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Mars in the 5th House – Living For the Moment

mars in the 5th house


Mars in the 5th house cultivates a passionate nature in the realm of fun and leisure. In astrology, Mars represents passion, aggression, and fighting spirit. When Mars grace’s the 5th house in the natal chart, it suggests someone who is a true thrill seeker and fun-loving individual. The 5th house is ruled by Leo and governs entertainment, fun, casual relationships, children and games. The 5th house is promoted by the vivacious and energizing presence of Mars. Here, the bold energy of Mars serves to inject passion and great interest in the affairs and functions of the fifth house. Furthermore, whichever zodiac sign happens to occupy this house, Mars will embolden and draw more attention to in how it is expressed. Here is a breakdown of the planet Mars in the 5th house in both the natal chart and as a Transit.


Men and women who have Mars in the 5th house of their natal chart are passionate seekers of fun and excitement. They possess a lot of creative energy and panache that they infuse into almost everything they do. They have a proclivity to goof off and mix work and play at the chagrin and vexation of their employers. Mars in the 5th house elicits a tendency to sometimes flout rules and find a way to satisfy their whims when they can get away with it. They get bored easily and are often the ones who try and stir the pot and stimulate excitement. They often place priority on pleasure seeking and fun activity while postponing boring tasks and responsibilities till the last moment if at all. Moreover, people with this placement in their natal chart are likely to be quite impulsive and spontaneous. They go where their inspiration takes them and are compelled to ensure they have a steady load of exciting things on their plate. They can be counted on to liven things up or take the initiative in orchestrating fun events, dates and celebrations.

With Mars in the 5th house, children gravitate to your youthful, enthusiastic energy and view you as a Peter Pan-like leader. You are fond of children because you share their enthusiasm and impetuous nature. As a parent, you are likely to be less stern and often allow your kids to explore and discover for themselves what life is about. You make a point of taking them out to events like ball games, festivals, concerts and museums where they can see and have as many enriching experiences as possible. When it comes to birthday parties, you know how to throw down like no one else. You can be competitive when it comes to engineering the biggest and best soirees that make other parents envious. You place a lot of importance on making your kids happy and ensuring they have a good time. If they do not want to do something, you won’t coerce them, but it can hurt your feelings when your kids are not on board or interested in being involved in what you’ve got cooking.

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In the 5th house, Mars revs up the libido and the compulsion to flirt and engage in frivolous romances and dalliances. Individuals with this placement have a strong desire to just enjoy life from moment to moment and when they see something they like or want, they simply go after it. They can be passionate lovers but many of their flings tend to engagements made with no intended strings attached. These individuals take joy in the physical and sensual expression of love and the endorphin rush of getting what they want in the here-and-now without any extra concern for long term potential or marriage prospects. Even when they are in relationships, their eyes are always attuned to the options they have around them and it can be very easy for them to fall in lust with a new person who enters their world. Resisting the urge to cheat and remaining faithful to their partners can sometimes be a struggle for them especially if the flames of affection are waning and they begin craving a new romantic challenge and something to hunt for.

The Mars in house 5 man or woman is someone who enjoys doing anything that will give them a thrill or rush of adrenaline. This includes risk-taking and dangerous endeavors such as white water rafting, gambling, competitive sports, roller coasters, haunted houses and scary movies. People with this placement can be adrenaline junkies who want to feel alive and be where the excitement is. They are likely to be highly spontaneous and good at improvising when needed. Mars in the 5th house fosters a dramatic personality that also likes to show off their boldness and nerve when it comes to making split decisions. They may be subject to making impulsive decisions because of their focus on immediate gratification and also perhaps a fear of missing out on a great opportunity. They try to capitalize on the moment and make the most of it. They don’t understand working stiffs who don’t want to do much of anything for fun or are cling too tightly to their comfort zones. People with Mars in the 5th house do not want to limit their options or close themselves off from a potentially great experience.


When Mars transits the 5th house, there will be heightened interest in going out and about, on a hunt for fun and excitement. Blind dates and frivolous liaisons are more likely at this time and much fun can be had so long as the necessary precautions are taken. During this transit activities with an element of hazard are of particular interest such as extreme sports, MMA fighting events, boxing, race car driving, hunting, skydiving, etc. There is passion and motivation to create and be creative. Fun projects and excursions of all sorts are bound to be undertaken with a sense of zeal and inspiration. Mars fosters positive attitude and extra confidence that emboldens you to take on some risks you might normally shy away from. Things that you wanted to try or love interests you may have had an eye for but never had the nerve to do anything about now seem more attainable or achievable. You may feel emboldened to cast your inhibitions to the side so you can enjoy life more and have fun.


