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Mercury In Aries: Personality Characteristics

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Mercury in Aries Personality

When Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication occupies the sign of Aries, it signifies a quick mind and candid self expression. Mercury in Aries people are not inclined to hold their peace. They are compelled to speak their truth and speak their mind in a straightforward and honest manner. Tactfulness and the mincing of words is not their style. There’s always a potential that they will ruffle feathers whenever they open their mouths whether intentional or unintentional.

Furthermore, there can be a penchant for speaking too soon or rushing to judgments. They can be very snappy with their decisions, able to decide quickly on a course of action and push forward with faith and courage. They tend not to second-guess themselves and rely greatly on their keen instincts and immediate grasp of the facts and circumstances that inform their judgment. The speed with which they think and process information can lead them to skip over details. They may not always think things through adequately before they commit to a decision.

Furthermore, having mercury in Aries signifies a thinking style that emphasizes originality and creativity. These individuals are determined to think for themselves and prefer to come up with ideas of their own rather than copy or emulate someone else. Even if they choose to use other people’s suggestions or concepts, they will undoubtedly try to put their own unique spin on it. It is important to them that they are able to take as much credit for their success as possible.

For this reason they can be reluctant to acknowledge the help and contributions of others. They can be inclined to minimize or downplay the significance of other people’s input if it threatens their aura of intellectual Independence and ingenuity. Nevertheless, the Aries Mercury man or woman is an idea machine. A lot of their mental strength lies in their spontaneity and ability to think quickly on the spot. Once they come up with an idea they waste little time setting it into motion.

When it comes to communication, this Mercury position bestows a capacity for litigious debates and powers of persuasion. These individuals are capable of defending themselves verbally and also use the power of words to dismantle and defeat their adversaries. They can get drawn into the war of ideas and passionately defend their views and perspectives with tenacious energy. Refreshingly direct and blunt, these individuals generally prefer to get straight to the point rather than beat around the bush.

Additionally, they can be highly irreverent and willing to say what others are too afraid to utter. At times, they can be a beacon of truth. Someone who speaks with authenticity and integrity that cuts through the glib lip service propagated by toady sycophants. Moreover, they are likely to utilize unique lingo and verbal expressions that allows them to stand out from others. They like to be unpredictable and to surprise others with what they have to say. They also enjoy verbal repartee and the prospect of pitting their ideas against those of others and winning arguments.

They can be verbally pugnacious and outspoken. Their opinions are very strong and they will likely have a number of outlets and platforms that they actively use to voice their thoughts and share insights they think are important. With Mercury in the sign of Aries there is a propensity for sometimes saying too much or not being careful with their words. They can unintentionally provoke others and either be forced to backtrack or stand their grounds.

Of course, with these individuals they are more often inclined to do the latter and avoid backing down if they genuinely believe in what they are saying. They after all would not say something if they did not genuinely mean it. Intellectually, they tend to possess a great confidence in their ability to grasp and understand things quickly. They are rarely daunted by abstruse and complex subject matter. They dive in like Scrooge McDuck into a sea of gold coins, with full confidence that they will be able to stay afloat and not sink, so to speak.

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Mercury in Aries in Relationships

When it comes to relationships, individuals who have mercury in Aries are motivated to impress prospective mates and romantic interests with their intellect and cleverness. Mentally, their attention span can be very short and their partners can find it challenging to keep up with them and their stream of thought. They desire someone who is not afraid to engage with them in stimulating debates. Partners should not be intimidated by their sometimes forceful way with words.

Anyone who can go tit for tat and counter their arguments with good points and points of view will often earn their respect more than anything. Just avoid insulting them or belittling their perspectives as that can wound their ego and invoke their wrath. Additionally, arguing can be a way of life for them and something that partners may have to get used to anytime they disagree with what the Mercury in Aries person wants.

Mercury in Aries Man

The mercury in Aries man is bound to be a very confident and forthright speaker. They pride themselves on the boldness of their ideas and the freeness with which they express themselves. These individuals would like to fashion themselves as thought leaders or at least someone who innovates rather than imitates. They’re eager to express their opinions and scarcely resist any opportunity to give their thoughts on a given matter.

