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Mercury in Scorpio: Personality Characteristics

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Mercury in Scorpio Personality

When placed in Scorpio, mercury manifests as obsessive thinking and intense mental activity. People with this placement are inclined to be psychologically adept and intellectually interested in the deeper connotations of human behavior. They have powerful mental strength that can make them stubborn and unyielding in a battle of wills. This quality can also allow them to push themselves farther than those with weaker convictions and limited mindsets. They have an indefatigable curiosity and a probing mind which can sometimes take them down taboo and perverted paths.

They are likely to harbor a lot of secrets and perceptions that are dark or uncomfortable in nature. If they are fortunate, they may find suitable outlets through which they can express and channel those parts of themselves in a meaningful way. Furthermore, mercury in Scorpio suggests a highly observant individual who is very perspicacious. They are prone to mulling the deeper significance and meanings of life. Whatever they take an interest in can potentially turn into a solitary obsession. They have a tendency to take an idea and push it to the limits. By virtue of their sheer mental energy and passion, they can become exceptional within almost any field of knowledge they choose.

Furthermore, when a thought or idea takes hold in their psyche, it can be difficult for them to think of anything else. They enjoy pushing the limits of their brain and subverting expectations of others. They are mentally wired to shock and provoke and to also prove their doubters and naysayers wrong. Their perceptions and insights can be uncannily strong or accurate. A lot of their wisdom or knowledge is intuitive in nature rather than derived from text book facts. Furthermore, much of their decision making is informed by intellectual intuitions which may be anchored in their subjective ideals.

People with Mercury in Scorpio are inclined to put themselves in position to wield decision-making powers. They tend to be very decisive and resolute in their opinions and judgments. The rubric and basis by which they make many of their decisions may not be obviously clear to others. They prefer to be shrewd and keep their cards close to their chest so to speak. Only a select few individuals will be trusted enough to be included in their plans and pre meditations.

With this mercury position, individuals are bound to be very calculating and prone to having control issues. They have a sore dislike of having to ask for permission or deferring to others to make decisions for/over them. With regards to their style of communication, they can be very passionate and inspirational but also blunt and matter-of-fact. When they are angry, their words can cut like a knife. Although they can be evasive and cagey about what they divulge about themselves, they are generally very straight-to-the-point and forthright.

They are prone to saying things that might shock or unsettle others. These individuals can often operate as provocateurs willing to challenge conventional standards of acceptable behavior. Their ideas and thinking can often venture into taboo and bizarre territory. Others who are of a more prude and conservative sensibility may find them to be irreverent and sometimes offensive. At any rate, these individuals are not likely to be superficial or shallow. They are interested in people who have an interesting soul and substance to them. They may often go against the grain with regards to the people and perspectives that they choose to associate with.

People with this placement can be quite opportunistic and clever. They have the capacity for spotting unique solutions and ideas that are weird or taboo. The strength of their mentality makes them highly resilient and able to turn lemons into lemonade. They however, can be given towards extreme ideas especially when they are desperate. When their back is against the wall, it would be unwise to bet against them. Desperate circumstances have a way of stimulating their best thinking.

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They can operate quite well when under pressure and when it feels like their choices are very consequential. Furthermore, a scorpio mercury person is prone to being somewhat nosey. They like to have inside knowledge with regards to the goings on in and around their immediate environment. Intellectually, they are compelled to gather information of a more esoteric and arcane variety. The potency of their curiosity grants them a capacity for deep research much of which they may do independently. Standard curriculums and academic courses are likely to be boring to them. They are driven to uncover new insights through their own investigative powers to connect dots that have been previously unconnected.

Mercury in Scorpio in Relationships

Within the context of relationships, mercury in scorpio people tend to focus a lot of thought on the intimate aspects of the partnership. They love to psychoanalyze their partners and would like to think they know them better than they know themselves. Additionally, part of what makes them attractive is the passion with which they express themselves.

People tend to admire the zeal and depth of insight they seem to possess. At the same time, their words have the capacity to heal but also to hurt deeply. When scorned or emotionally wounded, they can be very petty and spiteful. They have the capacity to burn bridges with no intention of reconciliation. Still, they have emotional intelligence and will fight for someone they love even when it seems hopeless.

Mercury in Scorpio Man

The mercury in Scorpio male displays a penetrating mind and an interest in investigations of all kinds. Wherever they direct their attention, they have the capacity to extract more information and insights than the average person. They pay more attention to the nuances rather than the superficial details. Their intellectual interests can become an obsession for them.

They are prone to falling down a rabbit hole of information that leads to some kind of profound revelation. Furthermore, they tend to be interested in more obscure and uncommon areas of knowledge. Mercury in scorpio men express themselves with a kind of quiet or understated confidence. For them, knowledge truly is a source of power and they seek to equip themselves with information that can be leveraged against others and also enhance their quality of life.

Mercury in Scorpio Woman

Females who have their mercury in scorpio are found to be very interested in harnessing libidinous energy. They are more empowered to express themselves in a sexually provocative way. The language of sensuality is something they speak fluently. They possess a lot of drive and motivation to exercise their libidinous power. The way they express themselves can be alluring and intimidating.