George Clooney – Born: May 6, 1961
In: Lexington Manor (KY) (United States)
Sun: 15°33′ Taurus AS: 12°01′ Pisces
Moon: 27°58′ Capricorn MC: 19°52′ Sagittarius
Mars in 5th house in Leo

Sharon Stone – Born: March 10, 1958
In: Meadville (PA) (United States)
Sun: 19°49′ Pisces AS: 3°17′ Virgo
Moon: 0°32′ Sagittarius MC: 28°10′ Taurus
Mars in 5th house in Capricorn

Emma Watson – Born: April 15, 1990
In: Paris 14e (France)
Sun: 25°25′ Aries AS: 26°59′ Virgo
Moon: 25°53′ Sagittarius MC: 26°12′ Gemini
Mars in 5th house in Aquarius

Pamela Anderson – Born: July 1, 1967
In: Ladysmith, BC (Canada)
Sun: 8°56′ Cancer AS: 22°13′ Gemini
Moon: 27°15′ Aries MC: 19°35′ Aquarius
Mars in 5th house in Libra

Zayn Malik – Born: January 12, 1993
In: West Lane Baildon, Bradford (United Kingdom)
Sun: 22°13′ Capricorn AS: 4°38′ Pisces
Moon: 15°46′ Virgo MC: 20°57′ Sagittarius
Mars in 5th house in Cancer

James Dean – Born: February 8, 1931
In: Marion, Grant County (IN) (United States)
Sun: 18°54′ Aquarius AS: 12°13′ Aries
Moon: 5°44′ Scorpio MC: 6°30′ Capricorn
Mars in 5th house in Leo

Jack Nicholson – Born: April 22, 1937
In: Neptune City (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 2°06′ Taurus AS: 1°43′ Leo
Moon: 29°03′ Virgo MC: 17°39′ Aries
Mars in 5th house in Sagittarius

Mel Gibson – Born: January 3, 1956
In: Peekskill (NY) (United States)
Sun: 12°30′ Capricorn AS: 14°59′ Cancer
Moon: 0°01′ Libra MC: 24°22′ Pisces
Mars in 5th house in Scorpio

Robert Redford – Born: August 18, 1936
In: Santa Monica (CA) (United States)
Sun: 25°59′ Leo AS: 28°59′ Pisces
Moon: 19°14′ Virgo MC: 29°24′ Sagittarius
Mars in 5th house in Leo

Katie Holmes – Born: December 18, 1978
In: Toledo (OH) (United States)
Sun: 26°50′ Sagittarius AS: 22°19′ Leo
Moon: 17°12′ Leo MC: 14°15′ Taurus
Mars in 5th house in Capricorn

Lambert Wilson – Born: August 3, 1958
In: Neuilly-sur-Seine (92) (France)
Sun: 10°46′ Leo AS: 6°36′ Sagittarius
Moon: 25°58′ Pisces MC: 1°35′ Libra
Mars in 5th house in Taurus

Naomi Campbell – Born: May 22, 1970
In: Westminster (United Kingdom)
Sun: 0°30′ Gemini AS: 29°49′ Capricorn
Moon: 11°32′ Sagittarius MC: 1°11′ Sagittarius
Mars in 5th house in Gemini

Woody Allen – Born: December 1, 1935
In: The Bronx, New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 9°03′ Sagittarius AS: 2°18′ Virgo
Moon: 24°06′ Aquarius MC: 27°12′ Taurus
Mars in 5th house in Capricorn

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John Travolta – Born: February 18, 1954
In: Englewood (NJ) (United States)
Sun: 29°38′ Aquarius AS: 29°06′ Cancer
Moon: 11°11′ Virgo MC: 13°36′ Aries
Mars in 5th house in Sagittarius

Enrique Iglesias – Born: May 8, 1975
In: Madrid (Spain)
Sun: 17°32′ Taurus AS: 6°48′ Scorpio
Moon: 18°18′ Aries MC: 14°03′ Leo
Mars in 5th house in Pisces

Gordon Ramsay – Born: November 8, 1966
In: Johnstone, Renfrewshire (United Kingdom)
Sun: 15°53′ Scorpio AS: 24°09′ Gemini
Moon: 23°25′ Virgo MC: 11°45′ Aquarius
Mars in 5th house in Virgo

Bernie Sanders – Born: September 8, 1941
In: Brooklyn Heights, New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 15°37′ Virgo AS: 25°10′ Scorpio
Moon: 19°25′ Aries MC: 8°28′ Virgo
Mars in 5th house in Aries

Serena Williams – Born: September 26, 1981
In: Saginaw (MI) (United States)
Sun: 3°49′ Libra AS: 3°10′ Taurus
Moon: 20°24′ Virgo MC: 17°19′ Capricorn
Mars in 5th house in Leo

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