Intellectually, they like to introduce new ideas and enlighten others with insights that they’ve discovered through their own independent research and analysis. They are skeptical of information that is peddled to them or notions that are widely accepted or taken for granted as true. For them that is no fun or interesting. They are motivated to dig into things for themselves and to discover something that they can take credit for as a founder or pioneer. There’s an egotistical drive to stand out as an independent thinker and iconoclast who courageously challenges the intellectual status quo in some form or another.

Mercury in Aries Woman

The mercury in Aries female seeks to be independent and to speak their truth rather than hold their tongue and be silent. They can be very quick to react and respond verbally to what goes on around them. They voice their observations and opinions with an unselfconscious candor that can be both refreshing and sometimes offensive. They can be very sharp with their tongue especially when angered or challenged. Feisty and talkative, these females are prone to speak up and let their voice be heard in whatever setting they occupy.

They have a knack for sarcasm and ironic snappy retorts. Furthermore, as females they may be compelled to compete with other males and to impress others with how cool they are like just another one of the boys. Whatever their interests, they take pride in being different and Independent in their thinking. They can gravitate towards fringe and outsider groups that espouse perspectives that contrast with what is conventional and culturally normative. They’re definitely driven to challenge the idea of what women are supposed to think or be interested in.

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Mercury in Aries Ephemeris Dates

Want to know if your Mercury is in Aries? Below is a table showing the dates on which Mercury occupies the sign of Aries from 1960 to 2032. If your date of birth falls within any of the year and month parameters listed below, then your Mercury Sign is Aries.

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Year Planet Sign Transit Period
1960 Mercury Aries ♈ April 15th – May 3rd
1961 Mercury Aries ♈ April 10th – April 25th
1962 Mercury Aries ♈ April 2nd – April 16th
1963 Mercury Aries ♈ March 25th – April 8th
1964 Mercury Aries ♈ March 16th – March 31st
1965 Mercury Aries ♈ March 8th – May 14th
1966 Mercury Aries ♈ March 1st – April 16th
1967 Mercury Aries ♈ April 14th – April 30th
1968 Mercury Aries ♈ April 6th – April 21st
1969 Mercury Aries ♈ March 30th – April 13th
1970 Mercury Aries ♈ March 22nd – April 5th
1971 Mercury Aries ♈ March 13th – March 31st / April 18th – May 15th
1972 Mercury Aries ♈ March 5th – May 11th
1973 Mercury Aries ♈ April 16th – May 4th
1974 Mercury Aries ♈ April 11th – May 10th
1975 Mercury Aries ♈ April 4th – April 18th
1976 Mercury Aries ♈ March 26th – April 9th
1977 Mercury Aries ♈ March 18th – April 1st
1978 Mercury Aries ♈ March 10th – May 15th
1979 Mercury Aries ♈ March 3rd – March 27th / April 16th – May 9th
1980 Mercury Aries ♈ April 14th – May 1st
1981 Mercury Aries ♈ April 8th – April 23rd
1982 Mercury Aries ♈ March 31st – April 14th
1983 Mercury Aries ♈ March 23rd – April 6th
1984 Mercury Aries ♈ March 14th – March 30th / April 25th – May 14th
1985 Mercury Aries ♈ March 6th – May 12th
1986 Mercury Aries ♈ March 3rd – March 10th / April 17th – May 6th
1987 Mercury Aries ♈ April 12th – April 28th
1988 Mercury Aries ♈ April 4th – April 19th
1989 Mercury Aries ♈ March 27th – April 10th
1990 Mercury Aries ♈ March 19th – April 3rd
1991 Mercury Aries ♈ March 11th – May 15th
1992 Mercury Aries ♈ March 3rd – April 2nd / April 14th – May 9th
1993 Mercury Aries ♈ April 15th – May 2nd
1994 Mercury Aries ♈ April 9th – April 24th
1995 Mercury Aries ♈ April 2nd – April 16th
1996 Mercury Aries ♈ March 24th – April 6th
1997 Mercury Aries ♈ March 15th – March 31st / May 4th – May 11th
1998 Mercury Aries ♈ March 8th – May 13th
1999 Mercury Aries ♈ March 2nd – March 17th
2000 Mercury Aries ♈ April 12th – April 28th
2001 Mercury Aries ♈ April 6th – April 20th
2002 Mercury Aries ♈ March 29th – April 13th
2003 Mercury Aries ♈ March 21st – April 4th
2004 Mercury Aries ♈ March 12th – March 30th / April 12th – May 15th
2005 Mercury Aries ♈ March 4th – May 11th
2006 Mercury Aries ♈ April 16th – May 4th
2007 Mercury Aries ♈ April 10th – April 26th
2008 Mercury Aries ♈ April 2nd – April 16th
2009 Mercury Aries ♈ March 25th – April 8th
2010 Mercury Aries ♈ March 17th – April 1st
2011 Mercury Aries ♈ March 9th – May 14th
2012 Mercury Aries ♈ March 2nd – March 22nd / April 16th – May 8th
2013 Mercury Aries ♈ April 13th – April 30th
2014 Mercury Aries ♈ April 7th – April 22nd
2015 Mercury Aries ♈ March 30th – April 13th
2016 Mercury Aries ♈ March 21st – April 4th
2017 Mercury Aries ♈ March 13th – March 30th
2018 Mercury Aries ♈ March 6th – May 12th
2019 Mercury Aries ♈ April 17th – May 5th
2020 Mercury Aries ♈ April 10th – April 26th
2021 Mercury Aries ♈ April 3rd – April 18th
2022 Mercury Aries ♈ March 27th – April 9th
2023 Mercury Aries ♈ March 18th – April 2nd
2024 Mercury Aries ♈ March 9th – May 14th
2025 Mercury Aries ♈ March 3rd – March 28th / April 16th – May 9th
2026 Mercury Aries ♈ April 14th – May 1st
2027 Mercury Aries ♈ April 8th – April 23rd
2028 Mercury Aries ♈ March 31st – April 14th
2029 Mercury Aries ♈ March 23rd – April 6th
2030 Mercury Aries ♈ March 15th – March 30th / April 28th – May 13th
2031 Mercury Aries ♈ March 7th – May 13th
2032 Mercury Aries ♈ March 1st – March 12th / April 16th – May 5th
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Mercury in Aries Celebrities

