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Mercury in Sagittarius: Personality Characteristics

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Mercury in Sagittarius Personality

When occupying the sign Sagittarius, Mercury is in its detriment. This means that its influence will be weakened in strength. Nevertheless, Mercury in Sagittarius fosters a more open and optimistic perspective on life. Here, the style of thinking attempts to expand to larger more significant matters rather than the local, transient and trivial. These individuals take interest in philosophy and philosophical questions. They are not fond of small talk or superficial banter. They are intensely curious about the world and interested in learning about it through travel and adventurous excursions.

These individuals never stop learning. For them, life is the best teacher and they are bound to learn a lot of things the hard way. However, their perspectives are largely optimistic and positive. People with Mercury in Sagittarius are not cynics or pessimists. Rather, they have a tendency to see the bright side or rationalize things in a positive light. Their opinions tend to be forward thinking and progressive in nature. They will often cultivate a defining philosophy by which they live their life and make decisions. Additionally, their thinking tends to be quite flexible and open to persuasion and influence by others.

People with this placement are fond of stimulating debate and intellectual discourse. They entertain hypotheticals and theories and enjoy speculating about global affairs. They are compelled to weigh in and give their opinions on current news events and developments. These individuals tend to fashion themselves as being big picture thinkers. They may also hold religious beliefs that are very important to them. They are inclined to intellectualize theological ideas and concepts or otherwise dismiss them as unscientific.

Their thinking however can at times be naive and overly idealistic. Additionally, they are prone to saying funny things both intentionally and unintentionally. They have a way of seeing and articulating the absurdities in life. Conversations with them are bound to be humorous and thought provoking. Sagittarius Mercury people are inclined to suffer from narrow-mindedness or limited thinking. They are open to possibilities, alternatives and ideas that are underscored by humane and conscionable principles. They are likely to be bright and may perform well in the arena of higher education. At some point in their lives, they may seek a platform from which they can voice their ideas.

Honest and often blunt, these individuals may often express themselves without a filter of political correctness or prudish censorship. They seek to be dispensers of truth and tend to oppose disingenuous ideas and speech. They are outspoken but sometimes, their words can be harsh and brutal. When they are wound up and emotionally charged, their tongues can be sharp. Even when they are not in such a state, they may have a penchant for causing offense by not thinking before they speak.

They can be impatient with people with small or limited mindset. Their thinking process can be rather quick and spontaneous. They can be very good at improvisation and being clever when put on the spot. Moreover, they prefer to take in information from a wide array of sources. Because of impatience and impulsivity, they can sometimes make decisions and choices that are short-sighted and foolhardy. However, they generally tend to maintain longer range considerations with implications for the future in mind. Their powers of concentration can be stunted however. Mentally restless and mercurial, they may struggle to complete long, time-consuming tasks and projects.

With Mercury in Sagittarius, freedom of expression is sacred. This placement can indicate a tendency to change jobs frequently or juggle a variety of jobs. They may develop proficiency in an eclectic mix of fields. Additionally, they are likely to gravitate to jobs that involve an element of travel. Such examples may include airline pilot, sales, truck driver and uber driver. This placement can also indicate a capacity for creative writing, and comedy.

They may be inspired to start a travel blog chronicling what they learn and experience from the places they’ve been. These individuals learn best through direct experience. They prefer to be actively involved with the things they are interested in. Additionally, their curiosity and openness extends to people as well as ideas. They can be fun and exciting to be around and can generally mesh well with a wide variety of people. Furthermore, they enjoy being around different people with different perspectives that they can learn from. Opportunities to study or work abroad would likely appeal to them greatly.

Mercury in Sagittarius in Relationships

The mercury in sagittarius person takes interest in connecting with people who represent something different or unfamiliar to them. They are attracted to people with whom they can share fun and stimulating conversations. Communication and connection over ideas and values will be very important to them. As a partner they may display a restless desire to explore things together with their mate.

When dating, they like to offer their romantic partner new and stimulating experiences. They also like to talk about the future and have conversations about deeper, philosophical and existential subject matter. They may benefit from being with someone who is more detail oriented. These individuals may have a tendency to overlook or neglect certain things on account of boredom and mental distractions. Having someone else tending to the important meticulous details can free them up to focus on what they are better at.

Mercury in Sagittarius Man

Males who have their Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius are mentally restless and in many cases bright. They may generally display an easygoing and positive attitude that can carry them far in life. Being a responsible adult can be tough for them at times. Optimistic and curious, these males tend to possess confidence in their mental capabilities. They are not inclined to sweat the small stuff.

They seek to focus their attention on bigger, more consequential tasks. Additionally, they like to think big and they are bound to have an abundance of ideas. These individuals may be fond of philosophical inquiry. They are keen to cultivate wisdom and understanding about the world that may include learning about various cultures and languages. Opinionated and outspoken, the sagittarius mercury man enjoys debate. They like to challenge people’s perspectives and to engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas and viewpoints.

Mercury in Sagittarius Woman

Mercury in Sagittarius females display a sanguine attitude and openness to new experiences. Restless and freethinking, they are compelled to branch out and learn for themselves what life is really about. They are very bright and capable of performing well academically. Their thinking tends to be bold and self-affirming but they generally do not take themselves too seriously.

