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March 1 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope

march 1 zodiac sign birthday


The Pisces born on March 1 is an impassioned individual who is original and driven to find their place in the world. As a sensitive and impressionable person, it is easy for them to get caught up in the wrong crowd and so it is important that they have positive mentors to help guide them on the right path. Pisceans are highly susceptible to alcohol and drug abuse and are also easily drawn into unpredictable situations and to unstable people. The March 1 Pisces personality is shaped by the various elements of this day beyond just the sun sign. Read on for a detailed look at the March 1 zodiac personality profile.


Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the fish. It corresponds to the 12th house in astrology also known as the “house of secrets” and belongs to the water element which represents emotionality, sensitivity, and intuition. It is also one of the mutable signs which are characterized as changeable and adaptable. Neptune is the planetary ruler of Pisces. In astrology, Neptune is associated with illusion, fantasy, dreams, and idealism. Moreover, Neptune is considered the higher octave of the planet Venus and Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces.

pisces symbol

2nd DECAN PISCES: Cancer/Moon
MOTTO: “I Believe”.
BODY PART: The feet:
SPECIAL COLORS: Pale green and turquoise:
FLOWERS: Water Lily, White Poppy, Jonquil
TREES: Fig and Willow
METAL: Platinum


The March 1 Pisces is a sensitive soul possessed with potent creative energy and drives toward success. They are versatile and multitalented, capable of making a mark in a number of different areas. They are bored by a mundane and traditional way of life and instead seek to deviate and explore a path that is unique and bold. People born on this day are found to be warm and affectionate as well. With the sub-influence of their decanate ruler Cancer/moon, this Pisces also has a strong focus on family. They take an interest in familial legacy and derive a lot of pride and sense of identity from it. At the same time, they desire to carve out a legacy of their own and distinguish themselves in their own right. In doing so, they are keen to make their loved ones proud  and also defend and protect their honor.

As someone born on the 1st, the March 1 zodiac personality is an individualist rather than a follower. Still, as a Pisces with naive and idealistic tendencies, they are nonetheless susceptible to the influences persuasive people who promise things they cannot deliver. They are friendly and often well liked by many. They are able to get along with all types of persons thanks to their warmth and confidence. The March 1 Pisces is quite outgoing, flexible and independent. They have progressive attitudes but can sometimes be thoughtless and insensitive with their words. Although they care about people, their egos can sometimes get carried away and lead them to say and do things that others would feel hurt by.

Fortunately, this is rarely ever their intention. Because of the subjective nature of their perspectives, there is often a disconnect between how they see the world and how it actually is. The strength of their moods and emotions can often color their views with either a rose-colored tint or various shades of grey. However, their belief in themselves allows them to maintain a mostly optimistic outlook and to overcome and push through the low points and obstacles they encounter. The Pisces born on March 1st has an inner spiritual strength they can draw on and an ability to envision what they want and manifest it. Using their gifts and creativity, it is possible for them to achieve remarkable success in the world.

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Because of their willful nature, it is likely that there will be a lot of life lessons that will have to be learned the hard way. With time, they will realize that the world does not revolve around them and they are not the center of the universe. Along their journey, it is probable that they will have to undergo a number of trials and tribulations before they find the fulfillment they are searching for. They can sometimes lose their sense of purpose and have to rediscover it after experiencing a rut or period of stagnation during which they become restless and dissatisfied with their lives. The March 1st Pisces has a sense of destiny and higher purpose that they want to fulfill. It is likely that they will develop an interest in spiritual wisdom and metaphysics as part of their desire to grasp onto something more meaningful beyond the limitations of mondial reality.


With their creativity and unconventional wiring, the March 1st Pisces will want to take up careers where they can exercise their talents and personal vision. They are happiest when they are in control over their work and dislike being under the auspices of a boss or authority figure dictating what they do. Although they are willing to help people when needed, they are not really service oriented. They prefer to work independently and have their own projects and tasks to focus on. As an employee they can be a bit unreliable and subject to unpunctuality and time management issues. However, when they are motivated or inspired, they can work very hard and do great work that goes above and beyond expectations.

Nevertheless, because of their desire for independence and autonomy, they may fair better as entrepreneurs making money through enterprises of their own making. They want to do what they love and not just settle for a job that pays the bills. As entrepreneurs, they are great at generating ideas and promoting them but may not necessarily be interested in the bookkeeping side of business and handling money. They can work well as part of the creative team behind a company or as the visionary mastermind-in-chief. They have a special ability to inspire and lead others with their passion. Pisces born on this day are well suited for careers in the entertainment industry and can function well as directors, artists and musical performers.


In love and friendship, the March 1 zodiac personality is drawn to people who are caring and nurturing to them. They are romantic and love canoodling and cuddling with their special someone. With their natural charisma and amenability, they are bound to attract all sorts of people but may find meaningful chemistry with only a select few. They desire a soul mate, someone with whom they mesh on a deep and spiritual level. Although they have an earthly sensuality, the March 1 Pisces also seeks more from their companions because for them love is just as much a spiritual experience as it is physical and emotional.

Although they display great confidence in themselves, there may nonetheless be some inner insecurities that make relationships difficult. Their tender hearts can be devastated by breakups but their pride forces them pick up the pieces and move on. The March 1 Zodiac personality is bound to occasionally suffer from periods of instability and jealousy. They need to know their partners are devoted to them and whenever they are head over heels in love, the independence of their nature can dissolve into codependency and clinginess.


