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Mercury in Cancer: Personality Characteristics

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Mercury in Cancer Personality

Having Mercury in cancer is a placement signifying a highly subjective form of judgment. For these individuals emotions and feelings can weigh heavily in their judgments and decision-making process. For them, it can be difficult to separate their sensitivities from their logic. They tend to conceptualize and rationalize in very personal terms. Their perceptions are highly influenced by appeals to feeling sentiments and anything that arouses them emotionally.

Additionally, a lot of their perceptions are predicated on a stronger instinctual basis that may defy objective reason and empirical facts. They however may harbor an aptitude for understanding the human mind in an empathetic and psychologically insightful way. Furthermore, in the sign of Cancer, Mercury engenders an intellectual interest in understanding the inner self and the cultivation of self knowledge. They may have a lot of personal interests that they spend time doing by themselves.

For people with a Cancer Mercury placement, their logic is highly informed by feeling and sensitivity. These individuals, whether they realize it or not, formulate a worldview that is highly shaped by their subconscious inner feelings. Thus, they may have a tendency to project their personal insecurities onto other people. They can be thin skinned and consequently concentrate a lot of their mental energies on how to outsmart or disarm their adversaries and other existential threats.

People with this placement can be quite adept in the art of psychological warfare. There is a special intuition they have about people that may be used for both positive or malevolent purposes. When they communicate, they typically do so with a sense of poise and humanity. As they speak, a variety of feelings can get emoted while expressing themselves. People with this Mercury position may possess good acting abilities on account of being able to access emotions on cue in a way that looks authentic even when they are pretending.

There is a certain self consciousness about the way they communicate. They spend a lot of effort to mask or control their emotions from being too transparent. It is very easy for them to take this ga personally or get offended but they generally try not to telegraph negative emotions on their face. Despite this, it is often easy to tell because they are so naturally expressive that it comes through in both conscious and subconscious signals.

These individuals understand the language of emotions and this can draw them to the world of psychology. They are interested in understanding what makes themselves and other people tick especially on a deeper emotional level. Moreover, they may draw distinct lines between people who are inside or outside their personal social circle. Those who are inside tend to be treated like extended family. They are generally very shrewd and discriminating of who they extend their trust to because they instinctively understand there are conniving snakes with ulterior motives out there in the world.

If they are betrayed, rejected or abused, they never forget it. Emotionally significant events can easily transform or shape their worldview and perception. What they’ve seen and experienced for themselves will unquestionably trump anything they are told to believe. Furthermore, family and especially siblings will have a strong impact on these individuals. There is likely to be an older sibling or relative that they have sought to emulate in some form or another.

They may also learn a lot of their ways and insights directly from family members they look up to or admire. Because they are sensitive to what other people think of them, they can be quite chameleon-like in how they communicate and express themselves. They are quite adaptable and able to adjust to their environment in a very intuitive way. Their insights seem to come from a deeper place that transcends what empirical evidence could justify or validate.

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Mercury in Cancer in Relationships

With regards to romantic relationships, Mercury in Cancer individuals can be awkward and coy. As a partner, they are perceptive and attentive to the emotional needs of their romantic partner. When with someone they trust, they can be very good at articulating and discussing what they feel. This capacity for communicating emotion allows for better understanding in the relationship.

Generally speaking, they tend to describe and discuss things in terms of their impressionistic notions and feelings rather than with technical and factual terms. They tend to focus more on what their partner is thinking or feeling and trying to respond or understand what their perspectives are. Having an intimate partner in whom they can confide and converse with provides a sense of security to them.

Mercury in Cancer Man

The mercury in cancer male is mentally capable of absorbing and remembering vast amounts of information. They however may learn best through Independent reading and listening to knowledgeable people rather than through conventional academic classroom settings. Furthermore, they can be very sneaky and indirect in how they go about acquiring information.

Behind other people’s backs they can devise audacious plans and gather information for their own private purposes. Although they enjoy discussing their interests and the things they are learning they may often choose to be rather covert and discreet with regards to their intel gathering agendas. They can be quite tenacious in finding ways to push their plans and solve their own problems when they’re blocked or impeded by others. They typically have a number of contingency plans in the back of their mind.

Mercury in Cancer Woman

Females who have their mercury in cancer are particularly interested in the human mind and psychology. Their intellectual interests draw them towards the study of behavior and personality. Thus, these individuals can possess sometimes precocious insights and intuitions about people that allows them to be quite empathetic and understanding.

Although they are quite receptive and impressionable, they completely shut down in response to confrontational and argumentative people. If you are trying to persuade or convince them of anything, arguing with them will get you nowhere. Approaching them with the wrong tone can easily upset them and trigger their defenses. It is better to appeal to their sympathy and to use the power of suggestion rather than give direct commands and impositions.