They are fun loving and often willing to compete with the boys rather than just among their feminine peers. Moreover, they are curious and love to explore the world around them. In their youth, they are likely to have loved wandering around the woods and observing the wildlife like a scientist. The competitive strategy involved in sports may have provided a meaningful outlet for their mental restlessness.

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Mercury in Sagittarius Ephemeris Dates

Want to know if your Mercury is in Sagittarius? Below is a table showing the dates on which Mercury occupies the sign of Sagittarius from 1970 to 2032. If your date of birth falls within any of the year and month parameters listed below, then your Mercury Sign is Sagittarius.

YearPlanetSignTransit Period
1970Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 12 – DEC 2
1971Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐JAN 2 – JAN 12 / NOV 6 – JAN 10 (’72)
1972Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐OCT 30 – NOV 28 / DEC 12 – JAN 3 (’73)
1973Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 8 – DEC 27
1974Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 2 – DEC 20
1975Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 24 – DEC 12
1976Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 16 – DEC 5
1977Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 9 – NOV 31 / DEC 21 – JAN 12
1978Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 3 – JAN 7 (’79)
1979Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐OCT 30 – NOV 16 / DEC 12 – JAN 1
1980Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 5 – DEC 23
1981Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 28 – DEC 16
1982Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 21 – DEC 9
1983Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 14 – DEC 3
1984Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 6 – NOV 31 / DEC 7 – JAN 10 (’85)
1985Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐OCT 31 – DEC 3 / DEC 12 – JAN 4 (’86)
1986Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 9 – DEC 28
1987Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 3 – DEC 21
1988Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 25 – DEC 13
1989Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 17 – DEC 6
1990Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 10 – NOV 31 / DEC 25 – JAN 13
1991Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 4 – JAN 8
1992Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐OCT 29 – NOV 20 / DEC 12 – JAN 1
1993Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 6 – DEC 25
1994Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 29 – DEC 18
1995Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 22 – DEC 10
1996Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 14 – DEC 3
1997Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 7 – NOV 29 / DEC 13 – JAN 11
1998Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 1 – JAN 5 (’99)
1999Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐OCT 30 – NOV 8 / DEC 10 – DEC 30
2000Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 3 – DEC 21
2001Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 26 – DEC 14
2002Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 19 – DEC 7
2003Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 12 – DEC 1 / DEC 30 – JAN 13
2004Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 4 – JAN 8 (’05)
2005Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐OCT 30 – NOV 25 / DEC 12 – JAN 2 (’06)
2006Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 8 – DEC 26
2007Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 1 – DEC 19
2008Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 23 – DEC 11
2009Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 15 – DEC 4
2010Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 8 – NOV 29 / DEC 18 – JAN 12 (’11)
2011Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 2 – JAN 7 (’12)
2012Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐OCT 29 – NOV 13 / DEC 10 – DEC 30
2013Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 4 – DEC 23
2014Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 27 – DEC 15
2015Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 20 – DEC 8
2016Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 12 – DEC 1
2017Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐JAN 4 – JAN 11 / NOV 5 – JAN 10 (’18)
2018Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐OCT 30 – NOV 31 / DEC 12 – JAN 3
2019Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 9 – DEC 27
2020Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 1 – DEC 19
2021Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 24 – DEC 12
2022Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 17 – DEC 5
2023Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 10 – NOV 31 / DEC 23 – JAN 12 (’24)
2024Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 2 – JAN 7 (’25)
2025Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐OCT 29 – NOV 17 / DEC 11 – DEC 31
2026Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐DEC 6 – DEC 24
2027Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 29 – DEC 17
2028Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 20 – DEC 9
2029Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 13 – DEC 2
2030Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐NOV 6 – NOV 29 / DEC 10 – JAN 10 (’31)
2031Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐OCT 31 – DEC 7 / DEC 10 – JAN 15
2032Mercury ☿Sagittarius ♐OCT 31 – NOV 2 / DEC 9 – 28

Mercury in Sagittarius Celebrities

  • Britney Spears – Born: Wednesday, December 2, 1981
  • Scarlett Johansson – Born: Thursday, November 22, 1984
  • Emmanuel Macron – Born: Wednesday, December 21, 1977
  • Nicki Minaj – Born: Wednesday, December 8, 1982
  • Christina Aguilera – Born: Thursday, December 18, 1980
  • Jay-Z – Born: Thursday, December 4, 1969
  • Jake Gyllenhaal – Born: Friday, December 19, 1980
  • Jared Leto – Born: Sunday, December 26, 1971
  • Björk – Born: Sunday, November 21, 1965
  • Carla Bruni Sarkozy – Born: Saturday, December 23, 1967
  • Jimi Hendrix – Born: Friday, November 27, 1942
  • Vanessa Paradis – Born: Friday, December 22, 1972
  • Alyssa Milano – Born: Tuesday, December 19, 1972
  • Jude Law – Born: Friday, December 29, 1972
  • Louis Tomlinson – Born: Tuesday, December 24, 1991
  • Salman Khan – Born: Monday, December 27, 1965
  • Isaac Newton – Born: Sunday, January 4, 1643
  • Tina Turner – Born: Sunday, November 26, 1939
  • Ian Somerhalder – Born: Friday, December 8, 1978
  • Katie Holmes – Born: Monday, December 18, 1978
  • Gordon Ramsay – Born: Tuesday, November 8, 1966
  • Rachel McAdams – Born: Friday, November 17, 1978
  • Jacques Chirac – Born: Tuesday, November 29, 1932

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