  • Adolf Hitler – Born: Saturday, April 20, 1889
  • Albert Einstein – Born: Friday, March 14, 1879
  • Leonardo da Vinci – Born: Friday, April 14, 1452 (Julian cal.)
  • Elizabeth II – Born: Wednesday, April 21, 1926
  • Mark Zuckerberg – Born: Monday, May 14, 1984
  • Al Pacino – Born: Thursday, April 25, 1940
  • Robert Downey Jr. – Born: Sunday, April 4, 1965
  • Kourtney Kardashian – Born: Wednesday, April 18, 1979
  • Vincent van Gogh – Born: Wednesday, March 30, 1853
  • Marlon Brando Born: Thursday, April 3, 1924
  • Charlie Chaplin – Born: Tuesday, April 16, 1889
  • Victoria Beckham – Born: Wednesday, April 17, 1974
  • James Franco – Born: Wednesday, April 19, 1978
  • Amber Heard – Born: Tuesday, April 22, 1986
  • Michelle Pfeiffer – Born: Tuesday, April 29, 1958
  • Adam Levine – Born: Sunday, March 18, 1979
  • Keira Knightley – Born: Tuesday, March 26, 1985
  • Dwayne Johnson – Born: Tuesday, May 2, 1972
  • William Shakespeare – Born: Sunday, April 23, 1564 (Julian cal.)
  • Quentin Tarantino – Born: Wednesday, March 27, 1963
  • Albert II, Prince of Monaco – Born: Friday, March 14, 1958
  • Michael Fassbender – Born: Saturday, April 2, 1977
  • Sarah Jessica Parker – Born: Thursday, March 25, 1965
  • Jennifer Garner – Born: Monday, April 17, 1972
  • Channing Tatum – Born: Saturday, April 26, 1980
  • Ewan McGregor – Born: Wednesday, March 31, 1971

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