about themselves and  when pressed, have little trouble saying what they think and in sometimes blunt terms.

The Pisces sun sagittarius moon person is likely to be mentally bright and philosophical. They are very ponderous and have well-thought out views on a number of issues ranging from society to the metaphysical. This Pisces person is bound to develop nuanced ideas about morality and ethics. They are broad-minded in their focus and they are open to new experiences. They can at times be a bit argumentative and litigious when engaged in heated debate. They are probably skilled litigators and may be suited for work as an attorney or somewhere in the legal sphere. They are friendly though and people generally

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon woman

The Pisces sun sagittarius moon woman is likely to be open minded, progressive and opinionated. They are likely to be bored with conventional gender roles and are prone to seek more out of life. They tend to be very honest and compelled to speak truth to power. The Pisces sun Sagittarius woman is bound to be very friendly and idealistic with grand hopes for the future. They think big and with their powerful imaginations are able to look past the limitations and complications of the moment toward the possibilities of the future. They may have a calm temperament but beneath their placid veneer is a deep and philosophical mind that is full of bold ideas. They are pretty adventurous and willing to try anything new and interesting.

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon man

The Pisces sun Sagittarius moon man is bound to be a deep thinker and someone who may feel encumbered by the banality of their lives. They are dreamers who aspire to explore and uncover something meaningful and profound with their lives. They are not content to merely follow day to day routines with no real purpose in the grander scheme of things. They are very imaginative and their fantasy world often distracts them from the tasks they must perform but they are able to persist doing what they must until they can create the life they truly desire. This Pisces man may have strong intellectual interests to which he directs his creative mind. He likely has a pronounced ability for abstract thinking and formulating unconventional yet clever concepts.

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon love

pisces sun sagittarius moon compatibility is strongest with people who have their sun in either Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn and their moon in Leo, Aries, Libra and Aquarius. This Pisces gets on well with partners who share their desire for deep emotional connection and openness to exciting experiences. They often have a delightful sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously and so an uptight partner is not likely to be a good match. This Pisces is likely to maintain a rather youthful exuberance throughout their lives and so a romantic interest who can cater to this rather than snuff it out with pessimism and nagging is bound to be good to have around.

Pisces Sun Sagittarius Moon celebrities

  • Albert Einstein – Born: March 14, 1879
  • Sharon Stone – Born: March 10, 1958
  • Nicolaus Copernicus – Born: February 19, 1473 (Julian cal.)
  • Victor Hugo – Born: February 26, 1802
  • Bertrand Cantat – Born: March 5, 1964
  • Jensen Ackles – Born: March 1, 1978
  • Stromae – Born: March 12, 1985
  • Ellen Page – Born: February 21, 1987
  • Ivana Trump – Born: February 20, 1949
  • Vanessa L. Williams – Born: March 18, 1963
  • Josh Groban – Born: February 27, 1981
  • Robin Thicke – Born: March 10, 1977
  • Rupert Murdoch – Born: March 11, 1931
  • Kristin Davis – Born: February 24, 1965
  • Terrence Howard – Born: March 11, 1969
  • Spike Lee – Born: March 20, 1957
  • Emile Hirsch – Born: March 13, 1985
  • Ashley Greene – Born: February 21, 1987
  • Chingy – Born: March 9, 1980
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