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Mercury in Taurus: Meaning & Personality Traits

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Mercury in Taurus Personality

When placed in the sign of Taurus, mercury manifests a style of thinking that is down to earth, practical and sensible. These individuals can be clever when it comes to manipulating visual information. They have a special understanding for what people like and respond well to. Their style of thinking involves long and hard thought that is put into most of their decisions. They do not commit to anything impulsively.

They weigh their options and often will wait patiently for the best opportunity possible. Furthermore, they can be rather stubborn in their thinking and slow to change perspective. It can take a great amount of time and energy to get them to budge once they’ve made up their minds. However, this is often because their point of view is often predicated on strong and sound fundamentals and principles that cannot easily be dismissed or denied. If you are to persuade them to change their position you will have to come with powerful arguments and facts.

Thus, Mercury in Taurus men and women tend to be empiricists who believe what they see. Mentally, they can devote a great amount of focus and attention to projects they are interested in. They do not quit or give up easily or lose interest with endeavors that don’t materialize right away. They take their time to develop their ideas and will invest a lot of themselves over an extended period of time for the sake of seeing it to fruition. Mentally they prepare themselves for what they are about to undertake.

They rarely jump into something without properly considering the positives and negatives, advantages and drawbacks. Furthermore they are not compelled to express everything that crosses their mind. They tend to be more reserved, conscientious and selective about what they choose to share. There’s a more conservative sensibility to their thinking. They do not get carried away with radical or overly ambitious ideas and aspirations. They however can be quite shrewd and keen on concentrating their mental energies on formulating effective and profitable ideas that expand their wealth.

With Mercury in the sign of Taurus, there’s a certain stability and focus on constructive thoughts. At the same time, these individuals can be highly dogmatic and staunch advocates of ideas and principles they believe strongly. They can be adamant about their convictions and extremely difficult to dissuade or deprogram once they’ve committed to a course of thought. Their principles lead them to preserve the things that they hold sacred. They want things to make sense and to work in a functional manner and are less concerned with radical ideas and experimental theories.

They tend to be more open to suggestions that have been proven and supported with evidence and empirical results. Moreover, a Taurus Mercury individual is someone who is more attentive to the details and possesses a strong sensory memory. They may have a tendency to repeat themselves and engage in intellectual platitudes, habits and cliches. Sometimes they’re thinking can be a little too narrow and they may be unwilling to entertain alternative possibilities and potentials. Additionally, their thinking can also be somewhat short-sighted and prone to relying on past precedent as evidence for future outcomes.

With regards to their stubbornness, the Taurus Mercury man or woman can be somewhat inattentive to other people’s opinions. With regards to their communication style they tend to speak in concrete terms. There’s a noticeable emphasis on physical and material details. Socially they can be rather shy and withdrawn around strangers. They tend to have pleasant voices although they may have a tendency to mask or alter the way they speak in some form or another.

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They may have a limited appetite for social interaction and generally prefer to immerse themselves in a book or some other solitary intellectual activity. Furthermore, when they engage in such mentally engaging activities they prefer to do so in comfortable surroundings and circumstances. Being comfortable is important to their ability to concentrate and focus. They can be very particular and neurotic about creating the right atmosphere to support their powers of attention and concentration. Lastly, having mercury in the sign of Taurus can also engender a heightened capacity for handling money and managing finances.

Mercury in Taurus in Relationships

Within the realm of relationships, the Mercury in Taurus person values partners who are down to earth and sensible. They cannot stand or get along with individuals who are chaotic and unpredictable. They tend to have long-term expectations and goals for the relationships that they enter into. They look for mental compatibility and synchronicity of values when dating new people and romantic prospects. They can be rather patient and tolerant of another partner’s faults and flaws.

They are willing to give them every chance possible to prove themselves and prove their worth to them. Other people may wonder why the mercury in Taurus person is with the person they are with, often because they can appear to be dating below their station. The thing is, once they’ve committed themselves to someone, they don’t want to feel like the time they’ve invested was in vain. It can take a long time for them before they realize if the relationship was a bad investment or not.

Mercury in Taurus Man

Males who have mercury in Taurus are bound to be stoic and mentally reserved. They are not particularly outspoken or verbose. They tend to be shy in public but when they do speak they have a pleasant and attractive earthiness to their expression. Men with this Mercury placement may have deep and attractive voices. They have a quiet warmth and may exhibit a knack for expressing themselves in a very thoughtful and articulate manner. They tend to think before they speak and when they do speak they are often quite eloquent and nuanced in the words they choose. The more comfortable they are, the looser and more effusive they can become. They have a capacity for expressing themselves in a very charming and appealing manner. Their tone is often approachable and non-threatening.