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Mercury in Cancer Ephemeris Dates

Want to know if your Mercury is in Cancer? Below is a table showing the dates on which Mercury occupies the sign of Cancer from 1970 to 2032. If your date of birth falls within any of the year and month parameters listed below, then your Mercury Sign is Cancer.

YearPlanetSignTransit Period
1970Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 30 – JUL 13
1971Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 21 – JUL 5
1972Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 11 – JUN 27
1973Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 3 – JUN 26 / JUL 16 – AUG 10
1974Mercury ☿Cancer ♋MAY 29 – AUG 4
1975Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 12 – JUL 27
1976Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 4 – JUL 17
1977Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 26 – JUL 9
1978Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 17 – JUL 1
1979Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 9 – JUN 26
1980Mercury ☿Cancer ♋MAY 31 – AUG 7
1981Mercury ☿Cancer ♋MAY 28 – JUN 21 / JUL 12 – JUL 31
1982Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 9 – JUL 23
1983Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 1 – JUL 14
1984Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 22 – JUL 5
1985Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 13 – JUN 28
1986Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 5 – JUN 25 / JUL 23 – AUG 10
1987Mercury ☿Cancer ♋MAY 29 – AUG 5
1988Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 12 – JUL 27
1989Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 5 – JUL 19
1990Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 27 – JUL 10
1991Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 19 – JUL 3
1992Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 9 – JUN 26
1993Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 1 – AUG 9
1994Mercury ☿Cancer ♋MAY 28 – JUL 1 / JUL 10 – AUG 2
1995Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 10 – JUL 24
1996Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 2 – JUL 15
1997Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 23 – JUL 7
1998Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 15 – JUN 29
1999Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 6 – JUN 25 / JUL 31 – AUG 9
2000Mercury ☿Cancer ♋MAY 29 – AUG 6
2001Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 12 – JUL 29
2002Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 7 – JUL 20
2003Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 29 – JUL 12
2004Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 19 – JUL 3
2005Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 11 – JUN 26
2006Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 3 – JUN 27 / JUL 10 – AUG 9
2007Mercury ☿Cancer ♋MAY 28 – AUG 3
2008Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 10 – JUL 25
2009Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 3 – JUL 16
2010Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 25 – JUL 8
2011Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 16 – JUL 1
2012Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 7 – JUN 24
2013Mercury ☿Cancer ♋MAY 31 – AUG 7
2014Mercury ☿Cancer ♋MAY 29 – JUN 16 / JUL 12 – JUL 30
2015Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 8 – JUL 22
2016Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 29 – JUL 12
2017Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 21 – JUL 4
2018Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 12 – JUN 28
2019Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 4 – JUN 25 / JUL 19 – AUG 10
2020Mercury ☿Cancer ♋MAY 28 – AUG 3
2021Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 11 – JUL 26
2022Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 5 – JUL 18
2023Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 26 – JUL 9
2024Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 17 – JUL 1
2025Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 8 – JUN 25
2026Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 1 – AUG 8
2027Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 12 – AUG 1
2028Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 8 – JUL 22
2029Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUL 1 – JUL 14
2030Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 22 – JUL 6
2031Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 14 – JUN 29
2032Mercury ☿Cancer ♋JUN 5 – JUN 24 / JUL 25 – AUG 9
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Mercury in Cancer Celebrities

  • Donald Trump – Born: Friday, June 14, 1946
  • Diana, Princess of Wales – Born: Saturday, July 1, 1961
  • Ariana Grande – Born: Saturday, June 26, 1993
  • Nicole Kidman – Born: Tuesday, June 20, 1967
  • Lana Del Rey – Born: Friday, June 21, 1985
  • Chris Evans (actor) – Born: Saturday, June 13, 1981
  • Natalie Portman – Born: Tuesday, June 9, 1981
  • Elon Musk – Born: Monday, June 28, 1971
  • Pamela Anderson – Born: Saturday, July 1, 1967
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – Born: Wednesday, July 30, 1947
  • Khloe Kardashian – Born: Wednesday, June 27, 1984
  • Carl Jung – Born: Monday, July 26, 1875
  • José Bové – Born: Thursday, June 11, 1953
  • Gisele Bündchen – Born: Sunday, July 20, 1980
  • Tom Hanks – Born: Monday, July 9, 1956
  • Lionel Messi – Born: Wednesday, June 24, 1987
  • Nicole Scherzinger – Born: Thursday, June 29, 1978
  • Jean-Marie Le Pen – Born: Wednesday, June 20, 1928
  • Adriana Lima – Born: Friday, June 12, 1981
  • Angela Merkel – Born: Saturday, July 17, 1954
  • Margot Robbie – Born: Monday, July 2, 1990
  • Shia Labeouf – Born: Wednesday, June 11, 1986

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