To others, they can seem a bit unapproachable and even difficult to know well. They display strength of character and boldness in the ideas and principles they espouse. Furthermore, they are resistant to outside influences on their decisions. They will often make choices that seem in defiance of cultural or conventional standards. These females are keen to be in control and take ownership of their decisions and not allow others to impose their will upon them.

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Mercury in Scorpio Ephemeris Dates

Want to know if your Mercury is in Scorpio? Below is a table showing the dates on which Mercury occupies the sign of Scorpio from 1970 to 2032. If your date of birth falls within any of the year and month parameters listed below, then your Mercury Sign is Scorpio.

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YearPlanetSignTransit Period
1970Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 25 – NOV 11
1971Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 17 – NOV 5
1972Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 9 – OCT 29 / NOV 29 – DEC 11
1973Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 2 – DEC 7
1974Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 27 – OCT 25 / NOV 11 – DEC 1
1975Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏NOV 6 – NOV 23
1976Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 28 – NOV 15
1977Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 21 – NOV 8
1978Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 14 – NOV 2
1979Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 6 – OCT 29 / NOV 17 – DEC 11
1980Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 29 – DEC 4
1981Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 27 – OCT 12 / NOV 9 – NOV 27
1982Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏NOV 2 – NOV 20
1983Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 26 – NOV 13
1984Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 17 – NOV 5
1985Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 10 – OCT 30 / DEC 4 – DEC 11
1986Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 3 – DEC 8
1987Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 28 – OCT 30 / NOV 11 – DEC 2
1988Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏NOV 6 – NOV 24
1989Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 30 – NOV 16
1990Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 22 – NOV 9
1991Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 15 – NOV 3
1992Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 7 – OCT 28 / NOV 21 – DEC 11
1993Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 30 – DEC 5
1994Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 27 – OCT 18 / NOV 10 – NOV 28
1995Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏NOV 4 – NOV 21
1996Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 26 – NOV 13
1997Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 19 – NOV 6
1998Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 11 – OCT 31
1999Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 5 – OCT 29 / NOV 9 – DEC 9
2000Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 28 – NOV 6 / NOV 8 – DEC 2
2001Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏NOV 7 – NOV 25
2002Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 31 – NOV 18
2003Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 24 – NOV 11
2004Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 15 – NOV 3
2005Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 8 – OCT 29 / NOV 26 – DEC 11
2006Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 1 – DEC 7
2007Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 27 – OCT 22 / NOV 11 – NOV 31
2008Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏NOV 4 – NOV 22
2009Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 28 – NOV 14
2010Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 20 – NOV 7
2011Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 13 – NOV 1
2012Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 5 – OCT 28 / NOV 14 – DEC 9
2013Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 29 – DEC 3
2014Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 27 – OCT 9 / NOV 8 – NOV 26
2015Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏NOV 2 – NOV 19
2016Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 24 – NOV 11
2017Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 17 – NOV 4
2018Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 9 – OCT 29 / DEC 1 – DEC 11
2019Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 3 – DEC 8
2020Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 27 – OCT 26 / NOV 10 – NOV 31
2021Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏NOV 5 – NOV 23
2022Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 29 – NOV 16
2023Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 22 – NOV 9
2024Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 13 – NOV 1
2025Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 6 – OCT 28 / NOV 18 – DEC 10
2026Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 30 – DEC 5
2027Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏SEP 27 – OCT 15 / NOV 9 – NOV 28
2028Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏NOV 2 – NOV 19
2029Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 26 – NOV 12
2030Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 18 – NOV 5
2031Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 11 – OCT 30 / DEC 8 – DEC 9
2032Mercury ☿Scorpio ♏OCT 3 – OCT 30 / NOV 3 – DEC 8
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Mercury in Scorpio Celebrities

  • Kim Kardashian – Born: Tuesday, October 21, 1980
  • Miley Cyrus – Born: Monday, November 23, 1992
  • Katy Perry – Born: Thursday, October 25, 1984
  • Hillary Clinton – Born: Sunday, October 26, 1947
  • Eminem – Born: Tuesday, October 17, 1972
  • Julia Roberts – Born: Saturday, October 28, 1967
  • Jodie Foster – Born: Monday, November 19, 1962
  • Mahatma Gandhi – Born: Saturday, October 2, 1869
  • John Lennon – Born: Wednesday, October 9, 1940
  • Drake (entertainer) – Born: Friday, October 24, 1986
  • Grace Kelly – Born: Tuesday, November 12, 1929
  • Ted Bundy – Born: Sunday, November 24, 1946
  • Ryan Gosling – Born: Wednesday, November 12, 1980
  • Joe Biden – Born: Friday, November 20, 1942
  • Bruce Lee – Born: Wednesday, November 27, 1940
  • Zac Efron – Born: Sunday, October 18, 1987
  • Charles Manson – Born: Monday, November 12, 1934
  • Demi Moore – Born: Sunday, November 11, 1962
  • Pablo Picasso – Born: Tuesday, October 25, 1881
  • Tyra Banks – Born: Tuesday, December 4, 1973

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