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Mercury in Aquarius: Personality Characteristics

Mercury in Aquarius Personality Having mercury in Aquarius signifies a mental orientation that emphasizes individuality of thinking with humanitarian sensibilities. People who have this placement think outside of the box and are highly cognizant of social and interpersonal strife. They are interested in solving problems that afflict humanity both on a local and global scale.…
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Mercury in Pisces: Personality Characteristics

Mercury in Pisces Personality Mercury in Pisces represents an intuitive and abstract thinking style. Cold, hard logic and rote memorization is not emphasized here. Instead, subjectivity and idealism play a larger role in the thinking process. These individuals are prone to having flashes of insight and epiphanies that come unexpectedly. They are impressionable and flexible…
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Mercury in Capricorn: Personality Characteristics

Mercury in Capricorn Personality With Mercury occupying the sign of Capricorn, there is a mental toughness and conservative quality to the way in which a person thinks. Mercury in Capricorn represents very practical sensibilities with realistic and down to earth perspectives. People who have this Mercury position have a good mind for cultivating organization and…
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Mercury in Sagittarius: Personality Characteristics

Mercury in Sagittarius Personality When occupying the sign Sagittarius, Mercury is in its detriment. This means that its influence will be weakened in strength. Nevertheless, Mercury in Sagittarius fosters a more open and optimistic perspective on life. Here, the style of thinking attempts to expand to larger more significant matters rather than the local, transient…
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Mercury in Scorpio: Personality Characteristics

Mercury in Scorpio Personality When placed in Scorpio, mercury manifests as obsessive thinking and intense mental activity. People with this placement are inclined to be psychologically adept and intellectually interested in the deeper connotations of human behavior. They have powerful mental strength that can make them stubborn and unyielding in a battle of wills. This…
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Mercury in Cancer: Personality Characteristics

Mercury in Cancer Personality Having Mercury in cancer is a placement signifying a highly subjective form of judgment. For these individuals emotions and feelings can weigh heavily in their judgments and decision-making process. For them, it can be difficult to separate their sensitivities from their logic. They tend to conceptualize and rationalize in very personal…
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Mars in Capricorn: Meaning & Personality Traits

Mars in Capricorn Personality Mars is exalted when placed in the sign of Capricorn. This is because the ambitious, mature and disciplined Capricorn benefits greatly from Mars’ audacious energy and passion. In this position, Mars offers extra power and strength behind Capricorn’s objectives. Here, there is leadership potential and a mature appreciation for power and…
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