Mercury in Taurus Woman

The female Mercury in Taurus person has a sensual earthiness in the way they express themselves. They tend to have beautiful voices but this may be concealed by their quiet and demure tendencies. They can be quite shy and coy and often too polite to express directly what they are thinking or feeling. They tend to filter their speech with an element of charm and pleasantness that often ingratiates themselves with others. Furthermore, Mercury in Taurus women enjoy talking about sensual experiences of what they see, feel, hear, taste and touch. They tend to have strong memories and cling tightly to values and principles that have been instilled in them from a young age. Females with this Mercury placement are inclined to have lovely voices and perhaps possess singing talents or other verbal abilities that can benefit them as voice over artists.

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Mercury in Taurus Ephemeris Dates

Want to know if your Mercury is in Taurus? Below is a table showing the dates on which Mercury occupies the sign of Taurus from 1970 to 2032. If your date of birth falls within any of the year and month parameters listed below, then your Mercury Sign is Taurus.

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Year Planet Sign Transit Period
1970 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 6th – June 12th
1971 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 1st – April 17th / May 16th – June 6th
1972 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 12th – May 28th
1973 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 5th – May 19th
1974 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 27th – May 10th
1975 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 18th – May 3rd
1976 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 10th – April 28th / May 19th – June 12th
1977 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 2nd – June 9th
1978 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 16th – June 2nd
1979 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 10th – May 25th
1980 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 2nd – May 15th
1981 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 24th – May 7th
1982 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 15th – April 30th
1983 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 7th – June 13th
1984 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ March 31st – April 24th
1985 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 13th – May 29th
1986 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 7th – May 21st
1987 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 29th – May 12th
1988 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 20th – May 3rd
1989 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 11th – April 28th / May 28th – June 11th
1990 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 4th – June 10th
1991 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 16th – June 3rd
1992 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 10th – May 25th
1993 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 3rd – May 17th
1994 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 25th – May 8th
1995 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 17th – May 1st
1996 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 7th – June 12th
1997 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 1st – May 3rd / May 12th – June 7th
1998 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 14th – May 31st
1999 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 8th – May 22nd
2000 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 29th – May 13th
2001 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 21st – May 4th
2002 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 13th – April 29th
2003 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 5th – June 11th
2004 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ March 31st – April 11th / May 16th – June 5th
2005 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 12th – June 10th
2006 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 5th – June 2nd
2007 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 27th – May 10th
2008 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 17th – May 1st
2009 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 9th- April 29th / May 13th – June 12th
2010 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 2nd – June 9th
2011 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 15th – June 1st
2012 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 9th – May 23rd
2013 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 1st – May 14th
2014 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 23rd – May 6th
2015 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 14th – April 29th
2016 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 5th – June 11th
2017 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ March 31st – April 19th / May 15th – June 5th
2018 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 13th – May 28th
2019 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 6th – May 20th
2020 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 27th – May 10th
2021 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 19th – May 2nd
2022 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 10th – April 28th / May 22nd – June 12th
2023 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 3rd – June 10th
2024 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 15th – June 2nd
2025 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 10th – May 24th
2026 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 2nd – May 16th
2027 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 24th – May 7th
2028 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 15th – April 29th
2029 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ April 7th – June 12th
2030 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ March 31st – April 27th / May 14th – June 7th
2031 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 14th – May 30th
2032 Mercury ☿ Taurus ♉ May 6th – May 20th
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Mercury in Taurus Celebrities

  • Johnny Depp – Born: Sunday, June 9, 1963
  • George Clooney – Born: Saturday, May 6, 1961
  • Kanye West – Born: Wednesday, June 8, 1977
  • Robert Pattinson – Born: Tuesday, May 13, 1986
  • Megan Fox – Born: Friday, May 16, 1986
  • Emma Watson – Born: Sunday, April 15, 1990
  • Uma Thurman – Born: Wednesday, April 29, 1970
  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy – Born: Tuesday, May 29, 1917
  • Kristen Stewart – Born: Monday, April 9, 1990
  • Gigi Hadid – Born: Sunday, April 23, 1995
  • Jessica Alba – Born: Tuesday, April 28, 1981
  • Henry Cavill – Born: Thursday, May 5, 1983
  • David Beckham – Born: Friday, May 2, 1975
  • Renée Zellweger – Born: Friday, April 25, 1969
  • Penélope Cruz – Born: Sunday, April 28, 1974
  • Russell Crowe – Born: Tuesday, April 7, 1964
  • Sigmund Freud – Born: Tuesday, May 6, 1856
  • Tom Holland (actor) – Born: Saturday, June 1, 1996

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