The sub-influence of the number 3 birth month, March indicates an outgoing and flexible nature.  The number 3 is associated with restlessness and a desire for plenty of variety and freedom in life. Although independent and self reliant, March born individuals enjoy the company of others and they are often amusing and stimulating companions. They are versatile and able to adapt quickly to unfamiliar environments and situations. 3s prefer not to stay in a fixed state of affairs and so repetitive routines and predictable lifestyle patterns are not their cup of tea.

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Emotional and loving, the number 3 personality can be very expressive, warm and affectionate with others. They get bored easily and like to stir things up around them. Their appetite for sensory stimulation and entertainment can make them immoderate and overindulgent in their behavior. Addiction and excess can pose a problem for them especially when they are emotionally out of balance.

The significance of being born on the 1st imputes the traits associated with the number 1. The energy of number 1 represents singularity and individualism. Self motivated and ego-driven, those born on the 1st are out to prove their worth and become a person deserving of respect, admiration and power. They operate as either a leader or loner but never content to simply follow. Ones are original and daring and prefer to take the path less traveled. Differentiating themselves from the pack is only natural to them as they have no desire to follow the herd.

People born on the 1st are therefore very driven to achieve and rack up victories and triumphs. They are motivated by competition and possess ample self confidence and faith in their own abilities. Energetic and bold, they have strong leadership potential and an ability to inspire others. As optimistic visionaries, they have the wherewithal to bring their plucky aspirations to fruition and overcome difficulties and challenges along the way. As a independent

However, they can also be very self-centered and pompous. Their healthy confidence may sometimes expand to overconfidence and hubris that undermines and underestimates others. They cultivate competence and self reliance because they seek to be their own boss and commandeer their future. They can sometimes be very self-absorbed and forget that the world does not revolve around them.

The number 1 suggests a desire to strike out on one’s own to carve out a path that is unique and unprecedented. Original and clever, these individuals are highly ambitious and determined to win. They desire to stand on their own two feet and do things their way and on their terms. Because of their strong willfulness, they prefer to take a leading role rather to follow others.

At their best, people born on the 1st are innovative and courageous. Inspiration is the key to their motivation since redundant and menial objectives do not feel worth their while. A desire to be admired and idolized is also a strong motivator in their psyche. They seek external validation of the greatness they believe themselves capable of.


With the sub-influence of the Moon as the decanate ruler, the sun sign will carry some of the lunar qualities of Cancer. Heightened emotions and sentimentality are noted along with a strong urge to nurture and protect whatever they hold near and dear to their hearts. Although they may not show it, their feelings are easily hurt and wounded by any sign of rejection. They protect themselves with a shell of toughness but those closest to them know what a softy they truly are. The moon imparts a stronger attachment to the past, family history and legacy in general.

Individuals with this decan may come from close-knit families and if not, it may be one of their deepest desires to have that in their lives. They are likely to form strong bonds with family and friends and they place a high premium on loyalty and emotional support. They tend to give more than they get, but they don’t mind. They can be both selfish and selfless but whatever they do, tends to come from the heart and what they believe is right. Creating a family of their own is likely to be one of their life goals but will first desire to be in a position where the can be a good provider for their family before they do so.

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With this decan, good family life is a big part of what keeps them stable and grounded. There is an affinity to the feminine here that is even present in the men. The males of this decan may feel a special closeness and understanding of women and may also feel more in touch with the feminine aspects of themselves. It is likely they identify with and enjoy the company of women more than men and will likely have more female friends as well.

This is not to imply that they are any less masculine or effeminate, but simply that they really enjoy women and being near their nurturing, affectionate energy. Furthermore, those with this decan are disposed to being knights errant and highly chivalrous if they are male. Females take pleasure in doting on and taking care of their mates. They are often happy to take on domestic roles provided they do not have a busy career to tend to. The males are often comfortable taking up domestic tasks as well to help out and they enjoy spoiling partners with romantic gestures and displays of affection.


Justin Bieber – Born: March 1, 1994

  • In:    London, Ontario (Canada)
  • Sun:    10°25′ Pisces    AS:    29°02′ Scorpio
  • Moon:    24°38′ Libra    MC:    15°25′ Virgo

Frédéric Chopin – Born: March 1, 1810

  • In:    Zelazowa Wola (Poland)
  • Sun:    10°29′ Pisces    AS:    14°44′ Virgo
  • Moon:    18°05′ Capricorn    MC:    9°48′ Gemini

Kesha (singer) – Born:    March 1, 1987

  • In:    Van Nuys (CA) (United States)
  • Sun:    10°13′ Pisces    AS:    5°20′ Sagittarius
  • Moon:    27°39′ Pisces    MC:    17°41′ Virgo

Javier Bardem – Born: March 1, 1969

  • In:    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain)
  • Sun:    11°08′ Pisces    AS:    14°39′ Libra
  • Moon:    13°59′ Leo    MC:    15°17′ Cancer

Ron Howard – Born: March 1, 1954

  • In:    Duncan (OK) (United States)
  • Sun:    10°30′ Pisces    AS:    25°22′ Aries
  • Moon:    23°41′ Capricorn    MC:    15°22′ Capricorn

Lupita Nyong’o – Born: March 1, 1983

  • In:    Mexico City (Mexico)
  • Sun:    10°35′ Pisces
  • Moon:    12°49′ Libra

Harry Belafonte – Born: March 1, 1927

  • In:    Harlem, New York (NY) (United States)
  • Sun:    10°03′ Pisces    AS:    8°46′ Gemini
  • Moon:    9°48′ Aquarius    MC:    14°28′ Aquarius

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